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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

Chris Niosi @Kirbopher

31, Male

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School of Visual Arts

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looking foward to the new nin10doh movie. also krib you know you deserve that 3rd rank. your an great animator with some of the best talent newgrounds has ever seen.

like damn man people sat through 73.5 episodes of TTA. i wouldent do that unless its a damn good seris.

and the poster is amazing and will be going up on my wall xD

Thanks! I'm actually glad people like the TTA pic as a wallpaper, I didn't even think of it before, actually.

that poster was actually very nice!

Thanks, I'm glad with how it turned out.

#3 with 93 submissions, that's at least 70 more than egoraptor and johnny, that's #1 in my book

Quantity doesn't win over quality.

there are other words you can used besides "disgusted"

How about, "humbled" "unworthy"

If you are trying to say you are determined to show us something better, and more original , than just say that.

Saying youre disgusted, makes you sound ungrateful.

Because 99% of the time, whenever I describe it like that, it just gives people the impression that I'm lying and that I'm totally full of myself. I WAS disgusted when I first heard it, but I feel a bit better that it was for a movie done by multiple people and not simply myself.

quality over quantity... see you're humble too, you just keep raising the bar

with all honesty, TTA was fine, sure somepeople dont like sprites, but come on, TTA had a great story, and what about super mario bros. Z? for sprites, thats some epic shit :D

anyways, my point, I think you should continue TTA, with sprites or not, im indifferent.

I won't be doing that, hope you'll understand.

Personally, I think John and Richie are pretty popular. They were the first flash artists I ever knew about way back in 2002.

Hope you conitnue doing a great work mate.

Also, nice wallpaper of the TTA

Just don't let the guy who wrote the Power Rangers movie write the new shit. He wasn't that funny.

Kind of funny because Venus and Jupiter had a very rare alignment with the moon recently.

Oh wow, hah I just found the shots of that, pretty neat. I wish I had gotten more into astronomy as a kid actually...

The new NiN10Doh! movie sounds promising! When I saw the first one, I watched it for five days in a row! Let's see if the sequel can top it!

So since Snawsball already took the name $00pah NiN10Doh! what is the new title going to be?

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/473434">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /473434</a>

Actually, it's better if you don't answer that... the spammers will probably use that also!

you guys are soooo cool... you make the makers of splinter cell look like dorks... haha... xD

Incoming poser, Kirb. There's a group (probably just one person doing multiple accounts) that made a submission called $00pah NiN10Doh! I'd scope it out for anything too similar to yours. Trust me, you won't find anything remotely alike, and that's the problem. (Darn it, too late for the whistle.)

Whats sad is that I can name every dang character on the poster...
Nice job! Cant wait for $00pah.

There's no reason to be disgusted with the 3rd place. You are an animator with great skill and you manage to make most of us laugh our asses off. Admit it, you deserve it.

The poster did bring a great feeling of nostalgia. I remember first stumbling upon the series when I was still a little whiny noobie. Maybe I should watch the series again, you know, for kicks.

i HART n1n10d0!

ease up man you're doing great, just do the art because you love it (and yes because you are actually good at it)

Well you do cater to NG's audience rather well so its no surprise you're number 3 haha.

Like i said on DA, I like the poster butttt the softshading takes away from how striking it could actually be.

Oh yeah i was kicking my friends ass as Dedede and he unintentionally called him a 'big gay dancing penguin'. I smirked.

Yeha I considered doing cel shading for it, but I wanted to stay consistent with how I usually color TTA artwork, plus it would've taken more time than I would've had to finish the whole thing. Glad liked it either case.

Good lord, the BGD has evolved into something far beyond Brawl Taunts now.

I didn't even realize how awesome that is until I checked it out!

#3 On all of Newgrounds...
I had a feeling Egoraptor was going to be up there, But I had no idea TANKMEN .5 was so popular!

~Congratulations man. You definitely deserve #3

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