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Kirbopher's News

Posted by Kirbopher - March 28th, 2010

...have I ever mentioned that I love conventions?

Seriously, there was a very short time in my life a few years ago where I thought I was growing sick of going to Anime Conventions, or really just cons in general, but the last couple years have been incredible regarding my experiences at them. Granted there'll always be a tad hint of bullcrap along the way, but never anything big enough to ruin an all-around amazing weekend.

I had the pleasure of attending AnimeMilwaukee a couple weekends ago alongside LittleKuriboh and company, as well as several prolific Voice Actors, which was a tremendous honor. I did a whole bunch of panels, ranging from Voiceover panels with Todd Haberkorn, Wendy Powell and Chris Sabat, to Martin's panels all about his amazing YouTube sensation. I got to showcase There Was This One Time on a big screen at one of the panels, and we showcased the Work-In-Progress "Leather Pants" YGO:Abridged/Lady Gaga parody music video three times over the course of the weekend! It got a HUGE reaction from people, tons of hysterical laughter all around, I was so proud of the turn-out! The staff were all incredibly friendly, professional and accommodating to our needs. I definitely hope to come back next year, thanks everyone who showed up to our panels and thanks to all of the great friends I went with. :]

That's certainly not the end of it though, I've got a few more lined up for the Summer. I'll be attending the GAMM-EXPO in Orlando, Florida during June 4-6, followed up by AnimeNEXT on June 18-20. Then, in August, I was JUST today announced as a guest at AnimeEvolution in Vancouver, BC up in Canada, which I'm the most excited about visiting! Getting to meet such talented people from all across the country (and others, in some cases!) has been an honor and a privilege, not to mention a great networking opportunity. That said, I've got a LOT to look forward to this Summer once class is up.

Speaking of, 3rd Year's only another measly month or so from being done. I've just begun to start on my 30-second short film for my animation workshop, which I'll be most likely be submitting to my NEO-C Account, as well as a collection of all the random school assignments I've done over the last couple years. Should be fun, so look forward to those. I'm continuing to work on the "Leather Pants" video LK commissioned me to animate him and we're aiming it to be done by June so we can premiere it at GAMM-EXPO. I'm gonna be finishing that first and foremost as far as side projects go, but Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 3 will start being worked on in May, once school is out. The secret collab is continuing to be worked on all the while...stay with it.

Other stuff...I did another interview on 9.18 THE FAN recently as part of "Pokemon Week", which speaking of, I've been playing the crap out of since I picked up HeartGold. Between that game and picking up a copy of the beautiful Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works Artbook at Kinokuniya recently, it's been quite a trip down memory lane as of late. Just about to meet up with my Thesis Advisor tomorrow to plan for the next school. SVA's 2011 Graduating class is gonna rock the house with our amazing line-up of Thesis cartoons. YOU KNOW IT.

Posted by Kirbopher - February 27th, 2010

A LOT has happened since the last update...

...namely my Laptop got infected with viruses and had to be wiped and backed up TWICE in the span of a month. Big thanks to Marc Swint and Marc Levy for helping me out so much with all the technical mumbo jumbo I REALLY need to start learning myself.

Anyway! So class is already almost done and I can hardly believe it. We've got another week before Spring Break, then one more month and a half before my 3rd Year at SVA is all done. I've been animating quite a bit for various things, but my schoolwork has been the best stuff I've ever done. I'm getting really confident about my thesis and am attempting to plan out all of the pre-production stuff to do the summer in between all of my other projects. I'm continuing to work on the secret collab that will hopefully be finished before the school year is over (end of April-early May) and I have a music video I'll be doing for the awesome LittleKuriboh before then as well.

Something's missing...PARODY RANGERS! It's coming up on a full year since Part 2 of the Movie came out in all it's orgasmic "glory". My stance is that I still want to finish it and put a cap on the Parody Rangers series as I had intended to from the beginning. I've edited together all of the audio for Part 3, which will run about 18 minutes in length, and I plan on try to bust it out at the beginning of the Summer. It's gonna be tough, since I'll have two big conventions I'll be attending during that time, as well as prepping for my thesis, not to mention the uncertainty of if I can get all this OTHER stuff done before the school year's finished. It's gonna be a doozey, but I'll try my best as always.

Meanwhile on Cartoon Network, Khoury's just about to finish up his 5 Episode run by next weekend's Saturday morning. It's been a good run, my family and friends have gotten a huge kick outta hearing me on TV and even just seeing Pokemon for the first time in years. Thanks to getting the part, I recently did an interview on 9.18 THE FAN where I got to plug some of my Newgrounds stuff. That and I'm also going to Anime Milwaukee as a guest alongside LK himself, as well as the likes of Chris Sabat and Vic Minoganoganoganoga. It'll be on the release weekend of Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver just after Khoury's final episode, March 12-14. If you'll be attending, come to the Voice Actor Panels and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Panels where we'll be doin' all sorts of neat stuff as usual! :]

That's all for now, but plenty more things to come...

Posted by Kirbopher - February 9th, 2010

Everything is pretty awesome right now. :]

But before I get into my self-indulgent gobbledy-gook, a few long-overdue plugs are in order!

Takahata, Kaiserneko and MasakoX of TeamFourStar have gotten Newgrounds profiles! They're eager to check out this community since I've begun using them in my ever-growing pool of actors for all the stuff I've been working on as of late. I'll be doing a lot more with them in the future. I know there's a bit of a following of Abridged stuff on NG so I figured you guys'd like to be aware that they're around...THEY'RE WATCHING YOU~

Seriously, I've never been happier right now. School's been going better than ever before and I'm plotting far ahead for everything I wanna do with my life over the next year and a half. There's a few hitches here and there, but nothing too bad to stop me from feeling this great about everything. For the time being, I'm mostly doing assignments for class and random drawings here and there, with bigger stuff being worked on for the coming months. This weekend I'll be going to Katsucon in Maryland for a bit of networking on something really cool. Wish me luck on that!

Also, FINALLY the episode is officially up and streaming on Cartoon Network's streaming site, so for those who missed it, I can officially say I'm voicing Khoury (Kazunari in the original Japanese) on Pokemon: DP Galactic Battles! I recorded his episodes last year and at long last they're airing on CN Saturday mornings. Khoury and his gal-pal, Lyra (from Pokemon: HeartGold & SoulSilver) will be joining Ash & friends for about five episodes, which is about a month's worth, to promote the new game coming out in March! It was a huge honor and a lotta fun to play the little Pokemon Breeder in-the-making on a show I grew up with for a decade of my life. Hope you guys enjoy him! :]

"Cool! A Carnivine!"

Posted by Kirbopher - February 1st, 2010

So much to do!

School's been nuts since I got back. Really fun new classes and even funner assignments in my old ones. Doing a lotta things at once, but as always it's good to be busy. As I'm writing this, my regular net access is down while I'm at school, aside from being able to log onto AIM and Skype. It's inconvenient as all get-out, but at least it's keeping me semi-productive. Thankfully the school's got lots of computers around to check up on things, so...yay?

Rob Kohr's film is nearly complete. I'm up to my neck in coloring a bunch of shots for it. I think it'll only be a couple more weeks until it's all done, but I'm not sure if it'll be up publicly since he may be running it in festivals. Once I find out I'll definitely post more info; I think you guys'll really dig it. T'was a big honor to be part of such a visually-appealing animation project. Props to Rob. :]

Speaking of honors, one of my biggest honors for the past year is finally coming to fruition! My first episode of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles, will be airing this weekend on Cartoon Network! Saturday, Feb. 6th @ 7:00 AM (then again on Sunday, Feb. 7th @ 7:30 PM) and then most likely on the Pokemon section of CN's streaming site. It's US Episode 605 "An Egg Scramble". I'll post more about the character after they've premiered, but you guys'll probably recognize me as soon as they speak.

Still workin' on a few secret projects, one of which I'm glad is being kicked into high gear this month. Still not sure of a release date on that, but it's gonna be amazing. I'm really proud of what's come of it so far. Slowly building up to my thesis too. Pre-production on that will start over the Summer; I'm the most excited for that above all else.

Hope all's well with people and stay tuned~

Posted by Kirbopher - January 12th, 2010

Those couple weeks flew by, but I'll never forget 'em.

I'm already back in action for the new semester at school and I've got a LOT on the horizon to take care of. But, I'm on a normal sleep schedule (good sign) and rarin' to go for my new classes. I wish I had more time over the break to work on stuff, since I wasn't nearly as productive as I was hoping, but regardless, this vacation was somethin' else. Christmas passed, MAGFest was a blast and my last week before coming back to the city flew by in an instant...but every day was an absolute joy.

Once again, I gotta hand it to KROOOZE and all of the lovely staffers running MAGFest for giving me the chance to have such an amazing weekend. For MAGFest being a smaller-scale con compared to others, these people do a top-notch job. The whole thing took place at a hotel that apparantly looks like the covenant from Half-Life 2 (Hi! I'm Chris and I don't play mainstream video games! Derp.) with a very nice setup for all parties involved.

New Years Eve was a smashin' party complete with the voice of Duke Nukem doing the countdown into a "Happy Fuckin' New Year". Then I was happy to have my group of pals to hang with involving the two british gents, Martin (LittleKuriboh) and Lawrence (MasakoX) as well as Mart's two friends Carolyn and Ashley, who were nice enough to record a lot of our stupid antics and adventures throughout the con on video (a bunch of 'em are on YouTube already). I was also honored to be on a few panels with LK and Masako, including a couple of their panels, a Voice Actor panel (which included Jon St. John and Matt Mercer, both of whom are very awesome) and my spotlight panel where I showcased a bunch of my animated works. Thanks everyone who came to our panels and we hope y'all had a great time! :]

Con-stuff aside, we also had many misadventures while staying at the Hilton involving a fire-alarm on the first night, journeying through blistering cold to find a cab after dinner another night...and even getting into a car accident (no one was hurt) on the way to see Avatar the last morning! (That said, NO I haven't seen Avatar.)

So now that I'm back in action, I have a lot of things planned up until the Summer. Speaking of, there's a strong possibility of appearing at a few other conventions in the near future, but I'll post more of that when I hear anything definite. Meantime, I've got more coloring on Rob Kohr's film to take care of, a super-secret project that will hopefully be finished in the coming months and more schoolwork of course. Once Summer 2010 hits, I have to focus ALL of my energy into one specific project, while I'll go into a bit later.

Hope everyone had an amazing Holiday and here's to a badass 2010 for us all!

Posted by Kirbopher - December 27th, 2009

So the holidays come to a close and December's on its way out...

T'was a pretty full month, even during the holidays for me. Finished up all of my school stuff and looks like I got some damn good grades for all that ridiculous amount of work, phew! Christmas was fun, as were the parties and get-togethers that preceded it, but I'm hittin' the ground running and tryin' to work on stuff as much as I can over the next couple weeks 'til I go back for my next semester.

This'll be my last blog post for the year, so I won't have anything else to report until after January begins, but my 21st Birthday this Thursday's gonna be a blast with the MAGFest New Years Eve party! I was added to the guest page finally and I've already been set for a few panels. I'll have my own spotlight one where I'll be showcasing lots of animation stuff I've been working on, along with a few big announcements, then Masako and I will be on LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged panel which'll be sure to make a big splash. Lastly, he and I will be part of a really neat panel with John St. John and Matt Mercer that I'm super excited to be part of. All of those who can attend this year, I can't wait to see ya! This'll be an experience and a half.

2009 is quite a great year for animation. Fantastic Mister Fox was my absolute fav this year, with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as a close second. Disney did some amazing stuff of course with Up and Princess & the Frog, the latter of which I've seen 3 times over the last month and loved it each time. Pokemon had an awesome 12th flick in Arceus and the Jewel of Life and Coraline was really memorable, espcially for a few friends of mine. I hope 2010'll top this year but that's gonna be a tough line-up to beat.

That said, I hope y'all had a great December and I'll say right now, I've gotta LOT of really cool things in store for next year. I'm gonna work real hard and make sure I get done exactly what I need to do. Wish me luck and see ya in 2010 kids. :]

P.S. Almost forgot, thanks for the front pagin' on Jesus Sweets. Hope ya got a chuckle from it!

Posted by Kirbopher - December 13th, 2009

Okay really, I love December...

...but this may be THE busiest end of the year I've had in my life. I finally know the pain of Mike Luckas and the other SVA Cartooning majors with their ridiculous amounts of homework. SO much stuff to do...and schoolwork is only half of it! I've gotta ton due by the 16th and even more to finish before the month is up.

In the midst of the chaos, I managed to do a quick little cartoon for the holidays, thanks to creator Scott Frerichs of DBZ Abridged fame, for coming up with a funny little piece of fake commercial copy that I thought was BEGGING to be brought to life. Scott recorded it for me and I finished it in a couple days, came out pretty nicely and he and our friends all seemed to enjoy it! That and I had completely forgotten about the NG Winter contest, so that was a nice bonus too. Also I hope those who watched and were offended by any of the content will know that Scott and I don't mean any of it offensively and that Jesus Sweets was done all in good fun.

I've also gotta lotta stuff to prepare for MAGFest at the beginning of next year. Most likely I'll be doing my own panel where I'll have some stuff to showcase and a few things to announce, but I'll also be part of a few other panels that are focused on certain other guests...some surprises are in store, oh yes. :] Seriously, if you can make it to this con, do it. It's gonna be worth it.

Now I'm gonna go collapse, do some last second X-mas shopping and work my ass off on BACKGROUNDS OF ALL KINDS. HOORAY. Also thanks very much to all of the kinds folks who've supported and purchased the Parody Rangers t-shirts as well as the nice comments. I appreciate it :]

Posted by Kirbopher - November 29th, 2009

Go! Go! Parody Rangers T-shirts are now up for Pre-Order!

...on the ever-so-amazing Sharkrobot! Available in delicious Meat & Renaldo flavors! Part of a balanced breakfast, contains Vitamin B for BADASS. Go up to evil's face and go BIZZAM or decorate your torso with the face of the greatest man ever. Makes for a great holiday gift!

BIG thanks to Snafu-Dave for makin' this happen for Psy and I. For my first t-shirt designs I think they turned out okay. I'm really proud of Meat and Renaldo as characters and I know they're some of the big fan-favorites, so I hope the Rangers fanbase get a kick outta these and help support us! :]

Also if you guys who follow and enjoy my animation work have any ideas for other t-shirt that you'd be interested in seeing on the site, lemme know and we'll talk about additions to the store. Hope all's well with people and that your holiday season is kickass. I'm starting off this December with my second recording session, as mentioned last post, so I'm excited to kick-start what's usually my favorite month.

Go! Go! Parody Rangers T-shirts on Sharkrobot.com!

Posted by Kirbopher - November 22nd, 2009

(NOTE TO NEWGROUNDS READERS: My apologies for the last post, probably wasn't a good idea in retrospect. The money situation is being handled and thanks everyone for the kind suggestions.)

So lots 'o stuff has happened in the past month!

I've been continuing with various school projects and I've decided to compile of all of 'em all together at the end of my 3rd year, which will be in early May of next year. After that I'll be going full-throttle with my thesis in the following 4th and final year, but by that point I'll have plenty of material to put into a little reel of various animations I've done over the course of my three years at SVA.

In the meantime, I'm thankful to say I've got another set of shots to color for my freelance job on the side from schoolwork. I've often spoken of Rob Kohr's independent film, "Once and Never Again" (which may be getting a title change to "The Lift") and perfect timing: Rob's been uploading some videos of the WIP
cartoon. This one in particular you can see a bit of the coloring work I've done!

/* */
I've also been fortunate enough to double a few of my assignments for Celia Bullwinkel's class with some animation I've been doing on my current super-secret project. I should be able to finish one complete part of it by the time I finish this semester and hopefully production will kick into full gear over the next couple of months. I'll also be officially announcing what the project is at...

MAGFest! The Music and Gaming Festival taking place over 4 Days (Jan 1 - 4, 2010) in Alexandria, VA. I'll be making my first official guest appearance at this convention right at the start of the new year! I'll be there alongside the likes of LittleKuriboh, Jon St. John and the creators of ThereWillBeBrawl...Best...Birthday Present...EVER. All thanks to KROOOOOOOOZE.

I'm also very honored to say that I've just recorded my first professional voiceover gig on a show that I grew up with for over an entire decade. It took a long while before all the stars and planets aligned in just the right pattern to help me luck out...but ladies and gents, I've landed a guest character on the Pokemon animated series! I can't go into any detail about the character until after their appearance in the show, but once I have the exact date of the premiere, I'll post with a bigger update on that. I -think- I should be on around February, we'll see.

Lastly, Christmas vacation's coming up and I've still got so much to do. I really wanted to try and finish Go! Go! Parody Rangers THE MOVIE Part 3 while I'm home and have a spare month to do so...but, I still have a huge desire to finish the original game concept I came up with along with Richie Zirbes, who've been dedicating a LOT of time into the programming of this action-packed adventure. I feel like an original project should heavily take precedence over all else, so I'll be working a lot on the cutscenes for the game during that time instead. Sorry GGPR fans, but hopefully I'll get to the rest of the movie eventually!

P.S. I may have a liiiittle somethin' planned for Christmas. Look forward to that ;]

Posted by Kirbopher - October 25th, 2009

Takes me another month to make a journal entry, joyous.

But, I'm havin' the time of my life right now, so hopefully it's forgivable. No, I'm not dead! Really! Well, maybe. Wait...no. Okay.

So I promised I'd upload some schoolwork and I figured this'd be a good opportunity to show some of the crap I've been up to. So far we've done three homework assignments for the class and are already working on the fourth. Here's what I got for ya:

Our first two assignments went hand-in-hand; they were exercises in character design, which I gotta huge kick out of. First, we picked an animal of our choice and were asked to draw as many designs as we could manage; typically around 10 from everyone. I had taken some photos of the cat often seen at our local art store and had them on hand as reference. So while a cat is usually a bit generic of an animal, I went more in-depth with it and tried to apply a specific personality to character. After choosing our favorite design of the bunch, we were asked to create at least ten different poses of them displaying as much of their personality as possible. I think I did about 16 or so and put my favorites in the final collage.

Our third assignment was the first piece of animation we produced for the class, which was to have a character carry a heavy object from one side of the screen to another. I went an extra mile and did two characters, with one of the two having two different animations. This was a good exercise for getting me back into the animation spirit, since I hadn't done any -real- movement in quite a while. Not bad for a start, I hope. Our next assignment is to make a fat character sit in order to display a sense of weight in appliance to the character itself, as opposed to them interacting with weight of another source.

In between the stuff such as this, I've been still working on a big secret project, which I've been applying some of the new stuff I've learned. It's not turning out too bad at all and I've got some good feedback, so I'm real excited about this one, oh yes. Also, mostly thanks to a certain class of mine, I've been doing some MAJOR networking...in fact I've gotta little meeting this coming Teusday I'm very looking forward to. We'll see how that goes. Still got other stuff in the pipeline and doing my best to keep track of it all.

Happy Halloween this weekend, kiddo's!