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TOME’s 2-Year Anniversary! + Episode 09 & More!

Posted by Kirbopher - November 11th, 2013

Today marks TOME's 2-Year Anniversary!

Since my last update, a whole lot of new content has come out! Back in the middle of October, our 6th short "The Legend of Nylocke" released.

...then, on Halloween, The Game Theorists released the HD-Remastered version of >TOME Episode 02: Mansion Midnight! The first two episodes have hit well over 100,000 views on the Game Theorists channel now, which is fantastic!

Last and most importantly, the long-awaited Episode 09: Gemini Tournament Yang was released just one week ago! Major thanks as always to everyone that helped make these videos happen. After well over 2 solid years of doing this show, I'm proud of the folk who've stuck it out with me and I'm proud of myself for even making it this far. I hope the series has grown in everyone's eyes and that the next one won't disappoint!

Speaking of which, to commemorate the 2-Year Anniversary, I've done some extra special stuff! First of all, we've got a trailer for the upcoming season finale...TOME Episode 10!

At the time of posting this, Episode 10 is currently about halfway animated already and I aim to release it before the year is up. As shown in the trailer, this Episode will feature music by the incredibly talented (and underrated) Xero Reynolds for a very different, darker tone. We also have the ever-supportiveHarry "HappyHarry" Partridge voicing a new character; he's been a pleasure to work with and a real inspiration. Even better, we'll be releasing the official soundtrack for TOME's popular background music scored by Weston Durant alongside Episode 10! Keep an eye on our official bandcamp page for that; and be sure to download the "rock And roll" and "smooth jazZ" versions of our theme song, "Battle On!" that were in the two Gemini Tournament Episodes!

Last, but certainly not least, I collected some viewer-submitted questions yesterday and decided to do this little video to coincide with the 2-Year Anniversary.

(Part 1, with questions from kgbullock, bananadumbledore, tomewrittings & clockwerkdoctor)

(Part 2, with questions from unsuborsuper, joshandpizza, anonymous & kcckirby)

Thanks everyone who asked and I hope I answered your questions semi-coherently; forgive my constant "uh's" and "y'knows". It's been a long Fall and a longer Summer. Fingers crossed that Winter this year will bring some Holiday Joy for you 'n me.

As always, thanks for stickin' with me and there's much, MUCH more to come!


what about the next tournament

I really hope Kirbopher is okay. He seems much much more emo. And good job. This series is going to soar to new heights.

Can't wait! I am really glad to see the series has come this far.

WOO! Two years! I haven't been watching for very long (got into it around episode 6), but hot DAMN am I enjoying it so far! Can't wait to see what the finale has in store! Will we learn more about Alpha's super special powers? Will we finally get to know what the deal is with Gamecrazed? Will Nylocke get more screen-time?! IS HARRY PARTRIDGE'S CHARACTER GOING TO BE IMPORTANT?!?!! We'll just have to wait and see!

Congrats. And I'm glad you're sticking with it. I love this series.

On a side note though, the forbidden power sorta reminds me of Ichigo's inner hollow from bleach. I doubt that's intentional, but just thought it's interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes of the series, except for the one where Nylocke sang (solo), I was kind of fainting/agonizing from that song because I am a terr..
Good job on going so far! Looking forward to seeing this series develop and continue!
..and attract more NG stars

man, you are awesome.
i look forward to episode 10 and season 2!
keep going, and great job at making episode 9!
good luck!
ps.: please, if you want to say something back, just pm me please
your fan, twewy-gm-chris

I listened to the "Questions from the fans of Tome" and I noticed you made a comment about people saying you rushed. I made a comment about you rushing, but it was more within the episodes. It had to do with pacing, specifically in episode 8. The pace of the episode felt rushed because you sped through so much content so fast. Too fast, in my opinion. And particularly when compared to the previous 7 episodes, it was quite a difference. Episode 9 had good pacing, but it felt like a few key moments got cut out as a sacrifice to make that happen.

So yeah, go at your own pace when it comes to releasing episodes. I wouldn't say you were rushing out episodes so much as you were trying to do too much in too few episodes. With all the hype for Gemini tournament, it didn't really seem like the main event because so many things were rushed through or cut out all together in order to fit it into two episodes. I get that it's a short series, but it was too much. If anything, I would have stretched out the story over an extra episode for both 8 and 9. It didn't seem right to squish all that into only two episodes because there was just too much that you glossed over.

So in the future, I would simply prefer you take an extra episode rather than rush through to match your exact episode total in the story board plan.

Also, I want to congratulate you on episode 9. I remember being one of the people who asked for combat in a tournament. You gave us combat and then some. You did a good job at it, too. And you continue to get your animations appear to get better, smoother, and more efficient. The series is overall pretty good so far.

I didn't realize 9 wasn't the finally. I guess it makes sense when I think about it, because it was a little bit anti-climactic. I do remember you talking about 9 or 10 episodes on a story board. Anyway, I'm sure it will be one heck of a finally. I'll be looking forward to it.

Epic series i've been watching since TTA but i have to say.... i don't remember zetto snaping like that lol i almost died from laughter after seeing that

I really really want to see TTA Season 4.
Please work.

awesome: Oh forgot this sooner NIN10DOH SERIES WAS AWSHUM MAKE MOAR PLLZZZ