2009-09-17 16:44:26 by Kirbopher

I've made it through nearly two weeks of school so far.

I LOVE being back in NYC on a regular basis. While I've not quite reached the point where I'm sustaining myself on my own income, at the very least living in a dorm here in NY feels great and gives me a sense of responsibility. I've had all five of my classes for this semester at least once so far, all of which have been very beneficial. Advanced Life Drawing and Layout & Design are workshops for exactly what they mean, giving me crunch-time on major stuff I need to work on. My main class, Advanced Animation Workshop, which I'll be taking once again with Celia Bullwinkel (who's also teaching a 3rd Year class for the first time!), is crunch-time for everything I've learned. Light & Color is my one humanity or "regular school class" as I often slang-term them to others, but it doesn't seem like it'll provide too much distraction. I'm glad most of all to be taking the elective Developing An Animated Series in which to focus on what I wanna do with my art, stories and characters most of all. I'll probably be posting a lot of the stuff I'm doing for school here, so those've you who have any interest can check it out.

I'm starting to have to put a lot of things on hold, but I AM continuing to try to work on stuff on a daily basis and keep track of it all. I'm overseeing a big group project and sending out material for people to work on in hopes that I can that relased at a reasonable time from now. I'm also continuing to work on Rob Kohr's film which is coming along nicely and helping me maintain a small amount of income while at school (it's a bit more difficult for me to keep up a normal job while I'm here). He's looking into showcasing his film at one of the ASIFA events coming up, which is gonna be amazing, so look forward to that...among other things. We'll see.

I also wanna start making more blog entries on specific subjects that hopefully I may end up getting more feedback on. With my thesis coming up next year and a lot of really in-depth things about animation flying around in my brain I'm curious on as getting as many retrospectives as possible. Time will tell.

Later kids!


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2009-09-17 16:51:08

lol man same her im suffering like you peace

and first


2009-09-17 16:54:00

dude im starting animation at a place called monroe tech
so i hope i do well >_>
anyways good luck man we can get through this XD!!!

o btw its gona be great working with you guys on future VG comic bits!



2009-09-17 17:32:35

I feel yea dude. You'll get through this.


2009-09-17 17:53:34

Well...., Have fun at school!


2009-09-17 18:00:42

big posts means big comments

and i got nothing.....


2009-09-17 19:28:37

My brother went to SVA, but he realized it was too expensive so he stopped.


2009-09-17 19:49:25

Good luck :))


2009-09-17 22:23:00

5 months in school is TORTURE!


2009-09-17 23:52:20

blogs confuse me
i don't understand how people can talk about themselves so much
generally people are not interesting at all
case in point: twitter


2009-09-17 23:56:52

i agree with rtil on this one

i mean

jokingly, it is a fun little conversation-starter

but when its seriously egotistical.....

that just makes twitter flourish

(and chris, thanks for reading)


2009-09-18 01:19:18

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2009-09-18 05:07:58

yeah. regular school classes suck don't they?

Kirbopher responds:

Eh it's not so bad.


2009-09-18 05:16:42

god i'd love to do a series developing module. i did something similar a few years back but that was for general TV programs

you'll have to let me know how that goes

Kirbopher responds:

I've done two classes of it so far and next week's will feature a guest. For the most part it's been pretty enjoyable; the professor in charge really knows her stuff.


2009-09-18 09:48:18

What will the next animation you're making be?

Kirbopher responds:

Not quite sure actually, whatever happens to get done first I guess? I'm in no rush right now.


2009-09-18 18:43:23

glad to hear you're doing well.

Kirbopher responds:



2009-09-20 22:54:09

Assuming you're going to NYAF, I hope to see ya there (Hell I hope to see me there.) 3 DAY PASS FTW!

If I am there, I'll be the L4D Hunter.


2009-09-22 00:32:37

School is such a pain in the ass. >.> i just started High school and man, i don't like it at all. I've seen a lot of my favorite artists say that Collage is really fun. Do you think its much better then Elementary, Middle, or High school? if so, i look forward to collage.


2009-09-22 19:10:12

Love your work pleas chat back !!!!!


2009-09-22 23:00:30

.... That.... is the class that i will take. o_o Developing An Animated Series i mean, tell me how that goes along please.


2009-09-22 23:58:38

Ah... school. You're doing well while I'm hanging by an old thread, ready to break.
(read my blog to know why...)
Eh... it's still good you're doing well...(lucky)... -_-


2009-09-24 21:27:36

what days will you be at New York Anime Fest?

Kirbopher responds:

All three! I'll be at the Soul Eater and Voice Acting Workshop panels.


2009-09-24 22:30:10

Yeah school is bitch but some you be doodle monkey. Just like I am working on being a code monkey. Any cool for an update I love your shit since 2006.


2009-09-26 00:50:24

Its happy to hear you're getting to the point of sustaining yourself on your own income.

I wish I knew how to live on my own...


2009-09-26 11:50:00

okay. I'll be there Sunday. I'll try to find you :) I'll be probably the only person there wearing a NG logo t-shirt.

Kirbopher responds:

I'll be there Sunday, cool.


2009-09-26 13:58:11

two weeks how about a month and a half for me


2009-09-27 20:47:16

didn't see ya there :( I went to the voice acting thing, but then realized I probably wouldn't be able to find you.