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One sixth's worth of a year's work.

Posted by Kirbopher - March 1st, 2014

2014's off to a decent start. I've had some personal up's and down's, contending with personal issues mainly centered on being too hard on myself. Trying to work through that self-created pressure and find a new peaceful center. There's a lot of changes I need to make this year that I won't go into publicly yet, but I'm sure people've been curious as to what I've been up to.

It's funny, I remember in Elementary school I had a short-lived dream about wanting to run a TV channel with cartoons on it. I gave that dream up because I realized I was more interested in telling stories through shows; so far TOME and my work before it has been the closest thing to being able to live that out. I've kept up on releasing TOME videos every Thursday since the year began.

In tandem with that, I've also been releasing commentary versions of the full episode videos exclusively to the TOME official website. At the moment, the first three have been released alongside the corresponding 3 episodes on the website in the commentaries section (on a dropdown bar on the "episodes" tab).

Going back to the "TV Channel" dream, I've managed to keep up the pace with releasing updates every week to my "Kirblog" videos. For better or worse, I pride myself on honesty and have tried to produce something that's very "me" in terms of my opinions. That said, I've also tried to keep them relatively positive in subject material as to not make the videos a bummer for people - maybe something to look forward to. Here's a recent favorite of mine:

They've been releasing every Tuesday and Saturday consistently since a little after January started. In addition, I've just released the first episode of a new show idea for my channel that I might try to relegate to Tuesdays from here on out. Inspired by the format of "Did You Know Gamin?" from NormalBoots, I'm finally putting my years of voice acting trivia to use.

"Did You Know Voice Acting?" has done pretty well in its first couple days of being up and I've written a total of 8 episodes in the past week. I've also nearly finished a couple more episodes, but I'm also working out some details. Either way, people seem to be interested in the content, so this is something easy to produce that I might try and have in there weekly, if possible.

I've also had my hand in a few more projects, but can't fully go into any of them yet. I put a cap on a new potential series I'm pitching with some other folks that provided the writing, I'm helping with some further kickstarter-related projects again and still looking for freelance work wherever available. That and I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on other things - as soon as I can actually talk about any of this stuff, I'll let you all know.

Lastly, as I'm just remembering now, the Alpha release of "A Hat in Time" has just dropped. I provided the casting and voice-direction on Apphia Yu as "Hat Kid", Eileen Montgomery as "Mustache Girl" & "Queen Vanessa" and Jon Jafari as the "Moon Penguins". All of these characters and more can be heard in the game's Alpha build, so go pick up a copy!

More details on everything else, soon. Stick with me, folks.


Your work ethic is inspiring.

I love tome and i find you awesome for your work

Awesome stuff there! Really like the Did You Know Voice Acting vid.

Not gonna lie, I really enjoy your stuff. I really like the vlogs, mostly because I just like hearing other people's opinions on various things, albeit in a very calm and justified manner. I saw the DYKVA, and I found a lot of that interesting.

Season 2 should have more fights and trying to figure out how to beat certain characters in fights

Everything is looking and sounding awesome. Keep it up!

Really ambitious project man! I like it!