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Kirbopher's News

Posted by Kirbopher - December 31st, 2008

First off, I'm really sorry that $00pah NiN10Doh!'s been delayed so many times. I have everything I need to officially complete it, all I need is the right technical set-up and it'll be out as soon as I can add in the final few pieces it needs. It's absolutely amazing and I hope you'll enjoy it when it hits the portal!


Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and continue to enjoy their vacation, if they happen to have one like myself and several friends. Got lots of time to work on my projects, currently with the goal of working on the Parody Rangers Movie at least once a day, for whatever amount of time. Plenty of other stuff in the works, but it's good to have focus with not much pressure for the time being.

In celebration of my 20th b-day, I worked on another gigantic picture, which I actually finished prior to the big TTA Cast poster, with a whole slew of familiar characters of mine on the cover. Folks from the more commonly-known Parody Rangers, TTA, GameSavers to smaller-scale stuff like my Blu-N-Grin and Savage Cabbage concepts, plus a few other random characters I threw in there for the hell of it. This picture doesn't have anywhere NEAR the amount of characters I've created throughout my lifetime, but I picked a good number of ones to draw for the poster and I'm glad with how it came out, kind of a throwback to the absolutely amazing 20th Anniversary Megaman poster from a while ago.


Also for those who might be interested, the Fireball20xl.com podcast "Wha-Chow!" is back to being around, with myself being there since it started up again from Episode 63. A few members of the Parody Rangers cast are often included in the episode, as Psyguy (voice of Renaldo) is the host of the show. People seem to be entertained by all of us screwing around on Skype, since it's been doing well for the site, so give 'em a download if you're interested!

That'll do it for now, thanks for stickin' with me!

Sorry for the Delay + I've hit 20! + Wha-Chow!

Posted by Kirbopher - December 12th, 2008

So Mike brought to my attention this week that apparantly I'm "Rated #3 on all of Newgrounds", to which I'm kinda disgusted since there're people much more deserving of being there. At the very least, it was for the original NiN10Doh! in which case the rating is shared between everyone else on the project. Hopefully $00pah NiN10Doh! will take its place so that folks like Zach, Dave, Richie and Dorn for instance can get their fair share of exposure.

Same note, if all of the stars and planets allign just right, $00pah NiN10Doh! will be compiled, finished and out by some point next week. Supposedly I'll be getting the final pieces this weekend, after which I'll be going back to school for my final class before X-mas break to put everything together. The interface for this one will be MUCH more impressive, too. Richie designed a beautiful menu with an awesome scene selection that allows you to watch one specific segment of the movie if you choose to, and I've added detailed descriptions and info for each segment that shows who animated it, wrote it, voiced in it, the music tracks used in it and more. I'm really excited about this project coming out and I think you guys'll get a kick out of it or two.


I've taken to heart what a lot of people have advised on here about simply doing projects and what not simply because it's fun and not for some higher purpose or personal gain or whatever. While I still have my obligations to things like the Parody Rangers Movie, I've been doing a bunch of new smaller projects for nothing anywhere close to sponsorships or even just respect.

I worked for 17 hours on the biggest art piece I've ever done, being a large poster with every single TTA character ever. Despite TTA's incredibly niche audience and unrespectable (not to mention mostly unwatchable) presentation style, I still have attachment to the story and characters even with no plans of using them in the future. I'm proud of how this picture came out and had a ball working on it, plus I think it'll make for a good portfolio addition.

In addition to that, I'm did a quick little movie that I won't be submitting to NG, which I'm sure a few people will be thankful for, but I've linked it here for those who might be interested. I animated a Christmas song done by the creators of Sailor Moon Abridged, the quality very limited since I didn't have a ton of time to work on it, but it's essentially a Christmas present for my girlfriend and her crew, all of which have now become friends that I'm really glad to've made. Sounds retarted? Sure is! And I couldn't give half a shit. The people I made it for loved it and that's all I need.

So there ya go. I'm not even gonna bother with any "oh this is a guilty pleasure I don't like to admit it" bullshit because I genuinely don't feel that way. Now that Christmas break has hit I'll be getting back to work on Rangers The Movie Part 2.

Posted by Kirbopher - December 5th, 2008

First off, those've you who might have some interest in this type of stuff, I'm now officially taking comissions on DeviantArt! If there're any NGers that possibly wanna order a drawing for the X-Mas season, but are without a DA account, feel free to message me over Newgrounds instead, the same rules apply.


So I've been wondering this for a while; I think it's a subject folks on NG might be able to have a good understanding of so I thought it'd be interesting to ask here.

Over the Thanksgiving break I watched a whole slew of TTA episodes for old times' sake. Despite my feelings on the series NOW, I enjoyed them for what they are and accept TTA simply my being at that "skill level" at that point in time. In the midst of this, I asked a whole bunch of people on my DeviantArt journal what it was about TTA that people (who liked it) enjoyed -about- it. The overall answer I got from people was that they KNEW what it literally was, that being a sprite series with no voice acting, virtually no -real- animation, a shit-ton of reading and a storytelling style in the vein of Shonen Jump type of series (not to mention completely self-concious throwbacks to Megaman.EXE and .hack//), but what they enjoyed about it was the story and characters that I portrayed throughout the entire thing.

Now, TTA was simply one example in my OWN case, but prior to this I thought: should what you're into mark you as unintelligent? I don't think it should, but yet it seems to do so anyway. It goes a little bit back to the whole thing I spoke about before regarding fandom and fanbases for particular things, but that aspect aside, I think generally just what you're "into" is more the core of what I was questioning. This applies to ANYTHING, not simply my own work, or anyone else's work on Newgrounds. Think about it, let's say you like Dragonball Z or even Inuyasha for instance. Let's say you don't have to necassarily have "oh this is a guilty pleasure, I KNOW this is a stupid series" mentality and you genuinely appreciate them for what they are. If people considered more "artisitic" or something stupid like that would simply scoff at works such as that, does that make people who ARE into those types of things less credible?

On a higher scale than that, what if someone in charge of a well-known cartoon or a really successful animated film or something like that were to say they like something that other people in the business would normally thing is ridiculous? For instance, the Avatar creators being big anime fans, they mention specifically that they love Miyazaki's films and Gainax Studio's works. What if they said they liked something like Naruto for example? What if Bill Plympton or Mike Sporn and such independant animators said they liked Robot Chicken and Family Guy? Hell, what if Richard Williams gotta kick out of Epic Movie? (I'm throwing out fake examples, don't take ANY of those seriously.)

Then, on a lower scale, with all of us doing flash animation and lot of things here built on viewership and viewer response, what about the tastes of people who enjoy flashes of all types across the board? What's the problem with getting engaged in sprite movies for instance? Or much more often than that, thinking parodies, despite unoriginalities and what not, are humorous? Biggest example I've been conflicted about is Brawl Taunts for instance. The style of humor used in Brawl Taunts flat out ISN'T my thing at all, and yet hundreds of people enjoy it. There aren't any typical excuses to go against it, because even close friends of mine and people that I look up to and respect as well, find Brawl Taunts funny.

With this issue that's crossed my mind, take note that it's more about LIKING things I'm speaking of as opposed to people hating things. But the "hate" side of it comes more into play when people are berated and embarassed for liking something that other people, even a vast majority of people in some cases, DON'T think is artistic, original, credible or even simply "good" at all. Hell, in elementary and middle school, liking Pokemon for more than the YEAR it came out was practically considered a crime it seemed like. This issue doesn't even, nor should it, specifically apply to "kids", or "dumb people" or anything as unfair and close-minded as that.


Posted by Kirbopher - November 26th, 2008

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are two CONCEPTS, they are NOT being officially made into movies. The point of this post is to hear feedback.

So VERY recently, like within the last month or so, two ideas for movies popped in my head. $00pah NiN10Doh! is my last video game parody and the Rangers Movie was, as I described my last "Newgrounds-oriented" movie...however, I think the meaning of that may change with these two ideas. More specifically, that entailed to those projects being the last of my blatantly unoriginal, "pure dumb entertainment" parody projects, specifically meant for the Newgrounds audience that enjoys that type of content. These two ideas on the other hand, are ABOUT Newgrounds and are a bit more aloof as opposed to an outright spoof of mainstream pre-existing material. Neither of these ideas have names, but this is what I've come up with so far:

IDEA 1 - Musical Collab: Some of you might know about my interests in the medleys of Nico Nico Douga; there's one in particular named "Kaiko" which runs about 11 minutes in length. The driving force behind this collab is essentially the entire thing being divided into parts either A) each time the medley switches to a different or B) every minute or so. I have interest in this one specifically because the songs that make up the Kaiko Medley have a bunch of songs that NGers would be familiar with, such as the Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone, Rawest Forest by Märta, party 4u holy nite mix by Cranky and Southern Cross by 403. The collab and each segment related to it would be completely free-reign for people to animate whatever the would want, though the specific songs may tempt people to want to make segments about whatever the songs are in reference to as far as Newgrounds goes. So in that sense, it unfortunately borders on being a parody or drawing on other prexisting material anyhow.

IDEA 2 - Quiz Game: In my Banjo-Kazooie flashbacks, I was reminded of one of the most unique parts of the entire game, "Grunty's Furnace Fun", which was a board game with various types of spaces and different questions to answer depending on the space. My immediate idea was to make a Newgrounds version of this game, but coding it well would take too much effort and the questions would teeter between being too easy or too obscure (read: hard). My next stage of this concept, which I think is more interesting, having the same type of quiz game, but simply making a movie out of it starring a "team" of players to go across the board and answer each question. For some reason, Nalem, Chris Zito and possibly Tomamoto were the first people to pop into my head as the players of this game and the troubles they would go through. I thought this would be a cute tribute to everything I love about Newgrounds with lots of throwbacks and mentions to different things and movies around the site...however, that's the same negative strike Idea 1 has against it as well.

So there ya have it. Again, neither of these things are definitely being made, they're just ideas. This wouldn't detract from any of my other projects lined up, since I'm required to finish all of them for various reasons. However, both of these ideas sound incredibly fun to me and would really enjoy doing them. However, as per the questions I posed everyone in my last entry, I want them to have a purpose, whichever one people may or may not have more interest in than the other. I also want there to be some interest or approval from people for if they'd even be worth doing in the first place, specifically those in the community since they specifically entail this community. Thoughts?

Posted by Kirbopher - November 17th, 2008

"So, there was this one time...when a Bat, a Rhino, a Ferret and an old man...all got together and played a card game."

"There Was This One Time" has been fully storyboarded and most of the dialogue, voiced by the talented likes of TeamFourStar, has been recorded so that I can start cutting the audio together. "THAT MONGOOSE!!" was also kind enough to provide musical arrangement for the BGM, which was awesome. I can't wait to start working on this cartoon, though this one will require patience. I'll be doing an animatic for it by the end of 2008 and will be working on the actual animation up until when it's due at the end of the school year in late April-early May. Either case, I hope this one will impress some of my peers who're used to a lot of the same typical crap from me. There's a higher chance of it NOT impressing anyone, but since it's a school project anyway, I have "nothing to lose" in that respect. It's been really fun putting this together, even at such an early stage. If anything, this probably won't even get front page, which I'm actually fine with.

Other news, been taking a slight break from any Rangers work, but I'll be getting back to it and hopefully getting a lot done over Christmas vacation. The beginning of "Part 2" is actually one of my favorite scenes in the movie. $00pah NiN10Doh!'s still coming along; I'm waiting for about four more segments, two of which are long enough to be spread across the movie and the other two are very detailed in animation. Richie did some sexilicious menu design, but the actionscript can't quite be worked on until I get everything else that I need, so I'm back to playin' the waiting game a little.


So I'm curious on others' thoughts on I guess what would be considered two types of "indulgence"...as "bad" as they can get on a community as small-scale as a bunch of people on the internet doing flash animation. Specifically: Fandom & Money.

I've grown to be bitter towards fandom and what it represents in all aspects, through a bunch of different things. People, for whatever reason, seem to have this idea that "ever since [I] got a fanbase" of some kind that now suddenly I think I'm "hot shit", when the reality is I hate the very concept of a fanbase for anything. Anime fans in particular will be familiar with how often an annoying fanbase for a good show, or at least a half-decent show that gets more flack than it may deserve, will completely "ruin" the experience for them. For myself, I try to NOT let factors such as that destroy the enjoyment I get out of something, despite it being REALLY difficult in some cases...and that in itself proves the point of it being something that spoils the enjoyment. People seem to have a low tolerance for that and soon the fun is dead.

Yet, this applies much differently to "the little guys" like all of us on Newgrounds who submit cartoons. Thanks to the magical interbutt, ANYONE can garner people who enjoy what they do, because now a billion people can see it. Outside of just flash animation, friends of mine who create other mediums such as video parodies, after gaining some amount of success, will bring up "their fans" as a factor of some kind, positively or negatively depending on the subject. When I met Erin Fitzgerald at SDCC, she described Danny Antonucci creating Ed, Edd & Eddy COMPLETELY for himself. The cast will often suggest such-and-such ideas to give something to the fans, but his mentality is that, for instance, if all of the VAs were to come back and do another season of the show for Cartoon Network, it would be because he genuinely WANTS to do it and for no other reason. Period. A lot of people would consider this an "assholish" thing to do, but at the same time, it's respectable.

Everyone seems to assume that when you "get a fanbase", your head swells to the size of a fucking planet and suddenly it becomes all about that and that alone. For those who see past this and disregard fandom as a big deal, what's the next not-so-good thing that becomes a motive? Deniro.

Now THIS one coming from me is obviously going to look extremely hypocritical, so bear with me. EmRat made a VERY good point to me that I agreed with whole-heartedly...yet I have no ROOM to agree with it. That being, outright parody cartoons shouldn't be eligable for cash prizes or sponsorships, if anything the purely original animation works of people on NG should be the ones in the limelight for that. Thankfully, this goes both ways anyhow since some of the best purely original flashes on here have gotten their dues. However, since this applies to me too, a ton of the NON-original stuff brings people to NG front page because of their pure "dumb" entertainment value, like Parody Rangers and what not. Logically it makes sense, but it's also not entirely fair either.

But despite how I agree with it, again, I have no room to say anything because I AM one of those people getting paid for making parody cartoons and am locked into finishing them until probably next Summer. I can comfort myself with my future original projects, plus that WHAT I'm using the "earnings" for what I'd consider just causes like paying for tuition and funding original cartoons instead of doing crap like Rangers until the end of time...but I can't help but be bothered by it. I think a lot of people on NG from all over the spectrum may have thought about this at some point. A lot of people I've spoken to hate how it's become, if not about a fanbase, the possibly more so about the money. Then at the same time, a few OTHER people I've spoken to about this; people who generally look down upon things like video game parodies, have even told me outright that if they were in my position, offered a good sum of dough to produce a "crappy" unoriginal movie, they wouldn't pass it up in a million years.

The biggest instance where that hit me was when I had gotten an idea a month ago or so, JUST an idea mind you, of making a "TTA OVA" that was essentially the first three episodes of my old TTA series, redone, fully animated and voice acted, much better dialogue and overall concepts, almost like as if it were a pilot episode (since I think in SOME aspects TTA could be done as a real cartoon, but I don't see myself doing it). The problem is, it would be a TON of work to do for an unseeable amount of time and probably wouldn't be sponsorship-worthy, so with no "profit" to come of it, it's a project that wouldn't be worth doing, no matter how much fun it would be...and that's just it. The fact that now "profit" HAS become something important to me is actually a bit unsettling. It's like I can't have outright fun with doing a cartoon no matter what the case. Do a parody and you get looked down upon, do an original cartoon and you'll feel creatively satisfied, but will be taking risks with it after all of your hard work.

Even with GameSavers as a project I'm looking forward to the most, I'm still even taking a risk with that. Like what if I DO end up producing a full pilot that I work on for a full year with everyone on board, it ends up being really impressive...but nothing comes of it? Since it's such a long way's off, I can't worry about it for now, but it's still something worth considering.

For any of you guys who've ever wondered about these two specific things, or even had any experiences such as this or otherwise, please let me know your thoughts here.

Posted by Kirbopher - November 6th, 2008

Voice Acting is one of my favorite aspects of the animation process, one I feel that's overlooked and sometimes overwrought by people. Granted, I'm prone to getting a bit too in-depth when it comes to the voiceover world. Trust me, I'm a freak when it comes to that. I'll hear a noise and I'll be like "Oh that's so-and-so" and 99.9% of the time turn out to be right. It's scary.

Casting cartoons that I make, regardless of what it is, is one of the funnest parts for me, but it's gotten to the point where I have to stop myself and accomplish that process more professionally NOW than I did before. I'm really lucky to have such a HUGE cast of really good VAs from all over the map, from sites I've been to, to places like the VAA and VAC, to even the ol' Tubb. There were times back in Middle School even, yeah THAT long ago, where I thought about if my cartoons would be casted with nothing but full-fledged pros in the business. I still do from time to time. For a time I was intrigued withing nothing BUT Anime Voice Actors, and granted, still am because I think there's a select few of them all over the map who do stellar performances. Despite this, nothing replaces the pre-lay Cartoon Voice Actors that've have all along. In fact I think Tom Kenny was the first of them where I would constantly point the 7 or so characters he'd play in every show on Nick and CN.

When I had the pleasure of meeting Erin Fitzgerald at San Diego Comic-con last summer, I was actually more impressed than I expected to be. You'd think, with the world of "let's get movie stars and A-list people etc." for CGi-movie about talking animals #59047, that they just come in, they record, they're done. It's true, in a lotta cases, but certainly not this one. Erin really understood the entire process of creating an episode, of Ed, Edd & Eddy for instance, front to back. That and people like her who play multiple characters in a single cartoon (or video game, or anime) and make you believe, vocally or otherwise, that those are two or three or hell, maybe even TEN completely -different- characters. There are only a few people in the business who REALLY know how to do that, a few of which don't even work anymore, which saddens me. Either case, that was a great experience and Erin offered a ton of good advice when I met her. Not to mention, I gotta pretty decent impression of what creator Danny Antonucci is like. Dunno if THAT meeting will ever happen, but man.

Posted by Kirbopher - November 2nd, 2008

Heya kids! First off, Psy was kind enough to put the movie on the tubb. Sadly we STILL couldn't have it be one video, mainly because of the 10-minute rule. Sucks, I know. For those who prefer to watch stuffage on this site, it's there officially. I doubt people will be respectful enough to not put the video up on duplicate accounts, but at least it's there under the people who actually worked on it. The MUCH higher quality movies will always remain here at NG though, no doubt.

Check it.

Now onto new matters. As I've stated, $00pah NiN10Doh! will be my final video game parody and Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE upon it's absolute completion will be my final "Newgrounds-audience" cartoon. This certainly doesn't spell the end of my time as an animator, between schoolwork and other personal projects I have planned and beyond. I've got plenty of things rolling around, several of which I've been working on for quite a while. I'm hoping this will interest those of every spectrum, between those who already enjoy the stuff I do now, as well as people who DON'T enjoy it, because I think the latter will finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I AM capable of original work...or not give a shit! More likely that, but either case I've been wanting to do this for a while, so here's a couple previews of the things I have in store. Take note that a few of these have temporary titles:

"There Was This One Time..." - My final film for this year, my sophomore year, at the School of Visual Arts. My fine friends at TeamFourStar, who are known for doing Dragonball Z Abridged, are all incredibly talented at improv and voiceover. Essentially, I came up with a concept of a bunch of characters playing a card game in a basement and created animal characters (plus an old man) based around my favorite voice of each member's vocal range. We got together one night and came up with the script, which I'll soon be storyboarding over the next couple of days in fact. It's a short one, about two minutes or so.

"Savage Cabbage" - A concept about an escaped psychopath girl who meets a little boy that ran away from home. "Milton" befriends the savage girl, then in a quick outing finds the name "Cabbage" for her. Right now I only have the two characters, with some basic "events" laid out for them. I may save them for another final project for school if I can come up with something more specific to happen to them, but I really like the dynamic for the two of them and wanna make use of it down the line.

"Onei"- This one may never see the light of day, but I've got a billion ideas for it. Long story short, it's a video game concept that takes place on a planet made up completely of places I've been to in my dreams, in some cases multiple times. It stars four characters, each of which kind of represent a different genre of video game and they quest together around this planet as the plot unfolds. I came up with the idea for this one YEARS ago, but put it under the rug after reality scolded me on how difficult the gaming industry is to break into. I remembered the concept over the summer one day during work, pulled up a text file and "reinvisioned" everything, which was a lotta fun. I thought about the same route Tom & Dan took with Castle Crashers, but even -that- would be ridiculously hard. Who knows.

"Game Savers" - Now this one I'm incredibly excited about; it's actually what I'm aiming to set-up for with Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE's completion. Meaning, I'm saving up for a pilot episode budget. It's my idea of a Nick/CN age-range cartoon, based on this stupid thing me and my best friend did back years ago during elementary school where we made nonsensical plots using various action figures, plushes and other toys of the like. I adapted a bunch of the "story arcs" we came up with and made different episode ideas out of them, as well as adapting the personalities we gave the different characters and making them into something new. The series itself is a story about two supervillains who, in the climax of an epic battle, realize that they're terrible people and must repent! How? They enroll into a police force and have wacky adventures in their city, while 'collecting' other colorful creatures and such who eventually join the team.

"???" - I'm not gonna go into this one too deep, but long story short, I've been developing this one for over 10 years of my life, before anything else. I've put my heart and soul into every ounce of the storyline and every character, hell I even "sacrificed" a Christmas with my present being the copyright of all of the material, but still continue to work on it to this day. Being just vague enough, it's basically my answer to the question of "What happens if one day, you woke up and you had superpowers?"

These're just a few of them, the ones I'm the most serious about right now. I'm still bound to finishing the collab and the Rangers Movie, but I've got plenty in store and I hope you guys'll all be there to see it.

Posted by Kirbopher - October 26th, 2008

I have no more "confessions" to add to the ones that've been stated already. The only thing I can think of is..."Brawl Funnies"? Do it. Do it a thousand times. Oh dear god PLEASE do it, I'll watch it forever until the end of time. I've seen a few segments done for it already and that shit's hysterical.

On the same subject though, I think I should put this out there: Brawl Taunts isn't, nor was it ever, MY project. All three of them were wrote and conceptualized by Rina-chan and in fact, the first one was intended to be a Machinima, a "cameraman" for which was never located. I auditioned for voices at her request, then later down the line offered to just animate the thing in a few days as a commission. Three days people, seriously. I was payed for doing both it, and the sequel that came soonafter which I animated in a week. I never considered them a "collaborative effort" because it was never my idea in the first place. If anything, money aside, it was more a favor for a friend than anything else since she wanted it to be finished in some form that wasn't simply a radioplay. Therefore, if you have any "complaints" about the creation of them, or the one that's in development, talk to her about it. She's mentioned outright that she would rather deal with those who didn't like the movies as opposed to myself responding to each and every negative comment.

...and going off of THAT, the only reason a 3rd one is going to exist in the first place is because I don't wanna do it for reasons that should be blatantly obvious by this point. Yes, I'm doing the introduction, but the actual content involving a bunch of Smash Bros. characters spouting "jokes" at every turn is up to Rina-chan's writing and the animation of whoever else feels like joining on board. Fact is, I have no right to tell her what she can and cannot make and put out to Newgrounds just because I don't wanna animate something else for her. So by this point, it's completely out of my hands. I'm not the one to go to for this anymore, sorry.

Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE will continue as it's supposed to be. There was some confusion over the past week, but as far as I know it's going to remain how it was first made. I think I may trim some stuff anyhow for the sake of eliminating crap that I...simply don't find funny anymore, which is actually quite a bit, but we'll see how that goes.


$00pah NiN10Doh! is what I'm the most excited about right now. Screw the fact that it's a video game parody collection, I love the animation that everyone's done so far. David, Pierre, Mike and Joey are only a few of the team who finished, but everybody is working hard and I think it'll impress even some of the naysayers. I'm nowhere NEAR as good as a few of the animators that're involved with this project, I'm not afraid to admit that. Just the fact that I'm able to work with them on something so fun is enough for me and I hope I'll be anywhere close to being as experienced as them by the end of my second school year. For those've you who've been waiting patiently, here's a couple screencaps for ya. Thanks for waiting so long!

Brawl Funnies + Rangers: THE MOVIE Stats + $00pah NiN10Doh! Screencaps

Posted by Kirbopher - October 21st, 2008

Okay, THIS was pretty badass. So this week the teacher for my main Animation Class was out on a cross-country trip of some kind, so we had a substitute who ended up being a guest! Ian J. Quartey, of Venture Bros. & nockFORCE fame instructed us for a few hours during figure drawing and gave us a quick lecture for the final hour of the class while showing us some classic NY-based toons. I talked shop with him and a few classmates and it was awesome. He had actually seen my Scott Pilgrim flash ad I made a few months ago too which was pretty neat. The figure drawing sessions were challenging, but fresh. Got lotsa pointers to keep in mind for my artwork in the future as well. SUPERFINE.

Well, eff me!

Posted by Kirbopher - October 19th, 2008

First and foremost, since Kira's not currently able to make front page posts, I think it's more than necassary for me to plug this. There's been a huge fan outcry for there to be a third installment of Brawl Taunts...and now it's reached a point where literally only YOU can make it happen! I originally had "Even More Brawl Taunts" planned as an April Fools joke for MUCH later down the line, but I'll be carrying over some of that idea for the opening segment of B.T.3, which will involve the Kirbopher & Rina-chan characters from the beginning and end of B.T.2 as you may remember. After that, is where you fine folks come in! Check out her blog entry for all of the details and be part of her biggest project yet!

As for myself, as you guys might've been able to tell, I managed to (thank god) get the final two scenes of -Part 1- of the Rangers Movie combined together. Both were about 2 and a half minutes long, which I would've hated with a burning passion to upload seperately, especially since people were pissed enough (as was I) to the fact that the second piece was only 3 and a half minutes. Thankfully my school computer allowed me to get those last two together, which means 1-3 completes the 14 minutes of animation that make up -Part 1-.

That's all the work on the Movie I've done so far. I've basically decided to continue what I was doing in the first place: continuing to finish the Movie until the end of the script I had set in place for me. When it gets down to it, I have no room to complain about something that, despite my feelings NOW, is something I enjoy doing and will get me some incredibly decent funding up until I complete the entire thing. I'll be taking a break for the time being to see if I can finish up MY last bits of work on $00pah NiN10Doh! and hopefully get everyone else's stuff by Halloween, again, without overlapping the Halloween contest that I know a lot of people are working their asses off on to make some great stuff.

I've realized while going through the script, that all of what I had planned for -Part 2- is MUCH bigger than I had originally planned...to the point where I may end up splitting THAT up into two parts, making what I considered to be Part 3 into Part 4. Uneccasarily confusing, I know. However, my original deal was that it would be three parts and a set amount of sponsorship money for each, so I'd have to work that out with Tom to determine what exactly will be done. At the same time, if it weren't blatantly obvious already...despite working my (and more specifically several tech-savvy friends of mine) ass(es) off to try and fix the problem, I seriously need to try and find a way to combine all of the scenes together before I start on the animation process of -Part 2-. I'm not aqquainted with Johnny OR Stamper, but perhaps I can get in contact with one of them and possibly learn whatever magical spell that was used to compile the MGS collabs, if it's theoretically something I didn't know or already try during the month of attempting to solve that issue.

IF however, nothing can be done about combining all of the scenes together, then I'm going to leave it up to the fans to determine how the "episodes" will be submitted. It usually takes me about a month to finish the animation for a scene (a maximum of two that usually make up an "episode" IF I can manage to squeeze them together through whatever means). As with before, this would more be completely up to Tom if it'd be appropriate or not, but what I mean is if people would prefer to me to continue what I had no other choice in doing, which was submitting the pieces once a week for X-amount of weeks that would equate to the scenes...OR, if people would rather not wait and have me submit an "episode" as soon as I make one deemably long enough. Despite the annoying length, a vast majority of movies submitted to NG in the first place usually only DO run about 3-5 minutes or so...so it's not like this is unheard of or anything, it's just inconveniant.

So if it comes to that, let me know here what you'd prefer: To wait and submit each for a few weeks like I did with the three episodes of -Part 1- or to simply put out the -Part 2- episodes as I complete them (WHEN I get to animating them, which will probably start in November). Obviously I'd LIKE to submit full Parts that run a much longer time limit, but this is only a backup. Also, I may be able to submit all of -Part 1- combined to places like YouTube with plenty of links and directions back to NG, so keep an eye out for that...but please don't put 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 up on YouTube or anything seperately, no offense.

Also, I'll be putting some other little behind-the-scenes stuffage on the production blog not long from now, so be sure to check that as well. I'll try to have some screenshots from a few $00pah NiN10Doh! segments in the near future, as well. Thanks for stickin' with me for now.