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TOME Episode 08 Release + Lots of TOME News!

Posted by Kirbopher - September 3rd, 2013

WHOOOA so much to talk about!

Let's get right to it. My biggest undertaking in animation production was just released this past Sunday, on September 1st. TOME Episode 08: Gemini Tournament Yin, the first part of a long-awaited part of the story I've been producing since the series premiered in 2011 almost two years ago now, is up on the official website for viewing in HD:


I have many, MANY people to thank. As always my great background artists Dave, Terrence and Jourdan for their design of the Tournament stadium and arena. Kajet for his kickin' music and Yoav for arranging a kick-ass rock version of the theme song for the ending credits. Liz for helping to fine-tune the script on this 23-minute monster. My stars, Anna, Casey and Martin for their fantastic performances, as well as Shady for recording on the ending credits song and hauling ass on the sound design under immense pressure. Mack for helping out on voice direction and the writing on Rockoon & Skeight's scene for this episode. My tremendous returning cast who all came together: Micah, Apphia, Sarah, Masako, Jontron, Psy, Andy, Kimlinh, Chris, Bosco, Edwyn and my very special guests for this episode: Kyle, Jackie, Kira and Cristina. Plus, my two very gracious auction winners Zack and Bradley, and Scott for spending several hours to help render the final HD video for your viewing pleasure...AND the attendees of AnimeNEXT and Kami-con 2013 for being the "audience" of the Gemini Tournament stadium.

WOW. Yeah so I get a lot of credit from people for this series being a "one-man-show" but this episode is the exact reason why I always combat that comment with "it wouldn't be a fraction as good as it could be with all the help and support I've got." Thank YOU to everyone who watched and enjoyed it. It means so much to me and I promise I'll continue to step it up on the next episode...and speaking of which, here's some good news for you. TOME Episode 09: Gemini Tournament Yang, is already a 3rd of the way fully animated! Since there were so many delays on behind-the-scenes stuff with Episode 08 and the Rockoon short (thanks for the front page, Newgrounds!) and the eventual launch of the website, I had a lot of time to get the jump on the next episode! The audio's been fully recorded and edited and I've got about 8 minutes already finished.

HOWEVER! Before that, I've got another new short to put out! This will be a new short that will release between Episodes 08 and 09...I'll keep the content a secret for now, but I think you'll enjoy it. I've just started on that this week and I'll try my absolute best to finish it within the month if possible. After that, I'll be getting right back to Episode 09. Another issue I'll address here, as there've been numerous people asking about how I'll be handling the release of TOME episodes AFTER premiering them on the website. Newgrounds will be where they hit second. As for YouTube, I'm concocting a new plan of action on releasing on that platform. I'll keep you posted when more details are available.

Lastly, we put out the "rock And roll" version of our theme song, "Battle On!" on the official TOME bandcamp! If you enjoyed it, pick it up!

Thanks folks, there's more to come!

TOME Episode 08 Release + Lots of TOME News!


Interesting stuff Kirb. Though, like many, I wasn't a huge fan of how lacking in actual combat the tournament has been thus far. I loved it for what it was, but with how the announcers keep hyping up how "action packed" it is, so far there's been a rather distinct lack of... Action.

However, loved the episode all the same, despite that small issue. Looking forward to the next one, as always.=) Keep up the great work man.

Hey kirbopher do your self a small favor and to your fans and do u want to know what it is be sure to get tome eps 9 before thanks giving day and get tome eps 10 before 2014 if u do that u would be nice :].

- Henrun

I'll try my best!!

Just keep working on it, Kirbopher. One thing I've come to associate with the TOME series is that it's one step at a time, and allows the viewer time to go review prior episodes if they think they've missed something in a prior one without feeling 'rushed' to do so.

Just make sure not to skimp on the quality that we have seen on your show so far. The whole Kirbopher thing with Alpha and Flamegirl is really interesting and for some reason I find myself on his side. I don't know if you meant it to be a multiple sided affair or if you meant for us to be mad at Kirb, but either way, that is one of the many indications of the quality of your show.

Great to hear! No worries, I'm takin' my time. Hope you enjoy the next episode. ;]

Bring it, Wing it, Cha-Ching it!

Will it still be on newgrounds

Awesome, stoked that it's ready to watch!
I'll be heading over there right now.
When will we be able to see it here on NG though??

Yes, eventually!

just wanted to say that while I haven't been following Tome, your last episode was funny and nicely animated, also the voice acting was really tops. I watched to the end . The cartoon has been improving in all aspects and it shows, nice job.

Thanks man, that means a lot! I'd like to hope the show has been "growing the beard" since the first episode so I'm glad to hear you think it's been improving. Hope all's been well. c:

Just wanted to say a few things about the series. First of all, nice job. I love the series and I applaud you on following your passion. I think it's all wonderful, and you have a great set of people helping you. Secondly, A few things about episode 9. I'm happy to hear how you've been using your time as you were able to get that far on it while you had your delays with 8. I myself shouldn't exactly be one to talk as it is a personal weakness of mine, but I felt like this was very good time management. I was worried the delays would wind up setting you back further on 9 and so on, and I wouldn't have even faulted you for it. Many people would have just waited so I mean it when I say good job on that. However, the flip side is if you will have time to take some (not all obviously) of the feedback for 8 and work it into 9. The biggest things which I thought could be improved that stuck out to me personally were pacing (which is more of a polish issue) and the need for (a few) more serious fights with certain characters that weren't showcased.

I guess my this brings me to two questions:

1. Will there be more substantial fights in episode 9 (like the Demonking's team versus Nylocke's team) that seemed somewhat lacking in 8 due to the need to fit so much into a time slot?

2. Will that short you mentioned involve fighting of certain characters we thought would be showcased more (like Archy or Skeight) like say during the prelims which were skipped over?

I won't spoil anything about it or the new short, I'll just say, I think you'll enjoy Episode 09 a lot. ;]

Holy crap. That episode blew my socks off. Nice job. I fucking love this series.

Best episode yet! Is the next one going to be awesome...er?

yo plz hook me up with christina vee
shes hawt
and uh your shows improving yeah

Sometimes you make one of the weirdest crap I've ever seen.

loved episode 8, especially the reference to gurren lagann lolz, kaptain man, just who the hell do you think you are rofl, ahh good memories :D

Just got back into TOME after a long time... I am not caught up yet but I just wanted to tell you that you're awesome :P You have been one of my major inspirations as an artist since I first discovered TOME.

Brilliant stuff. Really enjoyed 08. The end theme, re-design of flame girl and general plot were superb. I'm blown away by how you constantly keep increasing the quality and investment that goes into each episode. This series is testament to your will. I hope it never falters.

Also, who does Jontron represent/etc? Saw his name in the list, to my surprise. Was rather neat.


I know your gonna hate me for asking this, but can you make a epilouge episode for TTA your orginal series.

Hey Kirb since your done with school and all do you think you could spend more time on TOME cause i love TOME its the best thing I have seen since the first episode of the pokemon anime came out I just love this show please work more time into it and you should like go to pax or something and meet you fans cause i live in NY too and i would love to meet you.