New Projects + A Couple 'o Cons

2012-10-09 19:43:08 by Kirbopher

Nothing major, but gotta few new updates!

First off, TOME Episode 05 is on its way out! The new installment will be released at the beginning of next month. The animation is complete, so all that remains is the sound design and compositing. In the meantime, to celebrate Halloween coming up soon, I'm harkening back to an ol' tradition of drawing the main cast of TOME in costumes for an illustration that will be released this month! This week, each of the five main characters will have a bunch of options for you to vote on, at the official TOME Facebook page. Cast your votes on what you wanna see Alpha and the gang dress up as!

Also, speaking of Episode 05, I'll be premiering it at this year's Youmacon 2012 in Detroit, Michigan! I've grown to love this con for the last few years and this next one's gonna be HUGE. No set schedule yet, but I can confirm I'll be doing my "Kirb's Flashstravaganza!" and "Balancing Act: Making an Animated Short" panels again! As soon as I know the times and days for them, I'll release an update with the schedule. During the Flashstravaganza this year, we'll not only be premiering the new TOME Episode, but we'll be joined by many of the cast and crew including Martin Billany, Bryon Beaubien, Dave Smith, Liz Losey and more! Not to mention, we'll be concluding the panel with a live performance of "Waltz of the Forest" by myself, Blake "Shadyvox" Swift and Musical Mike Patterson! Again, more details and an update video will follow once the con schedule's been released.

Additionally, I'll be at New York Comic Con this weekend with a TON of people; too many to count. Not gonna be doing anything in particular this year, but if you see me, feel free to say hi!

...oh and I guess I did some stupid cartoon in like, a day. S'nothing, really. Blame Mack.



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2012-10-09 20:01:05

quite the plan there. since production on episode 5 is done will episode 6 start production as well? also relating to your vid's title, ever see the sonic OVA? (where the dub had the very nasally voices)


2012-10-09 20:44:59

I f***ing hate not being able to travel due to reasons I an going to keep to myself. I also hate not having sound for, like 6 months. I have missed so much stuff!


2012-10-09 21:11:40

See ya at NYCC!


2012-10-09 22:26:25

Wait, you'll sing live?


2012-10-09 22:49:22

I hope Kirbopher goes as a ghost, that'd be interesting. xD


2012-10-10 06:18:48

Hey, Kirb! Remember...


2012-10-10 09:53:21

oh HAI even more conventions.


2012-10-10 14:36:55



2012-10-10 17:29:47

New Objective for my Comic Con Journey: FIND KIRBOPHER


2012-10-11 11:12:02

Have fun at Youmacon. Looking forward to TOME episode 5.


2012-10-11 14:28:26

that tome series ur working is kinda boring, i like ur mario songs and stuff


2012-10-12 21:47:50

Are we all referring to Martin by his real name now? I still like saying Little Kuriboh despite it's odd consonants.


2012-10-13 05:21:27

You're my inspiration, kirbopher.


2012-10-14 17:02:29

TOME!!! come to me tome! daddies waitin'!


2012-10-14 23:07:25

sup kirb good to see your still rockin -sincerly, Fenrir Wolf


2012-10-16 21:59:34

Yes, I've long waited TOME. It's probably my favorite series on all of Newgrounds.