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What’s in store for 2014?

Posted by Kirbopher - January 10th, 2014


Took me a little while before I could get a chance to write one of these, so a lot's happened since TOME Episode 10 came out, but I've been busy!

On my birthday, the last day of the year, I finally finished up TOME's first season with our 7th short. For something as simple as a "clip show" it was actually really meaningful to me. The retrospective given on the events of the show from this certain character's perspective was very personally tied to the production of the show, as well as my life over the last two and a half years. I'm really glad to hear everyone's been enjoying the series and that the season finale was satisfying to the audience.

This past weekend I attended MAGfest and had an amazing time. The con itself is my all-time favorite, both for how well it's run and for all the great people I get to see and this year was no exception. In particular, on the last day I met a bunch of very dedicated TOME fans who were an absolute pleasure to talk to. It really reminded me that I what I do is meaningful, regardless of how many people enjoy it; those who do REALLY take something away from it and I value that a lot.

On that same note, however, my next big step with the series is to try expanding it outward to a new and bigger audience. I announced just recently that I'm now partnered with Channel Frederator's YouTube network. They've been a great resource and have helped me come up with a release strategy for the show. As of this week, every Thursday I will be releasing a TOME video; either a "part" of a full Episode (the HD versions seen on the official website) or a short. This will last over the next several months, in an attempt to draw new people to the series and help grow its viewership.

Episode 01 - PART 1 just came out yesterday and I'm happy to say there's already been a few new very gracious fans that have reached out to me and expressed their love of the show. I'm SUPER grateful for that and hope the older fans will be accepting of this. Speaking of which, I plan on releasing commentary versions of the original full-length 10 Episodes of season 1 on the TOME website. So next week, when Episode 01 - PART 2 releases to YouTube, I'll be putting up the Episode 01 Commentary video on the website that same day! Hopefully this will be enough to tie the long-time fans over with something new that they can enjoy in the meantime.

As for what I plan on doing next, well I've got a few things on my plate. I've been developing some ideas, doing some writing and plan on doing some storyboarding for a possible new project very soon. I can't say for sure exactly what it is, but I'll keep you posted very soon. I want 2014 to be a big year for me and I have to do everything I can to make that happen.

The biggest favor y'all can do for me at this stage is to subscribe to my YouTube channel, since I'll be putting a lot of focus into that this year, and spread the word of TOME! Show your friends; the YouTube uploads are a great way to introduce them to the series. I'll also continue to do my "Kirblog" videos every Tuesday and Saturday, so there'll be a steady stream of content still goin'.

Thanks for sticking with me folks, here's hoping I can pull this off!!


As long as you dont let yourself get overwhelmed by all this, im absolutely sure you'll have no trouble pulling this off. Good luck!

This is gonna be a good year for TOME. And, like the guy below me said, don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have. If you think that you have too much on your plate, then just take it easy and try to find something that isn't urgently needed.

Busy busy man! Keep it up babeh! <3

next season

Anyone and everyone who is a Tome fan has got your back, so keep up the good work and don't overwhelm yourself. Cheers :D

I and many others will be here to watch.

episode 10? what episode 10 XD