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Kirbopher's News

Posted by Kirbopher - September 29th, 2009

Okay, first and foremost...dear internet:

Specifically everyone who uses Facebook that knows me, anyone who you've friended or has tried to friend you who goes by "Chris Niosi", is NOT me. I DO have a Facebook account, but it's under a fake name, mainly for privacy issues, but also because Facebook isn't really "for me". I use the account for specific purposes, but flat out, I do not have an account labelled with my name. So to the many I've spoken to who're like "why won't you friend me back!?" it's not me. There we go!

ANYWHO. So New York Anime Fest was great yet again. Had a lotta fun as I did the previous two years, did a little bit of networking, made some new friends and hung out with a few I haven't seen in quite a while, though I was glad to have a lot of the same company as last year's con. Good to see Crystal Lonnquist, Lucien Dodge, Casey Mongillo and the like. I also dragged Mike Ruocco along with me on Saturday to see the American premiere of Soul Eater, which is awesome. I met the cast of the show and the director, gave 'em some nice gifts of which they very much enjoyed too!

Aside from that I've gone through about 3 full weeks of school thus far...and I don't mind saying at all that's been freaking GREAT. Truthfully, I've been "unproductive" in the sense of online projects; I haven't touched Parody Rangers or the Po3 game in quite a while now. The only side project I've been doing any work on as of late is the super secret thingamabob, which for now mainly concerns overseeing other people's work until I get going on my contribution. Point is, I like not being tied down to a million things at the moment and primarily focusing on schoolwork and just livin' life. Plenty of close friends living in the general area, or close enough to where I see them on a regular basis. Odd's are, over the Christmas vacation I'll "get back to work" on certain things and I'd dare to say before then I'll be doing work on some stuff, but we'll see. Regardless, I feel great and just wanna keep pressing forward. I've come to grips with a lot of personal stuff about my future and what exactly I wanna do as far as a career goes. Still plenty to sort out, but I'm tryin' to stay level-headed and logical about everything.

I'll be uploading some stuff from school soon most likely. Thanks for readin'!

Posted by Kirbopher - September 17th, 2009

I've made it through nearly two weeks of school so far.

I LOVE being back in NYC on a regular basis. While I've not quite reached the point where I'm sustaining myself on my own income, at the very least living in a dorm here in NY feels great and gives me a sense of responsibility. I've had all five of my classes for this semester at least once so far, all of which have been very beneficial. Advanced Life Drawing and Layout & Design are workshops for exactly what they mean, giving me crunch-time on major stuff I need to work on. My main class, Advanced Animation Workshop, which I'll be taking once again with Celia Bullwinkel (who's also teaching a 3rd Year class for the first time!), is crunch-time for everything I've learned. Light & Color is my one humanity or "regular school class" as I often slang-term them to others, but it doesn't seem like it'll provide too much distraction. I'm glad most of all to be taking the elective Developing An Animated Series in which to focus on what I wanna do with my art, stories and characters most of all. I'll probably be posting a lot of the stuff I'm doing for school here, so those've you who have any interest can check it out.

I'm starting to have to put a lot of things on hold, but I AM continuing to try to work on stuff on a daily basis and keep track of it all. I'm overseeing a big group project and sending out material for people to work on in hopes that I can that relased at a reasonable time from now. I'm also continuing to work on Rob Kohr's film which is coming along nicely and helping me maintain a small amount of income while at school (it's a bit more difficult for me to keep up a normal job while I'm here). He's looking into showcasing his film at one of the ASIFA events coming up, which is gonna be amazing, so look forward to that...among other things. We'll see.

I also wanna start making more blog entries on specific subjects that hopefully I may end up getting more feedback on. With my thesis coming up next year and a lot of really in-depth things about animation flying around in my brain I'm curious on as getting as many retrospectives as possible. Time will tell.

Later kids!

Posted by Kirbopher - September 4th, 2009

What a Summer, yet another already come and gone.

I wasn't NEARLY as productive as I wanted to be this season, but what I -did- get accomplished I'm very proud of. I'm glad I got my writing spark rekindled, had a ton of fun with character designing, did a few storyboards and a just a tad of animation. Nothing fully completed, sadly, but PLENTY in the works.

The game I'm working on for Newgrounds' Power of Three Event definitely ain't comin' out at its appropriate time, but Richie and I refuse to give up. We'll most likely be continuing production on it over the Fall in bits and pieces because we think it's a great concept that shouldn't simply be abandoned. I think it'll be something that will really surpise people, especially from the standpoint of a flash game. Meanwhile I've also started production on a BIG new project involving some close and INCREDIBLY talented friends. I'm actually not sure which project will finish and release first, but both are -very- worth looking forward to.

The Summer's been fun AND draining. I've made new friends, lost a few, revived friendships and relations with many people that I'm very grateful and appreciative for. There's been some sickness issues at home between my getting my first cold in a long while, not to mention my mom's condition, but she'll be fine thankfully. Also Comic-con was still amazing. I think the filthy laziness bug will be sprayed off once school starts in a few days. I'm just about to move back to my dorm in NYC and despite some small concerns, I've gotta damn good schedule of classes this year. I'm also glad to have a couple 'o Mikes around the area to hang with, eat with and watch ridiculous amounts of stupid animated movies with.

I've got high hopes for the future and plan on goin' full-throttle with this next year of school at SVA, hopefully doing even better than last year and the year before it. Wish me luck!

Posted by Kirbopher - August 1st, 2009

We're back!

...and NOT like the Dinosaurs! Seriously though, not touching the internet for a solid week is...scary, but refreshing. Going to the opposite side of the country for something a 'lil more important justs makes ya all "other worldy". I swear, the group I roll with always wants to just STAY in San Diego and never go back to NY...and frankly I don't blame 'em, this place is drop-dead gorgeous.

Comic-con 2009 was amazing; topped last year's in a lotta ways, too. I travelled with a heftier group 'o chums this time and met up with several more upon getting to San Diego...which I swear half of us didn't wanna leave once the trip was over. I had the honor of meeting a WHOLE slew of people this year, not simply from my homebrew of Newgrounds, but some great folks working at Cartoon Network, a truckload of different voice actors and other really talented artists scattered about the con. Ended up buying a lot more this year too, but I got a nice haul of DVDs and comics.

Took a bunch'a pictures this time too, be sure to check 'em out!

Also thanks to the godly productions of Overnightprints I managed to scrounge up a bunch of business cards to bring with me and as with last year I'm glad to say I've dished out well over half of them to people these past 10 days. Not only that, I stayed productive and tried drawing as much as I could with two sketchbooks on-hand. Here's a few key points of interest:

- Thursday, we all met the Cartoon Network triple threat of C.H. Greenblatt, Thurop Van Orman and Penn Ward, the last of which threw an "Awesome Beach Party of Awesomeness" not far from the Con center. All sorts of cool folks there ranging from fans of the shows, to fellow artists, to working professionals on Flapjack and Adventure Time. Thurop was so gracious to everyone throwin' fanart his way and conversin' about the biz and Penn was a great host to everyone who came to join. Adventure Time's gonna rock the house.

- On Friday, of all things, I met Stan Lee. The Viz Media panel had a big focus on the manga "Ultimo", conceptualized by the man himself and brought to life by Hiroyuki Takei of "Shaman King" fame. I thought that series was really underappreciated and was glad to see him working again, plus Ultimo looks fantastic. The friend that attended the panel and I got tickets for their autographs later on and shook hands with the masters, HUGE honor right there.

- Newgrounds/Behemoth did a bigger and better job this year with their entire set-up. The booth was gigantic and had tons of awesome exposure for their upcoming 3rd Game, which is mad fun to play, and Saturday Tom Fulp threw another party that was just as huge. Lots more guests this time around, including a few surprises. Met some great animators and artists I didn't catch last time and even met a few really nice Parody Rangers followers. There were lots of fans at the booth too, giving autographs is a rare treat and a humbling experience for me.

- Tara B. has tons of contacts out in Cali and across the world that I had the chance to join and converse with at different times. We had a big drawing session on Friday night with a whole slew of artists and we even made a mini-comic together spoofing Space Jam. Then Monday when the festivities was over and done with I met Ricky Garduno of Dumm Comics fame, who graciously treated us to the best freaking pancake breakfast I've ever had. Ever. Got tons of inside info about the industry, t'was a great cap off to the days that made up the con.

- In general I ran into lots and lots of people, expected and unexpected; Matt Mercer the co-director of "There Will Be Brawl" was a nice surprise, for one. Several members of my group actually met some of their biggest heroes. Ruocco and Corinne met "Bone" creator Jeff Smith. Zach and Tara met John K. and finally got the chance to know their biggest inspiration. For me, some BIG ones were John DiMaggio along with some legendaries of the Futurama cast...and right after that awesome pancake breakfast was Stan Freberg, voice of Pete Puma, one of my favorite Looney Toons. He and his wife were both really sweet, we traded business cards, talked for a bit, etc.


Now that I'm back, there's no time to rest; all of August is gonna be crunch-time for me. I've still got two games to finish, for both the Power of Three event and the new side-scroller I pitched and started for EduWare. Plus, I'm conceptualizing and character designing a third one as we speak, but that may have to hold on for a bit. Got storyboards to draw up and audio to be spliced for various projects. Oy.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this weekend an absolute joy, I hope next year'll be even better!

Posted by Kirbopher - July 11th, 2009

Whipped up a quick Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen spoof after me a bunch'a friends wasted our money on the flick a couple weeks back. Thanks all of my VAs and special guests for bein' part! My friends and I enjoyed this silly thing and I figured it'd push some hits to NG, though I was annoyed I couldn't get it done sooner since obviously the movie's been out for almost a month by this point.

Work at EduWare's been heavy lately, which is a good thing on my part since it means more work for me! Things're startin' to turn around for my financial situation.


Speaking of EduWare though, suddenly I find myself working on ANOTHER flash game! While reaching the end of all my recent projects at the company, I approached the boss about a new game concept. Remember all of those ol' educational games involving your favorite video game characters having to answer questions you'd find on a test in school? Yeah we're doin' one of those, in a way. Basically we're creating a platformer using some of the EduWare characters, where they navigate their way through a stage and must answer questions to progress forward. It's been fun doing a lotta character animation and soon I'll be designing levels, which I haven't done since I was a kid dreaming of making platformers.

It's great prep for our Po3 game, as well. I just finished recording the star of our game last night, all of the lines for the in-game dialogie and the cutscenes. For as simplistic as the concept is I managed to work what I feel are some really fun and interesting characters that have some reasonable development throughout the length of the game. I got storyboards to do for the cutscenes and hopefully soon some more sprites as well.

No rest for the weary, even now I got more shots to color for the indie film project I'm on-board for. I've got audio to cut together and storyboards to draw up for other secret projects in the works (of which are of a MUCH grander scale than the Transformers flash) all while still working on two games and more cels to color. Oi-vey. Can't complain though, I'm always glad to be productive. Wish I had the time to be working on the next part of the Rangers Movie, but it can wait. This is stuff I think is really worth appreciating.


ALSO! You guys like Over 9000! right? Course you do. The creator of this internet meme explosion, Kajetokun, is in fact far more than just a video editor. He's a DAMN good musical composer as well! I recently convinced him to get a profile on NG so he could submit his stuff online, so you guys should check out his music! Particularly if you guys love the feel of ol' Super Nintendo style music, which I'm big into, his tracks are absolutely addicting. Hijack Train Hero and the battle themes I could listen to for forever. He's a pretty cool guy, so be supportive of Kajet and give his tracks a listen :]

Posted by Kirbopher - June 30th, 2009

Real quick update. I've been workin' constantly on a billion different things, with a billion MORE things in the works, too. But in the midst of all this, I FINALLY managed to construct...


There's a few kinks that need to be worked out, but for the most part this is the final product. Made a new blog to go with it, so I'll probably be making updates from both here and there, starting now. Big thanks to Richie and Psy for the technical help. Maybe those've you who happen to read this and are pretty in-depth with actionscript, I had one main issue that came up of which we couldn't figure out. I tried setting up the "Animation section" to make little windows pop up that are the appropriate size of each movie (they're not all the same basic 550x400 proportions) when you clicked the buttons. I had a similar layout on my older site with the TTA Feature Movie, but apparantly the code is now defunct and just causes errors. If any of you guys happen to know a solution, please feel free to get in contact with me through e-mail, PM, or even just a comment here. Whatev. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, back to work for me. Thanks for readin' and any feedback would be appreciated!

UPDATE (7/1/09): Okay, made some more adjustments. Changed the boring Times New Roman font to Verdana, added a little header to the site, fixed a few spelling and grammar issues...now my main problems lie in the actionscripting. Corey suggested making the links create a new tab instead of taking you right there, but I don't wanna make the wrong code and screw the whole thing up. If anyone knows the right actionscript, and/or knows the solution to my other problem about making the movies work, please lemme know! Thanks guys!

Posted by Kirbopher - June 22nd, 2009

I RETURN. Just finished up AnimeNEXT and Wizard World Phili, both of which were not just conventions, they were privaledges!

Ironically, in the last post, people seemed to misinterpret my mentioning of "Convention Appearances" as if I was chalking myself up to be a guest or something of any importance...but funnily enough, I ended up sort of getting guest-like opportunities at BOTH of these cons! It was a huge honor on both accounts :]

At AnimeNEXT, when I wasn't rollin' with the SMA Crew, recording videos and plugging the hell out of them at every turn, I went to a few different panels. One of which, was an Abridged Panel where the fine folks at yugiohabridged.com had LittleKuriboh himself over Skype to answer questions from people. The people running the panel, out of NOWHERE, asked me to come up and be PART of the panel roster! I've gotten pretty aqquainted with LK since his cameo in the 1st Part of the Parody Rangers movie, so I made a point to be at his panel and show some support. When I was put up there, I was alongside a few other random Abridgers...and obviously since I don't do YouTube parodies the only things I had to say in that respect was that I did a few random voices for DBZA and SMA. But I started listing off a few of the flash projects I had done on NG and this crowd FULL of people had a gigantic response to each one! I was blown away. A bunch of others from the audience came up to me after the panel was over to ask questions, I took a picture or two, gave an autograph to someone, I could NOT believe it. LK and the others from the site thanked me for joining them, what a huge honor, seriously. Check out a few of the other photos I took here.

Then this past weekend at Wizard World, Mike Ruocco and I took a road trip from Long Island to Philidelphia for the Friday of that convention. After walking right past Lou Farigno 5 seconds after we get to the con (DERP.) we went on a search for the Newgrounds booth and in going the wrong way, ran into HappyHarry, who pointed us in the right direction. All of the big guns were there of course, with a SURPRISE TOMAR I WAS LIKE HOMAIGAAAAD. We all just chilled out at the booth for like 3-4 hours, conversing with our new and old allies, drawin' up a storm with our sketchbooks. Spoke with Tom about some upcoming stuff I'm veeeery excited about AND was approached by lots of people that had seen my stuff before! They were really nice :] Then afterward, when the con center closed down for the night, we headed out for a walk and went to a Bar/Restaurant with tons of awesome bobbleheads everywhere. Me, Mike, Josh, Harry, later joined by Ego, Stamper & Swain, just shot the shit for a few more hours talkin' about all sorts of animation banter. Headed back home afterward, wish we could've stayed for the whole weekend, but I accomplished what I needed to do and thankfully Mike had a good time so I didn't waste his time and gas comin' out there.

To everyone at both conventions that came up and had some nice things to say about Parody Rangers and NiN10Doh! etc, if you happen to come across this, thanks so much :] Also thanks everyone from NG for showin' us such a good time and hope to see y'all at SDCC.

Richie, Psy and I of TEAM KRONECKER DELTAAAAA are continuing to work on our Power of 3 Game. We've made some good progress lately: The script for all of the cutscenes have been written, the character designs are finalized now, we've just begun the voice casting for our lead character (good luck, girls!) and the levels are coming along. Psy continues to score...music, Richie continues to code and I'm happy to say I'm continuing to draw. This game really got me off my feet and back into an artistic flow. I've been working as hard as I can the past several weeks to write, draw and just CREATE overall.

Look forward to our game later on, we're really puttin' our all into it :]


Lastly, I figured it wouldn't hurt to put this out here as well.

Currently, things are pretty rough. I'm trying to work as much as possible so I continue going to school, but without getting too personal, conditions are making it difficult to continue forward. As I usually plug on these things, I take drawing commissions on DeviantArt. ANY cash you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated and I'm always more than willing to draw some pics for people (Kirbopher1111@gmail.com is my Paypal address). I'm sorry if this sounds desperate, but desperate times call for such, so hopefully you guys'll understand. Thanks and hope you guys'll stick with me!

Posted by Kirbopher - June 10th, 2009

Haven't had much reason to post lately, mainly 'cuz I've been busy. HAPPILY busy, at that!

I was worried I wasn't gonna have enough to do this Summer, but I've been doin' okay at keeping track of my workloads every day now. I'm proud to say I'm makin' a decent amount of money at that. The work at EduWare's been good, been going in a few days a week working on a game called "Math Motorway". Still getting shots to color for that independant film, just finished another one recently AND I finished a whole truck of commissions from one generous guy. I'm still takin' them for those who're interested, remember!

Meantime, been trying to keep a good pace on all of my NG projects. I think I mentioned at some point the audio for Part 3 of the Parody Rangers Feature Movie together, so I could really start on that whenever...I should soon, mrgh. Eh I'm sure once I get goin' on it I'll be working on Part 3 a lot. Richie and I've been laggin' a bit on Power of Three, since he's just moved to California to persue his career and dreams (go for it dude!) but in the meantime I'm continuing to write, actually! I'm very happy that the writing spark has returned for me, I've missed it. I think I may actually enjoy writing and conceptualizing stuff more than any other part of the animation process. I've gotten to write more comedic stuff and some serious stuff for various projects and ideas, all of which is really important to me.


SO! With Summer now in full-swing, that means it's also time for lots of conventions! I've got plenty lined up that I'll be attending alongside good friends and colleagues, so here's a few:

(Edit note: Removed the word "appearance" because apparantly this equates to me talking as if I'm a guest, which equates to me being full of myself. I love how you guys misinterpret a thousand things over one word.)

AnimeNEXT in New Jersey will be this weekend, I -think- I'll be going all three days. Sunday's up in the air, mainly because my mode of transportation there is via road trip with the SMA Crew. I'll be with them a lot over the course of the weekend, but will also be seperating to take part of various panels and workshops, including a live recording of "The Big Bald Broadcast" hosted by DBZ Narrator Kyle Hebert and Marc Swint (voice of Metaknight & Captain Falcon on $00pah NiN10Doh!). Also popping around will probably be Casey Mongillo (voice of Pit on $00pah NiN10Doh!) and old-school Newgrounds VA Lucien Dodge, both of which I haven't seen since New York Anime Fest. Should be a blast :]

The following weekend, Wizard World Philadelphia I'll be attending for one day, Friday. Last year I think it was BigAppleCon that NG set up a booth with all the staff and a bunch of the site's best animators as a prep for the even bigger San Diego Comic-con that followed up. I'll be going that Friday alongside NiN10Doh! Animator and fellow SVA student Mike Ruocco, either via road trip or maybe just a train ride, ah well. WE'LL HAVE A GAY OL' TIIIIIME~

~AAAND speaking of SDCC I'll be goin' there again with an even bigger group of people last year! My gang'll include the likes of Mike, Zach, Tom, Tara, Corinne and MANY other colorful characters to join the extravaganza of nerdom geekism. I know a TON of folks are coming this time around, I'm excited for this trip even more the second time.

Then lastly will be NYAF, as previously mentioned, in September. Not much has been announced just yet, but it's RIGHT HERE where I live so it's a given attendance, really.

Things aren't so hot right now, lotta bad crap goin' on far past any typical internet drama or anything petty like that. Life's hard, but like everyone else, I'm simply continuing forward and trying to do the best I can with what I've got. I'm VERY fortunate to have what I've got, so I need to make use of it in every possible way I can. A wise man once told me that the most resourceful artists utilizes everything in their immediate surrounding...and with NYC being my immediate surroundings, that's a pretty sweetass deal. We'll see...wish me luck kids!

Posted by Kirbopher - May 26th, 2009

Been a while! I've been so damn distracted that I've not much time or reason to make another post, but there's some new stuff finally! Wootah.

Just finished "Supah Crazy-Ass Renaldo Rangers!" after taking MUCH longer with it than I should have, but I'm happy with the result. Psy, who commissioned me to animate it in the first place, loved and enjoyed it, I got payed a nice sum in addition to the pay I've been building up at my day job, everybody's happy! Not sure if Renaldo Rangers'll get front page, but TWTOT did for a few days to my surprise, so maybe! To rest of you guys, Parody Rangers followers and otherwise, hopefully you'll excuse the huge lack of animation quality in the spin-off; I had to cut a lot of corners to get it done faster, so there's plenty of cookie-cutter head positions and mouth "loops". Overall though it's intended to simply entertain and it sounds like it's doin' that job pretty well. Apparently the part that gets the most laughs is our "conversation" during the end credits. That wasn't a real chat or anything I promise, we just improved it XD;


But! Regardless of the quality on Renaldo Rangers, with that done I can focus more on my other stuff currently in the pipeline. A lotta new things have popped up over the last month alone. I ended up having to put what was once a "big" idea on the back-burner for something even bigger that I'll be working with a couple familiar animators from $00pah NiN10Doh! on. You guys actually may not even -see- this project unless things go a certain way, but I'm gettin' excited for it simply from the possibilities. Truthfully, Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE is taking a backseat to my other work right now as well, however I'll be cutting together the audio for PART 3 soon and if all goes well I can still get it done at some point over the Summer. No promises though, but hopefully you guys'll stick with me.


ALSO something I'm incredibly excited about, without a doubt, is the Power of Three event goin' on. Those've you who've read up on the site know I've teamed up with Richie Zirbes, "Captain of the Poke-porn" doing the programming and of course Psy scoring the music for our marvelous game concept. Richie and I've been goin' back and forth a lot and're continuing to come up with cooler and cooler stuff. I was very glad that the two of them were quick to respond to my call to arms as soon as I saw Tom's announcement, because I think this may end up being one of the coolest projects I've ever been involved with. $00pah NiN10Doh! was hard to top because of how proud I am with everyone else's cards brought to the table, but this original game project is a chance to show what -I- can do, and hopefully not fail to impress. I think we have an edge due to a few things I won't spoil, but I went in thinking of certain team-ups that would be taking place and sure enough they are, plenty of which will be tough to match. Regardless, I'm gonna go 100% on this and hope it'll do Newgrounds good. I wanna help the site out as much as possible, do some more original work as I've intended to make good on, and most of all I've wanted to do a video game of some kind since I was in Elementary School. Wanting to make games was actually how I got into doing flash, which then spiraled into animation becoming my new passion in the first place, so this is a dream come true for me and I'm glad to be working with Richie and Psy on this.


Few other quick hits:

-I found some more kickass thesis films from my fellow SVA students. Here's a few of my favorites: Passin' on Class, Durian Season & Juxtaposed.

-Got lotsa fun plans for the summer, gonna go see "UP" with a bunch'a friends next week. I'm really interested in this one since I think Pixar will prove they can really make an amazing movie even out of the most fantastic of concepts.

-There're also a few conventions I'll be hitting up. AnimeNEXT in Jersey during the second week of June; haven't been to this one in a few years but it was a lotta fun so I'm lookin' forward to it. That and of course, San Diego Comic-con later July.

-I'm continuing to work, but any extra cash would be greatly appreciated so don't forget that I still take commissions! Much appreciated :]


Posted by Kirbopher - May 8th, 2009

Hey I jumped out a window, so technically I'm dead! ISN'T THAT FUNNY.

I'm hearing a lot of people apparently just liked my introduction (and the easter egg for those brave enough to stay through the entire thing) and predictably weren't too happy with the actual content. I don't remember if I mentioned this in any other posts a while back, but I guess it's worth mentioning that the intro sequence was basically my one "demand" for the third and final installment being made in the first place. Kira was nice enough to ask for my "permission" to make the thing in the first place when, when it gets down to it, she didn't technically have to. When the idea of it being a collab was brought up, my only request was to do the intro and have it be whatever I want, everything after that of which made up the "meat" (?) of the movie was all her and the other artists brought on board. The opening was fun to animate and didn't take up too much time truthfully, so I'm cool with how it turned out.


BUT ENUFF'A DAT CRAPOLA. So I was happily surprised to see There Was This One Time actually got front page for a couple days. Tom and the crew were gracious enough to shed some attention on my first original toon and I've gotten a lot of really nice feedback from people all over the map. I appreciate all of your thoughts on the cartoon very much and I've never been prouder of a piece of my own work, so thanks a lot! I've got an idea for a sequel, but I'm not gonna say for sure if it'll happen or not. TWTOT is different from my other works in where its creation isn't necessarily related to this community.

Above all else it was for school and allowed me to really focus and polish one specific movie at a steadier pace; I went into it assuming it wouldn't get front page let alone much attention on NG in general, hence why I simply asked for some critique from my fellow artists. With that in mind though, I and the other creative minds involved with TWTOT won't be doing a second installment unless there's absolute reason to do so and not just "for the sake" of making another one. But hey, jokes are always being made and written down and my opportunities in class continue to pop up again and again so who knows!

With that said actually, in the midst of class being over we've had our films being screened in front of a whole bunch of people at our school! First we showcased all of our films during the last class and then had an undergrad screening where all of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year films were shown to other animation students and teachers from around the school. TWTOT gotta ton of laughs and positive response and I felt honored to witness that come about. In the process, Rob Kohr, a great animator I've had the pleasure to work with the past couple months, was nice enough to make a quicktime file of it for me that was used in my class' reel during the screening. I managed to snag it from my teacher and then eventually put it on YouTube!

The audio synch's a little off, but I put a link to the HQ version right here on Newgrounds and figured it couldn't hurt to get some exposure on the youtub, right? Just in time too, as I've discovered there are more than a couple people around Youtube that have been pretending to be me, but Kirbopher15 is my one and only YouTube account where I may be uploading some other stuff in the near future. Also while we're on the YouTube imposters bit, for the record I don't have a little brother named Arin. I have an OLDER brother named Victor who's a really accomplished artist, but no. If you see any other YouTube users posting comments and videos under something along the lines of my name, they're fake. I -did- have an account previously, "NetkingZetto" but it was later closed down and Kirbopher15 is my official one as it stands.


Couple quick things before I end it:

-To those've you who really enjoy my work I may as well put this out there. I know there's been some incriminating stuff put out there poking fun at me, some stuff that's been done in critique of me, a few things done in ill will, some stuff doing jokingly and some stuff done with simply blunt honesty. While I appreciate that there are people out there defending me and speaking against material done to make me look bad, you're probably better off not getting involved. Typically that's what those people are looking for; they just mock the "fish" that take their bait. That and not all of the stuff done like that is even intended to be so malicious either, some people who have given me critique on the stuff I've put on my NEO-C account haven't had the most positive things to say, but there's nothing wrong with that at all. I leave all of that stuff up for people to give their honest thoughts and feedback to, so don't get on their case for giving me what I ask for. Hopefully that all makes sense.

-I've finally gotten my page for the NG Sketchbook Tour for this year! I'm excited and really wanna do something cool looking' this time around, since my page for the previous one wasn't all that impressive compared to the other stuff. Luis if you read this, are we able to do the same as last time and simply hand you our page at SDCC again? Dunno what Newgrounds plans are for this year if there are any in the works, but if any of you guys remember anything that I've been unaware of, lemme know!

-With my 2nd year at SVA all finished, I've got lots of time to focus on my work again, just gotta get back into the groove again. My driver's been kinda dead over the past few weeks, but I have so much crap to DO that I've gotta just put my gigantic nose to the grindstone already. Renaldo Rangers IS coming along, just haven't been working on it very much lately, blargh. Also I've gotta big idea to make due on after that project's finished AND I'm gonna have my part-time job to contend with again soon. Yowza, wish me luck!

-EDIT: Oh! Also I went to the "Dusty's" event recently which is basically the screening of all my school's thesis students' films. Not all of them were fantastic, but the vast majority were incredibly well-done. There's one in particular that was a favorite of mine, called "Metal Boot". The creator, Paul Villeco put it up on Youtube as well. PLEASE check it out, it's hilarious. I'll put up some other links if I find any others.