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TOME Episode 06 at Kami-con tomorrow night!

Posted by Kirbopher - February 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, folks!

I'm gonna be at Kami-con this weekend! Tomorrow night, Friday at 8 PM in the Ballroom, I'll be doing another "Flashstravaganza" panel where we'll be showcasing TOME Episode 06.

Martin "Littlekuriboh" Billany will be there, and I'll be around for some of his panels as well! In fact, depending on how things go, if you show up to our panels over the weekend, you might get the chance to have your voice heard IN an upcoming TOME Episode. You'll have to be there to find out. ;]

I'm already working on TOME Episode 07 as well, with a bunch of animation already finished on some of the new characters and almost all of the actors have already been recorded. Episode 06 is all done and ready to go, so I might even get to release it over the weekend if I have internet access. The Nylocke Theme Song will also be put up on Bandcamp for download! Keep an eye on my twitter for details.

After the screening at Almacon last weekend, Liz suggested to make a little video for newcomers that might be interested in getting into the series, or if they wanna introduce their friends to it. So I made this little "About TOME" video, graciously narrated by Edwyn Tiong.

Oh and also, Cryamore is confirmed for mobile support! Thank you everyone SO much who donated. There's still plenty of time to contribute and plenty more awards to unlock!

So happy Valentine's Day everybody...this was my present this year. Thanks Liz.


Best online show ever!!!!!! :D

TOME taunts is going to definitely going to tide me over for the next few days until episode 6 lol. You have the best friends around Kirb.

It's exciting to hear you're already getting audience participation for episode 7 as well. That's fantastic news!

As if that was no occurrence

definetly anxious about ep 6 and curious to see how nylock's theme song will be utilized.


Words words words Episode 06 I mean WORDS!

YAY! TOME! I'll be waiting for episode 6, oh and just to reassure you, take as long as you need with these, i know it'll be worth the wait.

YAY! TOME! I'll be waiting for episode 6, oh and just to reassure you, take as long as you need with these, i know it'll be worth the wait.

this is always so great now you just need the actual game made ^-^... IT WOULD BE AWESOME :3

you should work on putting cliffhangers or preview of the next ep, well not preview but just something like some special ending to tease the audience. there's so much u cud do with tihs.

dude! i cant find the orchestral theme song of tome! even reading the credits dosnt help.