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I like Idea 1, I enjoy your Nico Nico Douga medleys when you brought everyone together to sing...

Musical Collab is OMG..... it depends on how it goes.... But I dont really like em.
Maybe you should do the "Wrong Music Time" collab. Where people draw an animation and give the wrong type of music! or not...

As for your Quiz Game.... well HOW MANY OF THESE ARE THERE!?
They get high scores even if its easily done.... Try to make something very orignal like the Impossible Quiz if you can. Like Kirb's Time to Bore you with 1 simple 1 attempt only quiz!

Anyway they re ideas.... simple ones but ok. I give the musical collab the best rating. Since we got millions of quiz games an sometimes they just bore me.

To summarize it:
Idea 1: Good one but make it orginal, I dont like music but it can be great.
Idea 2: Millions of easy quiz games, so try to be orginal with everything and add NICE animations (wich you have almost no problem with)

Again, the second idea wouldn't ACTUALLY be a coded game, it'd just be a movie about some characters doing a quiz game in the style of Furnace Fun.

Music Collab: Good idea, but don't put Rawest Forest in there. Not up to me though. But if you do, then make sure you put a "skip" button in there

Quiz Game: Another good idea, but the coding would be a problem. You could do art and some other guy could do coding.

But, I'm getting the feeling that you are starting to leave Newgrounds behind. Please don't. Really.

It wouldn't be an actual game, just a movie ABOUT a game.

Really good ideas but i think the second idea more people might enjoy like me but that is just my opinion

Ooh I see now... Well that would be funny.
Sorry for the missunderstanding in your 2nd idea.

That would remind us all of Decline of Videogaming 3. I loved that series!

Do your 2nd idea at once!


nah seriously.. you should do it. That is an orginal idea and you could make a series of em. Featuring every...episode a poor sap who doesnt know what happens and wins.... something.... you make it up.

the quiz thing could work, and could even be funny!! especially if it became a series, where you got funny people to have unscripted answers to questions - to cut down on production time you could fully animate lipsync and only draw in poses of the people.

but why make it about NG? it'd be way funnier to see tomamoto answering questions about stuff he doesn't know about than stuff everyone knows about. like imagine the comedy gold in seeing someone like that pretending they know two shits about biology.

then again i don't know shit

The NG theme was because I thought it'd be funny to have trivia and throwbacks to the community, to give something back to the site, if you will.

The first idea I'm not sure about. It could be good, but it's a bit of a gamble.
The second idea sounds great. I think it would be funny to watch something along the lines of Newgrounds Trivial Pursuit added with something like Furnace Fun.

I say go with Idea 2.

idea one! the last one rocked!

Number two would be pretty sweet, way better then yet another music collab.

If it had online multiplayer that'd be super awesome too.

Very interesting about the second idea. I don't know what or how my opinion is based on the first one though. I guess it should be a really good one in that case. Making one is enough, if you make a second one make it worthwhile. As for the second one, I haven't played the game. But if it is really popular make it.

both equally terrible

Oh wait, a movie about a game.

Fuck that shit, do number one.

Well personally I like the Quiz movie idea over the Kaiko collab mainly because it sounds slightly more humorous and abit more original then the collab.
Also side note for a few reviewers out there who didn't read, the 2nd idea is a movie about some people playing a quiz game not an actual game.

I like idea 2... is good to have some epic quiz games, like impossible quiz...
Not just porn quiz games... So, if you choose the idea 2 try to be the original as possible!


Idea 1: Sounds nice. In my opinion, there may need to be more musical collabs.
Idea 2: If you're going just like Banjo-Kazooie, then oh man, those quiz questions ought to be hilarious(aww man, the question in banjo tooie about jolly's juice, hilarious)
Overall, I'm sure if you just put one of these ideas into play, it could equal loads of funniness/fluent animation. I say go for it!

Idea 1 sounds good, I enjoy most of your music and the music around newgrounds, so that would be interesting to see.
Idea 2 I actually agree with you that was the funnest part was the gameshow aspect of the bango series at the end. At any rate, I could see this, maybe even throw someone like psy in to give really wrong answers until theres one really big question which he surprisingly answers. I dunno, just and Idea for an idea, but yeah that would be rather interesting depending on how you did it and what you had your questions be.

For your second idea, like bug said, I think starring characters would be cooler than community members. If nothing else, it allows you more room for creativity. That is to say, they needn't even be actual popular Newgrounds characters. It might even be more appropriate to simply base the characters off portal user archetypes, sort of like a the Newgrounds equivalent RubberNinja's episodic characters on Gamer Tonight.

That could work too. I thought of you three first because you guys could give some really entertaining answers to the questions and would MAKE for good characters to star. Archetypes along those lines could work just as well, actually, my only concern would be how careful I'd have to be to not look like I'm trying to harp on anyone that would "fit" a certain archetype.

id have to go with the first idea

Idea 1: Awesome

Idea 2: Make it really good, there are like 1 million quiz games on NG. I don't want to see yours fail.

Heres what I think about your ideas:
IDEA 1 - Its very interesting. Although I haven't heard any of those songs (but probably will after this has been posted) i'll assume that they are popular and therefore making a musical collab featuring the songs is a good idea. Then again this you'll need to work well on the animation for this one, but then I haven't seen many musical collab so I won't know about what they're like.
IDEA 2 - I find this idea as interesting as your first idea. It would certanly be a great tribute to newgrounds and many people might enjoy it. Although you might need to put some thought when thinking up questions eg. no obvious answers. I'm not sure whether this will contain mini-games like in the mario party games did but then that would be your decision. Also why not include more characters to play as and come to think of it how would the multiplayer work? Would it be online or does everyone share the keyboard?

Thats how I feel about your ideas. Perhaps this may help you make a decision or not but either way I hope that this is of some help at all.

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