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I agree that voiceover is the most overlooked part of animation. I think that the second is script writing. They are probably the two most important parts as well. You do a good job with both.

Images and sound are the two most important parts of animation. They are two primary keys to opening the mind, and also the two most powerful senses your mind uses to interpret reality. A whole animation can thrive on a musical score without voice acting, nor does it need any script or story. To say that voice acting and scripts are the two most important parts of animation is unbelievably stupid. They're elements to a genre or style of animation, but are FAR from required. Admittedly they are often overlooked, especially when done well, but that does not justify them as being the most important aspects.

Oh, no I'm certainly not saying they're THE most important parts at all. For me personally it's just one OF my favorite parts of the process.

about time someone started to care about voice actors.they still are not as good as the animaters but they are second most important.thank you for showing people recognition

I've always found the voices interesting as well. I'm a very auditory kind of guy; I appreciate complex music, as well as excellent voice actors like Tony Jay and Rob Paulsen. It's great to be able to see a flash artist put a lot of effort into his voice actors, and I've always enjoyed it.
If I may ask; what kind of recording equipment do the VAs that work with you use? It's a big jump between fuzzy mics that come with computers and the clarity I hear. Recording/ editing software? Professional microphones? Pardon me for the being the interested newbie I am.

Some of my best have top-notch mics, but I'm still grounded with a Logitech mic, which can only go so far. I need to get some really good equipment for Christmas or something.

Sorry, I was mostly responding to JT1 up there.

A new mic you say? I talked face to face with a country singer a few weeks ago. I asked her about a new mic. She said to get the SM-58 (pretty sure thats what she said), it can record loud voices without clipping and its inexpensive. Supposedly it also records in great quality. I guess you could look into that.

Tomamoto, Rina-chan and the like are my go-to's for all the specs on that type of equipment.

I have little more to say than ...AGREED!

Cartoon voices have always fascinated me...just really fascinated me. They blow me away how they can be so many people at once. The fact that Spongebob and Heffer can both come out of Tom Kenny's mouth amazes me. Billy West with all of his characters... I love it, I envy it, I want it.

I do the same thing during Whose Line Is it Anyway, during stand up comedic performances, and cartoons. Instead of the usual "haha" reaction, sometimes I just get really impressed as well as entertained - HOW DID THEY DO THAT?? AMAZING!

I know I said i had little more to say, but I got a little excited :D

Keep reminding me to cast you in something, augh.

maybe 1 day u will be in a tv anime voice. And maybe have your own tv show sbout your charecter cause u r already making movies maybe that could happen and you will also meet Danny Antocnuci


Voice acting is one of the most critical things in flash movie making xD If you don't have the right voice, the flash is fail. FAIL I SAY, FAIL!!!!

Dang, I would give anything to voice act in a flash movie xD You can either use your own pure voice- or screw it and invent something cool and new or just imitate xD

YOU MET ERIN FITZGERALD?! I HATE YOU D:< *restrains herself from smashing the TV monitor...* That's pure talent, right there. You are seriously lucky for meeting her. I hope you do meet Antonucci :) who knows? The meeting could influence your flash movies and we'll get to see something really new :D

I always knew you liked the voice acting part of animation but not that much. Damn.

You always do a sick job casting for that and I've always liked what you've done with it. But it makes me wonder how you where ever able to watch DBZ at times if you can't stand bad voice acting. Let alone I'd hate to see what you think about one piece.

Oh well the DBZ people have gotten MUCH better now, to the point where they've, in fact, saved One Piece in that same department, at least for the english version anyway.

I always wanted to become a voice actor, but so far, that a$$ named puberty has other things in mind.

Also: Its 11/11!
we need some cake and a couple of Kirbies!

I know what you mean, i for one am a big fan of Tom Kenny's work with Mission Hill and i also love the work of Phil La Mar as he voiced Ramza from final fantasy tactic remake, and Vamp from MGS2, and4. Voice acting is very fun and it leaves a ton of room for error. Cartoons are my strong point, but being able to voice act it is what motivate me to make them

i meant to say aren't

Voice Acting is just as important as the cartoon itself.

The show wouldn't be that great if it had terrible voices.

Congrats on meeting Erin Fitzgerald, I love Ed Edd n Eddy and I can't wait for the full length feature movie.

She did Nazz and May in the series I think.

BTW...when is Parody Rangers continuing?

are you gona mak a new ParodyRangersTheMovie???
you are awesome

oes your luck ever run out? I mean REALLY?!?

Make a new cartoon or you will be vanished......from my fav artists

Tara Strong is my favorite voice actor. She can make so many voices. She played Rikku in FFX, and Timmy in the fairly odd parents, and Talwyn in Ratchet and Clank Future, and much more.

This is how I felt when I went to Botcon '07 I seriously wanted to meet at least one voice actor and I got to meet David Kaye. It was so awesome. Actually, Transformers played a big part in my interest in animation and voice, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago when I started leaning over to Voice acting. (my mom stated that I could also be behind the creation of a movie one day with my knowledge but anyways)

I have always tried perfecting impersonations of all of my favorite characters (by the way, I'm still trying to get Zet's voice right) as I have been told to keep practicing. I plan to go to college to learn more about it ASAP but I've been looking online to see if any cartoonists are looking for any new talent (just some practice until college to see how I'd do).

I'm glad that you like what you do, it makes the creation process so much more fun and viewers enjoy viewing shows/flash more if the creators had fun doing it. Keep it up and I look forward to part 2 of your movie. ^_^


David Kaye? Nice.


yes since voice acting is overlooked ALOT, people sometimes look down on it but i personally love voice acting im trying to GET A JOB YOU PEOPLE SHOULD DO THAT (not you kirbopher)lol but im not saying everyone hates it nor am i saying everyone loves it but its the fact that people at least like it even if they dont like voice acting and also the cool thing is that most of the time voice acting is used with animation which alot of people like nowadays i appreciate anyone who saw my comment and good luck in college kirbopher and goodbye peoplzzzzz