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YouTube Updates ‘n Vlogs + New TOME stuff COMING SOON!

Posted by Kirbopher - December 6th, 2013

Arighty, so I got some good news and bad news.

I'll start with the bad, first. So unfortunately, TOME will not be uploaded any further to the Game Theorists YouTube channel. Don't panic, nothing awful's happened and there's no "drama" behind it. The story is, I came into contact with the Game Theorists back in Spring of this year; we were fans of each other's work and wanted to help each other out. Originally there was another plan that was in development at the time of the Rockoon short and Episode 08's production. That fell through for things out of our hands, so to make up for it, MatPat offered something as an experiment.

I haven't been able to get google adsense to work on my YouTube channel for well over a year. The "experiment" was MatPat would be uploading TOME episodes and shorts to their channel as a new show (since they have 3 shows on the GT channel) and giving me a cut of the revenue each month. However, the show didn't perform as well as we were hoping within the first two episodes, so it was ultimately decided to pull it from their channel. Again, nothing personal or any major issues, it just didn't work out. I appreciate what the Theorists did to help me out and they gave the show some major exposure on a channel with 800K followers. Who knows, we also may even work together again in the future!

Now for the good news! All of that said, once I got word that the Game Theorists setup was gonna be over soon, I decided to give one more shot at setting up google adsense...I'm not sure what was different this time, but it worked!! So, for those of you who haven't noticed yet, I've been providing a lot more content for my channel as of the last couple weeks, doing vlogs every other day on various subjects. Such as the origin story of where my screenname "Kirbopher" came from:

If any of you guys are interested in these, take a look at the first few I've made. I'm always open to feedback on them and have been coming up with new subjects for them based on questions submitted to in the comments. Doing these vlogs has been an easy and fun way of providing more frequent content without taking away work from stuff like TOME. That said, a lot of you are probably wondering what my new plan is for TOME's presence on YouTube. I can't go into any major detail just yet, but I DO have a plan for it that will benefit both current fans of the show, as well as getting it out there to folks who haven't seen it yet. I've just recently partnered with a YouTube network and will be coming up with a strategy for releasing TOME episodes as of next year.

In the meantime, the official TOME website is still where you'll be able to see the newest content FIRST. As I've promised, the season finale, TOME Episode 10, WILL be releasing to the website this month before 2013 is over. The animation is extremely close to %100 completion and the sound effects design is already halfway done as well. I'm really proud of how well this Episode's turned out; it's already got some of my new favorite moments of the entire series in it. I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Also, in case you forgot, the official soundtrack release will be happening alongside the release of TOME Episode 10 on our bandcamp page! The OST will feature over 30 music tracks from the series composed by Weston "KajmasterKajet" Durant, including a few bonus tracks by Yoav "TheLivingTombstone" Landau in there as well. I've just cut together the final assembly of files for the release and I think you're all gonna love it. Look forward to that in tandem with Episode 10 this month!

Lastly, I'll reveal something entirely new here...there will be one more TOME short released after Episode 10. It's going to be very different than the stuff you've usually come to expect and ties in directly to the story of Episode 10. That's all I'll say on the matter, as to not spoil anything. It's simple enough to where I SHOULD be able to get that done before the year's up too. Keep an eye out for it and make sure to like the Facebook page for all the newest updates.


Oh goodie, this will be the best Christmas gift ever if 10 comes out before January :D

Will you release on christmas. We want a good xmas gift from u. Btw nin10doh was awesome

What happened to the SoundCloud commentary on your videos? I found those quite fascinating and was hoping to see them on 8 and on.

I have a plan for the commentaries, stay tuned for details!

couldn't just

this has been a good remake of the original series and i've been injoying it all the way through.good job.

Funny thing is, that's actually how I got MY username. My name, which should be pretty obvious, combined it a video game character's name, which happened to be Rallen from Spectrobes.

I know you said how NG is now beneath such sites as Youtube in terms of videos and such, but its awesome how you keep posting here. Really shows how much you care. So thanks!

I really do still care about Newgrounds; I have a sense of loyalty to it and it's where I got my start.

I can understand the game theorists thing. Animated content that's in the category of "series" or "episodic" in general has a much higher factor of difficulty when it comes to introducing it to new audiences, especially if, like in this case, is placed into to a channel that seems to consist of viewers that are used to "one-and-done" productions, or stuff that is more casual in approach. Incompatible audience.

Anyhow, it is always a pleasure to see the different roads artists travel with this kind of stuff, I deeply appreciate you posting your thoughts here in addition to the vlogs and stuff.

you know, it seems like you have an interesting story for EVERY event in your life.

So I won't go into any spoliers or anything since you haven't posted it yet but....You did a damn good job Kirb. Keep up the excellent work.