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TOME Episode 07 Released + Announcements coming soon!

Posted by Kirbopher - April 19th, 2013

Lotta stuff to talk about!

Still truckin' along on the same freelance gigs. Finished another episode of Game Boys: The Animated Series and working on another one for Brad. Doing various on-and-off things for three game projects and there's even more stuff down the pipeline. Tryin' to work hard!

On the TOME front, after a lovely week on Newgrounds' front page, Episode 07 is now on YouTube. I was SUPER nervous about this one, but it seems that people really enjoyed it! I'm SO proud of -everyone- who helped me make this Episode really special. All of the staff and cast and the special guests worked incredibly hard on this cartoon.

We've reached a milestone of 7500 likes on the official TOME Facebook; the audience keeps growing and growing! I'm in the process of working on something kinda cool that'll hopefully be a big step up for the show in terms of further growth. If all goes well I'll be able to unveil it by the end of this month or early May. Also, once that's been unveiled, most likely we'll be doing another special event contest for the upcoming Gemini Tournament episodes! I won't speak too soon about what the prize is, so sit tight for now.

One thing I CAN announce though, is that we're doing more commentaries! We did some audio commentaries for the first four episodes of TOME a while back, which you can listen to on my soundcloud. We've recorded new ones for Episodes 05, 06 and 07, the "pre-tournament arc" as I've been calling it. These commentaries feature some really cool conversations with the staff behind the show: the music composer, the background artists and the script supervisor. They'll be out next week, so keep it tuned!


TOMEifiably amazing!

I can't wait for the Gemini Tournament, or the contest. I just hope it'll be something I can get in to.
I assume he contest will allow us to, if we win, enter our own characters into the tourney to fight with other players or possibly win.
Who knows?

No Anna Kingsley? D:

Have you tried using Swivel to convert your flash for Youtube? You can up-scale it to high def proportions.

Already can't wait for Episode 8 (unintentional rhyme), even though you haven't announced it.

Also can't wait for the new commentary as well, the first four were great and very informative. It's kind of like a behind the scenes feature for the show if you think about it.

Hehe, I just noticed, this is your 100th news entry here on Newgrounds :P

Maybe I'm being a total noob or something, but for some reason I don't see eps 2 and 3 commentaries on the sound cloud page linked. Are they being sneeky or something?

TOME is awesome. One of the best things I've ever seen made in flash, great story, art, and voice acting! I can't wait for episode 8!
(P.S. Kirb is my favorite character)

seing from how things are... its either a training episode where the characters suddenly in trouble OR the tournament

its been some time kirbo hope everything is going okay