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Rangers: THE MOVIE Part 1 on YouTube + Original Works

Posted by Kirbopher - November 2nd, 2008

Heya kids! First off, Psy was kind enough to put the movie on the tubb. Sadly we STILL couldn't have it be one video, mainly because of the 10-minute rule. Sucks, I know. For those who prefer to watch stuffage on this site, it's there officially. I doubt people will be respectful enough to not put the video up on duplicate accounts, but at least it's there under the people who actually worked on it. The MUCH higher quality movies will always remain here at NG though, no doubt.

Check it.

Now onto new matters. As I've stated, $00pah NiN10Doh! will be my final video game parody and Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE upon it's absolute completion will be my final "Newgrounds-audience" cartoon. This certainly doesn't spell the end of my time as an animator, between schoolwork and other personal projects I have planned and beyond. I've got plenty of things rolling around, several of which I've been working on for quite a while. I'm hoping this will interest those of every spectrum, between those who already enjoy the stuff I do now, as well as people who DON'T enjoy it, because I think the latter will finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I AM capable of original work...or not give a shit! More likely that, but either case I've been wanting to do this for a while, so here's a couple previews of the things I have in store. Take note that a few of these have temporary titles:

"There Was This One Time..." - My final film for this year, my sophomore year, at the School of Visual Arts. My fine friends at TeamFourStar, who are known for doing Dragonball Z Abridged, are all incredibly talented at improv and voiceover. Essentially, I came up with a concept of a bunch of characters playing a card game in a basement and created animal characters (plus an old man) based around my favorite voice of each member's vocal range. We got together one night and came up with the script, which I'll soon be storyboarding over the next couple of days in fact. It's a short one, about two minutes or so.

"Savage Cabbage" - A concept about an escaped psychopath girl who meets a little boy that ran away from home. "Milton" befriends the savage girl, then in a quick outing finds the name "Cabbage" for her. Right now I only have the two characters, with some basic "events" laid out for them. I may save them for another final project for school if I can come up with something more specific to happen to them, but I really like the dynamic for the two of them and wanna make use of it down the line.

"Onei"- This one may never see the light of day, but I've got a billion ideas for it. Long story short, it's a video game concept that takes place on a planet made up completely of places I've been to in my dreams, in some cases multiple times. It stars four characters, each of which kind of represent a different genre of video game and they quest together around this planet as the plot unfolds. I came up with the idea for this one YEARS ago, but put it under the rug after reality scolded me on how difficult the gaming industry is to break into. I remembered the concept over the summer one day during work, pulled up a text file and "reinvisioned" everything, which was a lotta fun. I thought about the same route Tom & Dan took with Castle Crashers, but even -that- would be ridiculously hard. Who knows.

"Game Savers" - Now this one I'm incredibly excited about; it's actually what I'm aiming to set-up for with Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE's completion. Meaning, I'm saving up for a pilot episode budget. It's my idea of a Nick/CN age-range cartoon, based on this stupid thing me and my best friend did back years ago during elementary school where we made nonsensical plots using various action figures, plushes and other toys of the like. I adapted a bunch of the "story arcs" we came up with and made different episode ideas out of them, as well as adapting the personalities we gave the different characters and making them into something new. The series itself is a story about two supervillains who, in the climax of an epic battle, realize that they're terrible people and must repent! How? They enroll into a police force and have wacky adventures in their city, while 'collecting' other colorful creatures and such who eventually join the team.

"???" - I'm not gonna go into this one too deep, but long story short, I've been developing this one for over 10 years of my life, before anything else. I've put my heart and soul into every ounce of the storyline and every character, hell I even "sacrificed" a Christmas with my present being the copyright of all of the material, but still continue to work on it to this day. Being just vague enough, it's basically my answer to the question of "What happens if one day, you woke up and you had superpowers?"

These're just a few of them, the ones I'm the most serious about right now. I'm still bound to finishing the collab and the Rangers Movie, but I've got plenty in store and I hope you guys'll all be there to see it.

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lots of words.

lots of birds

They ARE the words.


As much as i feel parodies and as you say newgrounds "friendly" material is fine (in moderation), it's really good to see that you've got some nice ideas lined up and that you plan to make some more original stuff. I really like the sound of the last mystery one along with the game savers one, when i read about the using toys and plushies part Robot Chicken Sprang to mind lol. Hopefully we'll get to see more into some of this stuff soon, good luck :)

Oh no no, not stop-motion with action figures, trust me. Either case, glad you're interested!


You are still going to submit animations to Newgrounds, right?

Yup. For my final project this year I'd imagine there's no reason to NOT put it up for people to see.

Your last "Newgrounds-audience" cartoon? You mean you wont be posting your stuff on NG anymore?

No I'm sure I'll still be submitting some of my stuff to the site, but I mean I'm not setting my heart on making things specifically for the same audience that enjoys things like Parody Rangers and the like.

Alot of these sound really cool...


"Your last "Newgrounds-audience" cartoon? You mean you wont be posting your stuff on NG anymore?"

Nah he means video game parodies with internet meme references and a cast made up of fireball20xl members

Actually, that's prettymuch it. Yeah.

oh ho ho

Penny for your thoughts?

2 questions.What the hell did you post yesterday!that was sick.Y wont you be submitting video game parodies,and other stuff.OHH and KEEP posting stuff here!!Your one of those artists of why i come to newgrounds!

I'll still be posting work here, hope you'll still enjoy it.

Well, that's strange...
I checked your submissions list and found Parody Rangers The Movie 1 - 4 there, when I clicked it, I get this screen "Entry Marked for Administrative Review"
The funny thing is:I don't know what it means lol
Is it a fake submission or a Bug of some sort, or this just means that the movie is being judged?

And about your new plans: They all sound great. Make sure to share them with us! Wish you suceed with those works.

Ah, ok. I figured out. lol

Do you feel certain about $00pah NiN10Doh! being your last video game parody? Other authors have said that, only going back to make one in the future. It's not a bad thing though; making tributes to games ids perfectly fine.

When it gets down to it, it IS perfectly fine. The thing is that it's not incredibly respectable in comparison to doing something original.

No reference to TTA here at all? I mean I know its old but with your new art style you;d think you'd at least throw the fans a bone or give it a reference in a Parody Rangers Episode - -"

Oh you'll see.

Aww, I thought you where going to do another TRL.


Sweet. Original stuff. Don't get me wrong I love all your video game parodies but I love your original material such as TTA. I can't freakin wait!

The '???' seems interesting. No hinting in what it is?

That's about all I'm willing to say on it. Like I mentioned, it may never even see ful creation because of the way it's set up, but it's basically my "life's goal" series.

They all sound pretty damn good.
But if I had to only pick one to see I'd probably pick "Game Savers"! :P Cuz it sounds like it'd be the funniest thing ever and maybe the most amazing thing since sliced bread (which is, mind you, pretty freakin' amazing!). But I hope to see them all made at one point. You have some great ideas right there.

I dunno, sliced bread IS pretty funny. Either case, thanks!

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