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Sorry for the Delay + I've hit 20! + Wha-Chow!

Posted by Kirbopher - December 31st, 2008

First off, I'm really sorry that $00pah NiN10Doh!'s been delayed so many times. I have everything I need to officially complete it, all I need is the right technical set-up and it'll be out as soon as I can add in the final few pieces it needs. It's absolutely amazing and I hope you'll enjoy it when it hits the portal!


Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and continue to enjoy their vacation, if they happen to have one like myself and several friends. Got lots of time to work on my projects, currently with the goal of working on the Parody Rangers Movie at least once a day, for whatever amount of time. Plenty of other stuff in the works, but it's good to have focus with not much pressure for the time being.

In celebration of my 20th b-day, I worked on another gigantic picture, which I actually finished prior to the big TTA Cast poster, with a whole slew of familiar characters of mine on the cover. Folks from the more commonly-known Parody Rangers, TTA, GameSavers to smaller-scale stuff like my Blu-N-Grin and Savage Cabbage concepts, plus a few other random characters I threw in there for the hell of it. This picture doesn't have anywhere NEAR the amount of characters I've created throughout my lifetime, but I picked a good number of ones to draw for the poster and I'm glad with how it came out, kind of a throwback to the absolutely amazing 20th Anniversary Megaman poster from a while ago.


Also for those who might be interested, the Fireball20xl.com podcast "Wha-Chow!" is back to being around, with myself being there since it started up again from Episode 63. A few members of the Parody Rangers cast are often included in the episode, as Psyguy (voice of Renaldo) is the host of the show. People seem to be entertained by all of us screwing around on Skype, since it's been doing well for the site, so give 'em a download if you're interested!

That'll do it for now, thanks for stickin' with me!

Sorry for the Delay + I've hit 20! + Wha-Chow!

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Grats on the big 2-0 and great poster :)



lol @ Nailock


I see 2 Zettos and 2 of your girlfriend :P I know why of course


I notice there's no TTA antagonists (Splat, D-bug, etc.) but then, you said they were all based on assholes so I guess it's justified

Incorrect on both accounts.

20 years old huh,
shit, I can't think of any jokes for 20...

Nice, one more year until you can *coughlegallycough* drink. :D

Eh I don't drink :/

hope you had a great birthday!

Nice one ^^

Did you know that this is your 20th post on your profile, and you hit 20? What a wajamacallit.


Gratulations on turning 20! That's a really cool pic.

I can't wait until $00pah Nin10Doh! comes out! First one was awesome. Second one will be $00pah awesome!

Definitely, glad you're lookin' forward to it!

Cool, nice anime-ish stylings

you, can* :P

anyway happy bday.
and another nice picture.
good job.

Congrats man. Also, happy new years!

"just some dumbass college kid"

"Eh, I don't drink"

paradoxxxx ;- )

happy birthday chris


Thanks bra c:

Good for you! Happy birthday whenever it was and also for not drinking! That is cool too! I think personally between you and me, way to many people drink. I don't know your reasons for abstaining but, good for you! I don't drink either, massive waste of money and your morality!~ :3

P.S. the poster = SUPER SWEET!

happy birthday awesome picture you are one of my favorite authors

Happy B-day man. Hope you had a good one. Congrats to the poster and all the work you did in 08

So you're birthday is the.... 31st of Dec?...
Any idea on a release date/time for $00pah?

what up man ¡¡¡ im super ready for s00pah¡¡ cant wait to see it
by the way happy b-day and a happy new year

Actually to correct Mizox I see Raccoon in the backgound though I might be missing other villians. Happy b-day (though it must totally tank to have your birthday near the holidays) and good luck with your projects in the next year (though you said that you're leaving Newgrounds anyway)

Happy New Year, :) and congrats on turning 20!

Thanks bro :]

20 huh? NO MATTER!! YOU ASUM DUDE ONLY AWSUM!! Happy B-Day and a happy new year (with many new submissionas...i hope so..) BYE DOOOOD!

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