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It's been a while, huh?

Posted by Kirbopher - July 19th, 2013

Hi. Hello. Yes, I'm alive.

I haven't done a formal update like this since the middle of April. The reason I was delaying for so long is because I was waiting for word on a certain announcement that was supposed to happen in May. It hasn't happened yet due to some delays out of my control, but I've been working my ass off in the meantime. I have a new site, for instance! Engineered by Marc Swint.

Been doing some freelance gigs here and there, as per the usual. I finished two more episodes of Game Boys for Brad Jones, "The Camping Trip" and "Carter's Alley" as well as a couple things for Weebl on HuHa TV. A couple weeks ago I also went to visit LA for a while. I had some great networking opportunities and met a lot of really talented folks who were gracious enough to give me some of their time. Nothing set in stone just yet, but there was a lot of enthusiasm towards the work I've done and the things I could offer, so hopefully I can finally make this move to the west coast sometime soon. I also went to AnimeExpo and met a lot of great people, from old friends I hadn't seen in person before to some brand new ones. Big thanks to Martin & Marianne for letting me stay in their humble abode for two weeks and letting me lend a hand to their booth during AX weekend. Also big thanks to Jaxxy, Tomar and Kaiji for the rides when I needed them. You guys are the best. <3

Some other notable highlights from the trip included being part of the Skullgirls Salty Cupcakes stream and finally meeting a lot of the game's crew, introducing Kajet (creator of the original "It's Over 9000!" video) to Chris Sabat while the fabric of space-time ripped apart, and watching Edwyn Tiong complete the Oro-chan special #2 challenge as he slowly lost sight of reality. It was somethin' else, I'll tell you what.

...aaaand back to TOME. So I've had a new short finished for at LEAST a month now, maybe longer. Prior to working on it I was making a ton of preparations for this announcement that still hasn't come yet, so I've had a lot of time on my hands to keep working on the series. Episode 08 is well beyond underway at this point and there'll be another announcement to come with that...everything just has to happen in a certain order for this all to work. I apologize to those who have been waiting so patiently. Much to my surprise, the official TOME Facebook page has reached past 8000 likes and the viewership is continuing to grow as time progresses. I am wholly appreciative of this and I hope that the things to come will help the series grow more and more as time goes on. There's PLENTY in the works and I'll try my best to make it all worth it.

Lastly, while we're on the TOME subject, I made a new shirt thanks to LevelUpStudios. Please pick one up, if you find it suits you! We also still have the Nylocke shirt for sale too.


Sounds like this announcement is going to be really big if you need to have it done in a specific order! Ugh the suspense.

it's really impressive how you can balance both TOME and Gameboys. Especially since most of gameboys is frame by frame animation. I've been following it a little bit, and gameboys is pretty good and funny. It has some obscure references in it though, which I think some people won't get.

Actually, it's not very frame-by-frame really. Game Boys is MUCH easier to produce than TOME, that's why I'm able to work on both at the same time. Thanks for the compliments and glad you're watching!

is squiggly done yet
is squiggly done yet
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is squiggly done yet


Now you need a website for just TOME

Now all you need to do is make TOME a real game, :)

*Checks news feed.* Hmm... Let see whic-KIRBOPHER *Clicks icon over 1000 times in one second* LOL. Also glad to see that Tome is growing a bigger audience. :)

cant wait for next episode also hoping u make an mmorpg game out of this to

Sure am looking forward to more from you!

Please please please PLEASE don't go out like Alvin Earthworm....