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2009-11-22 18:29:35 by Kirbopher

(NOTE TO NEWGROUNDS READERS: My apologies for the last post, probably wasn't a good idea in retrospect. The money situation is being handled and thanks everyone for the kind suggestions.)

So lots 'o stuff has happened in the past month!

I've been continuing with various school projects and I've decided to compile of all of 'em all together at the end of my 3rd year, which will be in early May of next year. After that I'll be going full-throttle with my thesis in the following 4th and final year, but by that point I'll have plenty of material to put into a little reel of various animations I've done over the course of my three years at SVA.

In the meantime, I'm thankful to say I've got another set of shots to color for my freelance job on the side from schoolwork. I've often spoken of Rob Kohr's independent film, "Once and Never Again" (which may be getting a title change to "The Lift") and perfect timing: Rob's been uploading some videos of the WIP
cartoon. This one in particular you can see a bit of the coloring work I've done!

/* */
I've also been fortunate enough to double a few of my assignments for Celia Bullwinkel's class with some animation I've been doing on my current super-secret project. I should be able to finish one complete part of it by the time I finish this semester and hopefully production will kick into full gear over the next couple of months. I'll also be officially announcing what the project is at...

MAGFest! The Music and Gaming Festival taking place over 4 Days (Jan 1 - 4, 2010) in Alexandria, VA. I'll be making my first official guest appearance at this convention right at the start of the new year! I'll be there alongside the likes of LittleKuriboh, Jon St. John and the creators of ThereWillBeBrawl...Best...Birthday Present...EVER. All thanks to KROOOOOOOOZE.

I'm also very honored to say that I've just recorded my first professional voiceover gig on a show that I grew up with for over an entire decade. It took a long while before all the stars and planets aligned in just the right pattern to help me luck out...but ladies and gents, I've landed a guest character on the Pokemon animated series! I can't go into any detail about the character until after their appearance in the show, but once I have the exact date of the premiere, I'll post with a bigger update on that. I -think- I should be on around February, we'll see.

Lastly, Christmas vacation's coming up and I've still got so much to do. I really wanted to try and finish Go! Go! Parody Rangers THE MOVIE Part 3 while I'm home and have a spare month to do so...but, I still have a huge desire to finish the original game concept I came up with along with Richie Zirbes, who've been dedicating a LOT of time into the programming of this action-packed adventure. I feel like an original project should heavily take precedence over all else, so I'll be working a lot on the cutscenes for the game during that time instead. Sorry GGPR fans, but hopefully I'll get to the rest of the movie eventually!

P.S. I may have a liiiittle somethin' planned for Christmas. Look forward to that ;]


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2009-11-22 18:36:27

hope your VA job goes well on pokemon(even though the show sucks now). Anyway what's the game like?Hope it's awesome if it means more waiting for GGPR :(

Kirbopher responds:

It's an adventure game, don't wanna spoil it too much. I really love the game concept and the script and characters I wrote. Richie's been doing an awesome job with the coding over the last several months :]


2009-11-22 18:37:41

I think you need to reduce your posts a bit.

Kirbopher responds:

No thanks.


2009-11-22 18:38:02

Oh and I am lookin' forward to whatever is coming this chirstmas.

Kirbopher responds:



2009-11-22 18:48:12

WHOA thats some hardcore After Effects there. Cant wait to see that movie.

Oh and Ur guest Apperence is Charmander right? I bet its Charmander. Definetly Charmander :D

Kirbopher responds:

lol that'd be great.

I CAN say I'm not voicing an actual Pokemon, as fun as that'd be :B


2009-11-22 19:13:46

Sup! I'm putting you in my game SSN as a playable character I sent you a PM a long time ago I was just wondering what kind of final smash do you want to have?

Kirbopher responds:


I dunno? I nuke the planet with a big grotty .fla file?


2009-11-22 19:15:54

I still get a riase right?

Kirbopher responds:

A what?


2009-11-22 19:50:00

I applaud your success with Pokemon, even though if I'm not a fan of it. But I still love those types of parodies.

Also; Christmas?! Well now I something else to look forward to this year! =P


2009-11-22 19:57:43

You're going to voice a Probopass?


2009-11-22 20:34:13


Kirbopher responds:



2009-11-22 20:51:13

Hm, the apology for your previous post speaks well of your character.

But about the Pokemon thing - are you voicing a character, or a Pokemon? Because I'd probably laugh my ass off if I heard the latter.

Kirbopher responds:

No I'm voicing a human character, yes it'd be hilarious if I'd be doing an actual creature :B


2009-11-22 21:17:21

Go Kirbomon! Use flash!
Gratz dude. Hope u kick Ash's ass.

Kirbopher responds:

That'd be pretty sweet ;]


2009-11-22 21:57:52


how do you sleep knowing all this is happening in your life?

it's insane @_@


Kirbopher responds:

I'm still having trouble believing it, but it means the world to me.


2009-11-22 22:01:26

good luck in the game you are doing. P.S: 10,000 lines of codes!!!?

Kirbopher responds:



2009-11-22 22:22:41

glad things are going well. i just noticed we're both the same age in the same year of the same type of course lmao.

third year's a bitch isnt it? not long till winter break thank fuck, i've been animating upwards of 8 hours a day recently

Kirbopher responds:

Holy shit that's some dedication. I felt glad that I spent most of today working on stuff but that's FAR beyond my level of effort. Can't wait to see what you're cookin' up.


2009-11-22 22:25:35

If I had to guess who you'd be on Pokemon, I'd say you'd be the character Kazunari, from the episodes involving HeartGold and SoulSilver protagonist Kotone. That or if DuArt Film and Video are paying you enough, Palmer. Or maybe that kid who has a Murkrow in episode 610... Ah screw it, congrats man on landing the role and can't wait to say to everyone else watching the episode "I know that voice, it's Kirbopher!"

Kirbopher responds:

You'll know when you hear them :]


2009-11-22 22:47:59

Wow pokemon.That is big. Well good luck with your work.

(talk psyguy into another bastardized video)

Kirbopher responds:


Hehe, stay tuned for that.


2009-11-22 23:53:35

How did you land a job on pokemon? Did you audition in person? Advertise on a wbesite?

Kirbopher responds:

I got called into audition and got the role about a week later. I honestly thought I didn't get it, but I gotta a phone call I was overjoyed to recieve :]


2009-11-23 00:10:55

"you'll see the great color job he did" *nudge nudge*. haha it does look great and good luck on your projects

Kirbopher responds:

Rob's the bomb. Thanks!


2009-11-23 01:01:47

Congratulations on the Pokémon gig!
I must say I am extremely jealous of you...
let's hope the character is cool and has badass Pokémon
wouldn't want some lame character sporting a crappy one like Bidoof
nobody likes Bidoof
do what you love
love what you do

Kirbopher responds:

Nah I've gotta cool Pokemon, hehe. Thanks!


2009-11-23 02:50:15

Holee shit you've been working hard.

Inspiring stuff man, keep it up. :3

Kirbopher responds:

Cheers :]


2009-11-23 04:38:22

Looking forward to everything dude! :D


2009-11-23 05:45:09

Kirbopher, you are an amazing animator, you're a funny dude, and I wish you the best of luck in the future, and Happy Holidays Kirbo- no...Happy Holidays Chris Niosi :]


2009-11-23 06:08:05

teh wut

Got 3XP
Kirbopher is evolving..

Kirbopher evolved into Rina-Chan
*Learned bariton scream

Kirbopher responds:

It missed.


2009-11-23 11:04:05

Wow you got a VA job on Pokemon thats so cool Good job!


2009-11-24 01:34:22

Your Kazunari; ur Totodile evolves; capture gible, but I don't know if you win against Ash and Dawn


2009-11-24 16:46:34

ah congratulations on all your success, hope to see what you've got in store


2009-11-25 19:24:15

you''ll get to GGPRTM EVENTUALLY????? that usually means that u've given up on it.but i know you'll get it finished sometime. so im fine btw wats the game based on?


2009-11-25 21:38:27

Thats fricken amazing. A professional voiceover on Pokemon. As much as that show sucks now, I would still love to get the oppotunity to appear on the show. But, promise us that when you go pro you won't forget all of your fans on Newgrounds alright? :D


2009-11-25 23:06:03

hmmmmmmmmmm i think you have a lot to work on................


2009-11-26 00:46:38

Oh man congratulations for getting the part on pokemon that will be great for your future career and thanks for the heads up about the christmas movie dude.


2009-11-26 15:14:18

Congrats on getting your first official VA gig with Pokemon! Hope you'll acheive more roles in the future! BTW, if you see Michele and Lucien in the booth, tell 'em I said "Hi!".


2009-11-27 02:30:43

i am looking forward to christmas love your animations great job you have my prayers praise the lord alealuya said sarcasticly in preacher voice ps. unlike other jerks i do not put your stuff on youtube


2009-11-27 07:49:52

i've always wanted to voice in pokemon....lucky

how do you even get into a pro voiceover job, i have been wanting to find out so i can prepare myself for my own future...being a pro VA is what i have wanted to be for a loooooong time, so how'd ya do it?


2009-11-28 18:47:50

Parody Rangers part 3 is definitely one of my most anticipated things for Newgrounds! =)


2009-11-28 19:43:06

That's some awesome colouring! Make a tutorial when you have some free time


2009-11-29 13:38:14

Really foward to your future creations, your my favorite guy on newgrounds!