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Kirbopher's News

Posted by Kirbopher - May 1st, 2009

Hey all, Happy Pico Day and a big 'ol Happy b-day to Tom!

So finally I've released "There Was This One Time", my student film for my 2nd year at the School of Visual Arts. It's been put under the NEO-C account as promised and here to kick off my tremendous workload for the month of May.

So, There Was This One Time, when a bat, a rhino, a ferret and an old man all got together and played a card game.

That was the basic concept I came up with after I created a character for each of the members of TeamFourStar, the people behind Dragonball Z Abridged, which is now linked to on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses might I add! Scott, Lani, Taka and I all got together one night after I had finished designing and came up with the basic concept of them playing cards, none of them knowing what game they're playing and the whole thing ending with Ol' Man Mutton somehow winning and keeping them as pets in a cage. We improved and wrote down the script in a night and soonafter I recorded each of their voices that the character designs were tailor-fit to, along with Masako and the Opening Narrator.

I put every bit of animation skill I had into this one, focusing solely on it every single Teusday during my main class for several hours in a row, so that I could make sure to take my sweetass time with it over the course of several months. RedM was also nice enough to arrange the music for me and having custom-made BGM is a great feeling, thanks Alex!

My one main issue is that unfortunately, it's not quite as "pretty" as I wanted it to be. After completing the version that I've submitted tonight, the .fla file for the movie became corrupted while in the middle of shading it. I'm pissed because it was looking REALLY nice so far and I had gotten about 2/3rds into finishing it...so, unfortunately it's not exactly the way I wanted, but it could've been a LOT worse. At the very least I have a finished product to showcase to you guys and my peers at school enjoyed it too. Sadly though, because the file is corrupt I literally can't make ANY changes, even if I wanted to go back and shade the whole thing again, which I'd be willing to do, I literally CAN'T access the .fla anymore. So with that in mind I hope you'll excuse any little glitches here and there, I know there's one scene where the background didn't fit over the screen and you can see some white at the top. Whoops.

For my first original toon I'm really interested in critique from you guys, my fellow artist, specifically from people who aren't normally fond of my other works. I know that probably sounds kinda lame, like I'm trying to "prove my worth" to the community or something, but I'm genuinely asking for any feedback from you guys. Those've you I know in some capacity that are fellow flash animators, if you'd be kind enough to leave a review, or a comment here, or a comment mentioning that you left a review so I can find it, I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on this one. Next year we'll be doing a group project a la collabs here on NG, so I'd like to take something away from this project to have in mind for next year. Thanks very much!


Just a couple other little things before I head out, check the Parody Rangers MOVIE blog for a quick update. Long story short, I'll be finishing the Renaldo Rangers spin-off later this month and as it stands right now, the following parts of Parody Rangers THE MOVIE are no longer being officially sponsored by NG, but I plan on finishing the movie regardless.

Also! Teusday I was surprised and flattered to see some alternate language fandubs of a few of the movies I've worked on! First we have $00pah NiN10Doh! en espanol, where a bunch of friends got together and dubbed the entire thing. Then, even more intriguing was the German dub of $eG@!, of which people are now coining the title "Sonic's Nightmare" on YouTube. They're both pretty hilarious and the concept of having something I worked on in another language in itself is pretty badass :]

Posted by Kirbopher - April 17th, 2009

Slight update, nothin' ridiculous this time around.

"There Was This One Time"is officially finished, however since I have about two more weeks until it's due, I've decided to try shading it using some of the time I have leftover by now. TWTOT without looks like my most polished, most "complete" piece of animation that I've ever done since I first started doing this type of work. The flash file seems to've suddenly picked up a weird glitch all of a sudden but hopefully I'll be able to fix that up at school or something. Expect the release of my first original toon at the start of May.

[UPDATE: I'm typing this from school, in need of some technical assistance if possible. The other night while in the middle of shading TWTOT, the file started getting wonky and my regular selector tool started glitching out. I tried opening up the file again after restarting flash, but now when I open the file it doesn't show -anything- and the second you even try to do something in Flash while the file is open, the program quits. I tried taking the file here at school and attempted opening it on a Mac, but got the same result. I've -never- seen a case like this before and I have not the slightest idea of what to do. Have any of you guys experienced something like this before and have any advice on how to fix this?]

Also in early May, the third and final "Brawl Taunts" will be out. It's hard to believe that it's been a full year since the first one came out, but this collab will be out on the 1 year to-the-date release day of the original one, May 7th. Only one person left to go, everything else is compiled and it should be good to go. By this point I know mainly the reason people are waiting for it is because they want to see the rebuttle that will be released with it, but that's cool too so no worries.

Lastly, I've started working on "It's the Supah Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers!" spinoff of Parody Rangers, which may or may not be out in May as well. May. May-may? Merumerumay. Yeah, started doing the animation, of which is gonna be much more limited...I'm cheating a LOT with the lipsynch for instance, which typically I hate doing, but since Renaldo's mouth flaps are trickier than the other characters, if I don't take some shortcuts this time around the damn thing'll never come out. Not the end of the world but it'll probably still bug me. Above all else Psy wants people to be entertained by it and I think everyone will, since it has a lot of what people liked about the original 3 Parody Rangers movies.

So I mentioned some stuff about doing voices a few posts ago I think...and yeah, most of those projects are on hold or I'm simply playing the waiting game for. In the meantime, I've gotten to do some work for a few pretty neat projects I'm more than happy to plug.

First of the two is Rina-chan's original story that was just fully edited and completed in the form of a Radioplay:

Dragon Star ~ A Story of Competetive Gaming

It's a +20 Minute romantic venture of Kazumi, a girl who gets smitten and chases after the best player of the popular "Dragon Star" fighting game. After a few tips from those surrounding her new obsession, Hiroshi, our heroine dedicates herself to learning everything she can about being an incredibly Dragon Star player...as well as learning everything she can about Hiroshi.

Just listened to it last night and it's very endearing, so if you guys have some silence that needs filling while going to work or school or maybe want something to listen to while animating, be sure to give it a listen. Kira worked really hard on it and I was glad to play the role of Hiroshi.

Second project was also a big honor, not only because I got to play one of Cailen Crow's characters that he's wanted me to voice for several years now, but the character in question (Eric Pockets) was beautifully animated by DeviantArt's Unknown-Person.

LAW OF TALOS: Annie & The Professor vs. Karl


UP's one of the great animators that do work for various storytelling art tournaments on DeviantArt, similar to Zuerel who I'm glad has gotten front page with some of his work before here on Newgrounds as well. They're only a few of the talented folks that work on these tournaments constantly coming up with awesome material every year. My role in the two-part battle of original characters is a small one, but I was honored to finally play Eric and UP's animation is simply awesome to look out. Hope you'll check it out!

Expect posts about the new projects coming next month as they continue to be released. Here's hopin' everything turns out well :]

Posted by Kirbopher - April 6th, 2009

Hey guys, yet another text wall. BRACE YOURSELF.

So first off hope y'all got some laughs from "$eG@!" For those who didn't already know, it was an April Fools joke that Corinne and I came up with a long time ago mainly based off of Chris Thorndyke's obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog. It started with the brokeback spin on Sonic X Episode 1's final scene, then I came up with the whole deal about the different versions of Sonic waking up and having other characters in bed with him etc.

Tossed in Knuckles dancing, gotta few other ideas from the likes of CZ and Cailen and threw the whole thing together in about a week and a half. It was fun to do, Tom was gracious enough to slap it up there on the front page even though it didn't coincide incredibly with their April Foolks joke this year, BUT it did better than expected so it was kept on the front page a bit longer than just April Fools Day. So no, obviously we're not doing a full-fledged SEGA/Sonic themed collab, but this'll have to do.

Funnily enough I've been on a bit of a Sonic kick these past couple weeks since I began working on $eG@!, as I've inadvertedly reminded myself that I love Sonic Adventure 2 and that was the game that got me interested in the character and franchise again after years of having no new Sonic stuff (on my end) since the Genesis/Megadrive games. But yeah!

In the midst of this, good bud Psyguy, who by the way is open for casting in other flash cartoons in case you guys happen to be looking for voices (wink-wink), is now going to be doing his own flash series called "That's My Sonic" (yes, the name's based on the ol' sprite comic of the same name) where essentially all of us hopped on Skype and make some silly chatter (in-character of course) after which he animated us AS various Sonic characters. He'll be doing full episodes once we have everything figured out, of which I'm really lookin' forward to. I'm set to voice Shadow, plus various members of the Parody Rangers cast will be involved as well. More stuff from that'll surely come up over the summer.

While TMS is Psy's pet project that I'm glad to be part of, we also came up with a joint-project that I think Parody Rangers fans'll really get a kick out of. Those've you who remember the original 2nd Episode of Rangers, in which Renaldo had a fantasy scene about having his own set of Power Rangers based after himself; this joke will basically be getting a spin-off short all about the "Supah Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers!". We sat down and wrote the script together, s'about 3-4 minutes (probably less) and Psy's commissioned me to do the animation for it. This little extra bit we're doing all on our own and isn't part of the whole sponsorship deal with the Feature Movie, but I think you guys'll gets more than a few laughs out of it. The animation process hasn't started just yet, but look out for it within the next month or two.

Renaldo Rangers' progress hasn't started just yet since I'm currently still working hard on my coloring job for that indie-film, plus I'm happy to say that "There Was This One Time" is VERY close to coming out! The coloring process (ironically) for that cartoon is over halfway through as I'm striving to polish this up as much as I can. By the end of April it should be all done. I'm incredibly proud of how it's turned out so far and this is one project I'm hoping to get as much feedback and critique on as I can get. I'll make another announcement about it later on.

Last but not least, I wanna say thanks, actually! I won't bore you guys with the drama-filled details but the last few weeks have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me and I've had to deal with a lot issues and problems going on i my life that've given me endless amounts of confusion. It's at this time that I'm very glad that I have my family, my closest friends both online and off that I can really trust and depend on in weird times like this, not to mention that you guys, despite honestly not knowing me incredibly well as a person and just by my work are nice enough to leave comments, send messages, write reviews or even just WATCH my stupid crap that I draw on a computer screen every once in a while. "Fandom" is typically a concept that bothers me and I'm very shakey about, especially when it applies to myself outside and in. Regardless, I truly appreciate you all who've stuck with me and enjoyed my work...hell, even the people who DON'T. At least ya took the time (I'm assuming) to check it out and form an opinion about it in the first place. So for all the support, in whatever way you've given it, I appreciate the thoughts and hope you'll continue to do so. I've still got tons of plans and stuff to give back to the viewers, the community, my fellow artists and just Newgrounds in general.


Posted by Kirbopher - March 20th, 2009


So, Go! Go! Parody Rangers THE MOVIE - Part 2 released yesterday and hit front page earlier today. Thanks everyone who watched, hope ya got a laugh or two. I've gotten a lotta nice complements from everyone on board and I'm glad it turned out so well. Managed to get this one done, being more complicated and MUCH longer than Part 1, in a damn impressive time-frame too. I started on it over the Christmas break, finished everything up to Billiam hanging himself (and failing miserably at it), took a slight break to work on some other pressing matters, then got back to it and finished the rest a little under a week ago. Part 3 won't be as long as this one, so it should be done most likely by mid-summer depending on when I get it finished.

Gotta couple Easter Eggs for you guys to have some fun with, thanks to the audio portal! I'm glad that for the most part people were okay with the "sex scene" near the end. Even when the script was written back near the end of 2007, I hadn't intended anything explicit to be shown. It was more intended to be funny than anything else as opposed to just fanservice. The seven VAs I had doing stuff for that scene, between all of the Rangers (minus Billiam), Dulcy and of course the Shark, there was a lotta funny material blended in there. Sadly a lot of it was unable to make out, but one of the "couples" within that scene had some improv I specifically thought came out really funny. Thanks both Chris & Kira for the hysterical recordings ;] Only Meat would be rude enough to answer a call about phone plans during sex with a hellcat. Oh well, at least Verizon never stops workin' for him!

Verizon Wireless: Meat & Dulcy

Then the other one is the ending theme of Part 2. A while back I adapted the Japanese theme of "Kyoryu Sentai: Zyuranger!" (which is what we derived Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers from back then) into a version about the Parody Rangers characters. I recorded the vocals with Chris doing Meat's voice for a couple clips here and there, as well as some mish-moshin' during the guitar solo. It's silly but I think a few people gotta kick out of it so it's up for download! In times of great need, when the world needs a good stupid laugh, these idiots will band together and make you lol, rofl, possibly make you lyao! Go! Fight!

Mojiri Sentai: PARODYRANGER!

NOW, I got more work to do as per the usual. Bye kids :]

Posted by Kirbopher - March 11th, 2009

Hey all, keepin' busy. First off here's the typical links:

Buy a commission!
Check the Parody Rangers MOVIE Blog!

Doubt you'll be reading this, but nontheless: big congrats to thebackalleys for winning the Tank Awa- oh shit my bad. Grats to HappyHarry for not only winning the Tank Award but having Saturday Morning Watchmen spread across the net like wildfire. Seriously, even people I'm aqquainted with that don't even regularly go to Newgrounds have seen it and love it.

Anyways! So I mentioned I did some voicework for a few projects coming up, several of which I've recorded for and are being worked on as far as I know. One in particular, is done! Tyson "Rittz" Hesse has animated his very first flash movie, titled "OUR PRESIDENT". I "star" in it as Mitten the Cat as well as doing a few other little voices for it. Psyguy also did some voicework for it as well. S'beautifully animated, definitely worth checkin' out :]

There'll be other ones coming up, I recorded something for Martian Manhunter in a Marvel vs. DC thing of some kind, more about that when I get more info myself I guess, right?


Just a quick mention, since I know not a ton of people are interested in this, but for the small few that are, this applies. I'm slowly working on some more singing projects a la the Nico Nico Douga medleys. Yeah yeah I know the lyrics talk about how "I'm not doing this again" but honestly it's more about the fact that I have TIME to do them. Honestly, they serve no purpose and are pretty stupid, but they're incredibly fun to do for me and my friends. If I end up making a "Flash Player" of the next one I'm working on specifically, I'll probably only submit it to YouTube or something since NG seemed to take it the wrong way. Ah well, whatev.

Long story short, I'm re-doing the first one I did on my own, but as an ACTUAL song and not just me talking about random crap that people will misinterpret. Most people from the first one will be returning, along with several new additions, even a couple special guests! You'll see. Also I'll be doing another (shorter) Nico Nico medley with a special someone, of which will probably be out before the bigger group medley. So yeah for those who might care and enjoyed them before, be sure to look out for those.


Release dates! Don't have anything incredibly specific, but I've got incredibly good ideas on when certain things will be coming out.

Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - PART 2 will probably be finished by this upcoming weekend. As I type this, I'm nearly through the Sixth scene out of Seven that make up all 18 Minutes of this Part. Confused? The translation is I'm nearly done with it and am making really good progress with it. Spring Break allowed me a lot of crunch time to work on finishing it up. At first I wasn't sure of how this one was gonna turn out, but I think you guys'll really like it. Lots of funny material in there :]

with it. Spring Break allowed me a lot of crunch time to work on finishing it up. At first I wasn't sure of how this one was gonna turn out, but I think you guys'll really like it. Lots of funny material in there :]

There Was This One Time is nearly finished as well, the animation is getting closer to being done. Still working on it every Tuesday typically, so once I get to the end of it I'll be going back to add more drawings and makin' it all nice, then coloring and having it completed by the end of April when we present it to the class. It's my nicest looking cartoon ever and I'm interested in what my peers and fellow animators will have to say about it.

...and I think Brawl Taunts 3 is in progression hell. I don't have a clue when it'll be done, but I know there're two people on board that have parts left to finish. I've finished my contributions to it months ago by now and everyone else has slowly completed and handed in their parts last I checked. Also I hear that Rina-chan wants to re-work the first part of the entire thing for a number reasons, of which I don't know how much that'll change the time it takes to finish it. Who knows!

Lastly, without spoiling anything, since speaking of it would ruin the surprise, but I'm working on a tiny little somethin' else that you'll see pretty soon. I'm slowly getting the voicework recorded for it now, but it shouldn't be too hard to animate. Just wait ;]


Oh! Also apparantly $00pah NiN10Doh! reached a million views! I'm incredibly proud, thanks

everyone for watching and hopefully enjoying our hard work :]

Posted by Kirbopher - March 2nd, 2009


Just came out with a new short little animation to put on my NEO-C account, called ".flaswf" a story about a pair of .fla & .swf files. It was a little assignment for my Digital Compositing class at school...which was set to be due today, but class was cancelled due to the SNOWSTORM YEEEEAH. Either case I wanted to upload it today as intended, so be sure to check it out. :]


Still continuing to work on other stuff. Now that I've gotten less busy with side work, I can focus almost completely on the Rangers Movie and finishing PART 2. Check the blog for screenshots and other random shite, but basically I'm 4 scenes out of 7 into the animation process and with Spring Break coming up, hopefully I'll have PART 2 completely finished early into the month. There's lots of funny material in this one that I think you guys who enjoy Parody Rangers'll get a kick out of. Gonna try and power through the remaining scenes I have to get it finished.

Oh and we've gotten our plaques for the $00pah NiN10Doh! prize, thanks Tom and the NG staff, they look awesome! :]


Also apparantly I'm doing voices for a few things. I played Sesshomaru & Jaken briefly in this funny little parody called Inuyasha: Episode Infinity, which also includes Kira as Kagome & Kikyou and Josh as Naraku. It's fun and cute, written by GanXingBa of Avatar: The Abridged Series, who's also on board the voice cast of "There Was This One Time". Speaking of that one, I'll also be doing the voice of an evil british piece of Cotton Candy a friend of mine is doing for HIS 2-minute film in our same animation class. Hopefully he'll be submitting it to Newgrounds when it's finished, so if so I'll provide a link to it.

There's a few other things I recorded for, not all of them flash movies, some things I've forgotten. I'm playing Martian Manhunter in some project coming up to, who knows!


Also go play Portal Defenders. Do it. Also Girl-chan.

Posted by Kirbopher - February 17th, 2009

Hey everyone, s'been a little while but I've got plenty to update about.

So first and most importantly is that I think I've snagged my first legit animation job! In the past I had worked for a children's computer program company called EduWare, where I did some basic character animation for their mascots. This, however, is a tried and true animation project that I'm fully excited for. I can't speak of it in detail just yet, but essentially I'll be coloring the laid-out animation for a flash-made indie-film. It was a perfect oppourtunity so I rushed to grab it, the guy in charge was very cool and I'm thankful I've gotten this chance! It's perfect timing too, since I've been trying to work a lot more with coloring techniques recently and this'll give me a ton more experience.


Next up is the unveiling of my special account. I created this back around the end of November to make sure I would at least hold the name, "NEO-C". Before the eyerolling takes place, lemme go out on a limb and say that this is NOT an alt account, nor is it an attempt at abandoning the Kirbopher title or anything typical like that. Both are still under my own name, but the NEO-C account will be where all of my newest original works will go. I will continue to submit the installments of the Parody Rangers feature on my Kirbopher account and certain select projects on NEO-C. For the connections I may be forging with the industry as I continue to move through College and hopefully get closer to becoming a working animator and start accomplishing the goals I have in mind, this special account will be a quick link for people I'd like to see my absolute best pieces of animation I can produce, as opposed to the stuff you'd normally associate under the Kirbopher name.

Also for those've you who don't catch the pun: Neo is "New", C stands for "Chris" and NEO-C sounds like my last name, Niosi (Nee-oh-see). Hahaha I'm so clever not really shut up.


But anyway, can't have a new account without new content to go with it, right? This lil' indie record label by the name of "Dangerbox" contacted me recently and commissioned me to animate a music video of one of their slick music tracks. A couple other NG artists have been doing so as well, I think specifically from the Radical Wrong Doers, so there's some good stuff in the works for that. Due to my time constaints and blah blah you know the drill, I asked to take one of the shorter songs in their library, of which I was given "Act". Aside from a few specifics, mainly of which came after I started the animation process, the commissioner was cool enough to give me what was essentially free-reign to do what I felt fit the song.

"ACT" the Music Video, Music by Mjoaa & Trone

I quickly came up with a concept, involving some stuff I've been wanting to experiment for a while with. For those've you who've seen Ratatouille, when Remy the rat is describing to his brother Emile about combining different foods with each other in the form of multiple instruments making music together and the soundwaves are "animated" like so, I had wanted to try something similiar to that for quite a while using a piece of BGM from a video game a while back, with literally the entire movie just being the animated soundwaves. With "Act" being a techno song, essentially the same oppourtunity was presented and I tried to implement that into the design of the music video.

It stars a blue guy, who is incredibly hesistent to simply get out of bed and experience life in general, until two singers badger him into taking a long walk. As he ignores his various surroundings ranging from nature, to human life and interaction, he ventures to darker and seedier territories and eventually he's given a choice to act or not during a critical moment. I tried to make use of symbolism and basic colors as I was planning it out, with different patterns and soundwaves meaning different things. It's pretty simplistically animated since I didn't have a ton of time to work on it, but I'm proud with how it's come out for the most part and hopefully you guys will take something away from it!

Oh and just to put it out there, "There Was This One Time" will be submitted to the NEO-C account as well around late April-early May when it's due for my main animation class. It's coming along really well!


Regarding the Toon Platoon podcast, we WANT to continue working on it and do more of the episode concepts we've got in mind, but a few things've come up. Aside from myself being busy, CZ's had a TON of homework to contend with (SVA Cartooning majors get assloads of work, you have no idea) so we never really got a good oppourtunity to gather all three of us together and record, specifically before Mike Ruocco got briefly hospitalized. He's been out of school for a week and obviously is gonna be busy dealing with some new health problems (wish him the best!) upon his return yesterday...so with all of that in mind, we're kinda up in the air with doing the next episode. Not to mention we still haven't bought a subscription to any podcast sites or anything like to continue putting up episodes as we go along. We'll see how it goes, but I'm not declaring Toon Platoon dead in the water.

Posted by Kirbopher - January 28th, 2009

Hey everyone, still keepin' productive. Gotta few things to plug, one which is a big deal for me and a few friends of mine actually...we started a podcast!

-The Toon Platoon Podcast-

Where myself, Chris Zito and Mike Ruocco get together and discuss various things in animation. We've often had conversations about the creative side of things for the animation world, anywhere from series to feature films and beyond...so I figured "hey, we're just as reputable or non-reputable as anyone else who can start a podcast! Let's do our own!" For our first episode we talked about what we consider to be strong main characters in animated series, a few examples being Flapjack, Chowder, Monkey D. Luffy, Sam & Max, Mulan and a few others here and there. Since it was our first, we more than likely had a few technical problems in recording, but hopefully whatever they might be I'll be made aware of in the feedback and can watch out for in our upcoming episodes, of which I have plenty of ideas for ;]

Check it out right here at the Toon Platoon Blogspot, hope you enjoy it!


There Was This One Time is making good progress, I've been working on it for several hours straight during my Teusday Animation class to make sure time is set aside for it specifically every week. I finished up the dinky little one-shot assignment for another class of mine, the one I mentioned related to Parody Rangers. Due to the time constraints it just didn't end up being of the quality I wanted, so I probably won't be uploading that. It's nothing incredibly important anyway, so you guys aren't missing anything. Same subject as the Rangers though, I gotta get back to work on the Movie again soon, still a LONG way to go for Part 2. I gotta finish up a quick animation for a collab I'm part of too, but that shouldn't take too long. I'm just glad I'm constantly working on stuff, the break was fine but I really need to stay productive.


Lastly, NG voice actress: Francine Louise (Dixie Kong & Female Pokemon Trainer in $00pah NiN10Doh!) is starting a collab related to the Legend of Zelda and is looking for people to join aboard. If you're interested, check out her blog page about it and ask her for details. Thanks :]

Also good luck to everyone competing in the Tank Awards!

Posted by Kirbopher - January 19th, 2009

Hey all. First off the typical stuff:

- Made a couple updates to the Parody Rangers Movie blog with lots of new screenshots, but nothing spoilerific. Check 'em out!
- If you're feeling generous please order a drawing comission from me...
so I can eat D: Orders can be made through Newgrounds if you don't have a DA account.


ANYWAY, I've been keeping incredibly busy and I feel good that I'm being productive. Been workin' my ass off on the Rangers the Movie PART 2 since the X-Mas break, I'm already about three scenes (outta seven) into it, which would equate to what would be "Episode 2-1". I've been animating nearly every single day for at least a few hours, and over the last couple days alone I've really been crunching it.

Probably after I finish this next scene I'll be taking a short break, but not from animating! I'll be doing a quick one-shot animation as a class project for Digital Compositing, and it works out peferctly because I can make it work into the Rangers movie ;] You'll see what I mean, I think you'll enjoy it as its own stand-alone thing too. Along with that, I'll be doing a short piece for a collab an aqquaintence of mine invited me too. Should be fun, quick and easy to bust outta the way.

Also briefly speaking of collabs, since I might as well mention: I've been told that Brawl Taunts 3 will -probably- be out by mid-February. Don't quote me on it, but apparantly that's the supposed release date. I think only one of the "segments" has been fully animated by this point so I haven't gotta clue.

Oh and lastly, probably most importantly on my side of things, the animation process has begun on "There Was This One Time" starring the voice talents and writing styles of TeamFourStar. My class and teacher have shown a lot of interest in how it's gone from the early stages and I think the final product's gonna turn out really well for what'll be my first ground-up, original cartoon. Apparantly I got some damn good grades for my last semester overall and I don't wanna disappoint; I wanna go higher and higher with the stuff I'm working on and I think TWTOT will keep my track record going.

Hope y'all will look forward to what I've got in store over the next couple of months :]


Oh and final note, I'll be at NYComiccon on Feb. 7th (Saturday) attending the FUNimation panel and the "Voice Actors in the City" panel. Only goin' for one day since I can't waste a ton of money this con specifically, plus there's not a ton that pertains to me offhand. If you're around, feel free to say hey :O


Posted by Kirbopher - January 7th, 2009

Hey everyone, glad to see $00pah's been doin' so well. Thanks a bunch for the daily and weekly awards! I should point out the edit I made to the video description: To those of you with questions, I can assure you all of them can easily be answered in the scene selection. By clicking the "?" next to each scene's icon, an info-screen will pop-up showing who animated it, who wrote it, who did voices in it and what music was used in it. Richie and I worked hard on the menu to make sure that all of these typical questions could be easily answered, so give the scene select a gander for all of the answers you seek!

Also, those've you who're disappointed about the lack of easter eggs, you should know that I DID make a couple, but due to a bunch of factors they were eventually decided against being implemented. However, I put 'em both together into a quick file to see for those who might be interested. Check out the $00pah NiN10Doh! Easter Eggs, right here! The first was a quick joke Chris came up with about Stafy, while the second was based off a "review" Psy did on Sonic Chronicles a while back.

Lastly, just for the sake of mentioning, there were quite a few segments that were never completed or included for various reasons. Worth mentioning, Marcello (who was part of the previous NiN10Doh!) was a bit into the two-part Bomberman segment that involved White Bomber at an airport and trying to find a way to make his business meeting on time, which would've also involved Pommy & MAX. Cycon was also brought on board early on to do an "Earthbound meets South Park" two-part segment with Ness being assigned his "quest", then all four of the kids partway into the adventure of Mother 2. Due to Cel being incredibly busy with school and Cycon even more busy managing several businesses, the two couldn't make the deadline, however they put forth a ton of interest in the project and were very cool to be involved with either. So thanks both of you guys for giving it a shot and good luck in the future! There was also a Punch-Out! segment that WAS fully animated, but I decided to remove it due it...simply NOT being funny at all. Then lastly, I myself fully animated a Megaman Battle Network segment, which was to be included in the final product, however for personal reasons I decided to disinclude it. Hopefully you guys'll understand the changes and still enjoy the final version despite the missing pieces.


Currently I'm still working on the Parody Rangers Movie, of which PART 2: "Planet Buut2dahed" is doing pretty well. I've gotten a decent amount of progress busted outta the way within the Christmas vacation and am still continuing to work on it now. Be sure to check out the blog for screenshots, I'll be adding plenty over the next couple months. Worth mentioning is that the Movie MAY end up having to be done in -4- parts instead of 3. I went back and removed a few things that I felt just...didn't need to be there, but even so PART 2 runs about 18 minutes alltogether. Don't quote me on it yet since I still have to work it out, but either case I -will- be finishing the movie in its entirety.

Also when school starts back up again, I'll be getting into the animation process of "There Was This One Time", my two minute 2nd year final project. I'll be working on it during my main animation class and that should be released around late-April to early-May.


Then, as far as future projects go, I mentioned that I have a LOT in store. There's a big project in particular I'm getting really excited about. As stated before, $00pah NiN10Doh!'s my last video game parody and Parody Rangers will be my final parody/NG-centric cartoon. I'm sure I'll be submitting my future works to NG for you guys to check out in either case, but hopefully one of those projects will be going places far beyond just the interbutt. "There Was This One Time" will be my first fully original ground-up cartoon being submitted to NG for you guys to see, but $00pah NiN10Doh! introduced a few good people I'll be working with in the future on something even bigger...

$00pah was a great excercise for me as a director, overseeing production and animation by several partners in a larger-scale project, as opposed to going solo on Parody Rangers. I've gotta give everyone on board their props. A few of the collaborators such as Joey, the Zirbes Bros. and Dorn are artists that the NG community is very familiar with, a few of which are people I'm glad to've worked with as I've admired their work before -I- even touched Flash, so that was a big honor. Then Zach, who's been a longtime irl friend of mine from High School, was great to work with even on the first one. He works really hard and has a lot of aspirations just like I do. Currently he's working on a fully original cartoon called "Sunday Night Fun" which you guys'll hear more about from me later on ;]

Further still, are a quarter of folks who I'll be working very closely with on what I hope will be my biggest project yet!

-Mike Ruocco I met as a suitemate in College for my first year at the School of Visual Arts. He's an absolute mastermind of animation trivia and know-how. The segments he did for $00pah NiN10Doh! aren't EVEN his best work; he's got skills that are outstanding and is incredibly good at traditional handrawn animation complete with good ol' paper and a lightbox. He's also got lots of animation projects in the works and I hope NG'll get to see 'em!

-David Smith was cool enough to seek ME out during production on the first NiN10Doh!, after which I was blown away by how smooth his character animation is. I was really excited to give him the two Starfox parts this time around, of which he exceeded my expectations on. He's an accomplished artist and director in his own, leading his own animation team at his art school down in Australia for a short film called "Begone, Little Wolf".

-Pierre Jackson, I swear to god I just kinda..."discovered" this dude on the portal one day, after seeing a work-in-progress animation he did of Kirby fighting King Dedede. I sought him out and invited him aboard $00pah, which he was all for, seriously. He was incredibly passionate and into the project, to where he completed his segments essentially before anyone else on board and constantly was checking up on how the progress was doing. His coloring and lineart is gorgeous and he did some of my favorite segments in the collab, along with the Starfox pieces.

-Cory Holmes was originally going to be on board the previous NiN10Doh! but sadly we had some technical difficulties. I wanted to try and find a way for him to be involved this time, which I'm glad an oppourtunity came up. Cory studies animation very closely, particularly the works of Don Bluth, which you may not be able to tell from his Warioware animation, but he goes absolutely NUTS on how many amazing drawings he does. He's also got a pilot episode for his own series in the works too!

All four of these fine fellows in particular I'll be doing some, hopefully, great stuff with in the future and I'm glad to've met them. They're some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, I can't emphasize that enough, are all incredibly talented. I think what we can accomplish together will really impress some folks out there :]