So much stuff you don't even KNOW.

2012-09-02 11:24:22 by Kirbopher

No I mean really, you don't even know.

Aright so I've been up to quite a bit this summer. After my last update, I got very busy with a freelance gig for the Suffolk County library. I've been quiet on the blog front for a few months due to the grand majority of what I've been working on has had to be kept secret. Some of it is still under wraps, but there's a couple things Ican talk about now.

First off, the good folks from Studio Nasu and Otakon, the first anime convention I ever went to and STILL attend almost every year, are teaming up to do a side-scrolling beat 'em up game called "Crisis Heart Brawlers: Clash at Otakon". I'm working on the game as an animation clean-up artist and we've opened up a kickstarter about a week ago, which has already gotten almost half the goal's budget! There's some really great prizes for those who donate and every little bit helps! If you wanna help make the game great and get something extra special out of it, please help us out and donate! The people behind the game are trying to cram in as much awesome stuff into it as possible, so I can say for certain it'll be worth it in the end.

Several projects I've voiced in have come out now too! Dust: An Elysian Tail, an incredibly fun game created by Dean Dodrill is out for XBLA, featuring a HUGE number of talented actors from Newgrounds, including several I've worked with personally. Deven Mack Jr., the game's casting director, was kind enough to slip me a cameo that I won't spoil...go buy the game on Xbox, it's amazing!

I also was fortunate enough to work with Mike Sinterniklaas and Stephanie Sheh on the Berserk CG-animated movie that screened at SDCC and will be releasing to DVD soon. I'm scattered throughout the film as various soldiers...mostly dying ones. I got my arm chopped off and my balls shanked out. It was great.

Lastly, and this one I've been waiting to talk about for a while: I'm voicing the lead character "Pablo" in the very adorable children's learning program Curiosityville. It harkens back to stuff like Leapfrog and Jumpstart, but it's all online and easily accessible. If you've got any little ones that might like it, show 'em!

Those're only just a few things I've got cooking right now. I'm working on a music video as a commission for a certain well-known performer on YouTube, which is currently in its animatic stage and will be kicking into full animation as soon as the final song is mixed. I've also been developing lots of new stuff, some on my own and some with the help of others. Amongst all this though, I haven't forgotten about TOME. As with the other secretive stuff, I can't say anything just yet about TOME, but please be patient and keep an eye out for future announcements! Also, thank you everyone who subscribed to the official TOME Facebook page, as we hit over 5000 likes this Summer, which is incredible. I can only hope as things progress, the following with continue to grow with it.

Stay with me, folks!


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2012-09-02 11:28:47

that is a lot of things ^_^.

Kirbopher responds:



2012-09-02 11:41:28

i was never in one of those conventions and still i can even listen to word
i mean theres SOOOO MUCH CONS. its completly redicoulis -.- . 1 or 4 cons a year is ok. but thers like a 100 ...damn! those cons also steal animators/artists time since they allways have to go from a con to another...

Kirbopher responds:

Conventions are fun though! Especially when you beat up ninjas.


2012-09-02 11:49:31

The little sis will be glad for a reason to come on my computer for and indefinite amount of time. I, on the other hand, want to hear you scream while getting your arms chopped off by MOTHERF***ING GUTS FROM BERSERK WTF BRUH.

Kirbopher responds:



2012-09-02 12:16:18

Getting killed by Guts multiple times is an honor.

Kirbopher responds:

Yes it was, especially when you hear the bloopers.


2012-09-02 12:36:14

that curiosityville thing is fucking hilarious. It's hard to imagine kirb sir shoutsalot can also be a frog on a children's tv show. I love you man, keep up the work

Kirbopher responds:

Haha yeah, I do a lotta shouty characters but Pablo's just a big sweetheart. I love that character.


2012-09-02 12:45:01

I'm happy to see that good things are happening in your work. Still patiently waiting for Tome 5, but I'm just happy to see that you are doing well :)

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks for being patient!


2012-09-02 12:46:37

quite the summer there. can't wait to see the music vid animation. For tome, ever consider animating in a style like Balancing Act? Not for the actual episodes (animation is fine where it is), but more for the shorts as experimentation?

Kirbopher responds:

I'd love to, if I had more time and maybe more help...and definitely more money XD


2012-09-02 12:54:48

Holy crap Kirb, you've been a busy dude. Congrats on all the gigs though, it's gotta be cool to be killed by Guts though. :)

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks Mistah Dixon! And yeah, it was awesome. Especially hearing Marc Diraison's bloopers.


2012-09-02 14:11:52

Congrats on all of the wonderful gigs you have gotten this summer. I think it is amazing that you have worked this hard and made it so far in voice acting I can't wait to see where you will be in five years or so. Also I can wait for how ever long it will take for ep five of Tome to come out I mean you do it for our entertainment so you don't need to do it if you don't want to.


2012-09-02 14:53:31

Let's analyze this post

1. Your an Otaku

2. Your a furry

3. Your a expendable

4. Your a Mexican Kerro without the hat


2012-09-02 15:18:22

You're working on Berserk? I'm seriously impressed.


2012-09-02 15:46:02

Nice to know you won't be ignoring your fans *ahem* even while busy!
Congratulations on the gigs, man!


2012-09-02 16:28:22

Just shooting in the dimly-lit here: is that certain well-known youtube performer Shady by any chance?

Kirbopher responds:

Nope, it's someone I haven't gotten the chance to work with until now. Stay tuned!


2012-09-02 16:38:31

That game Crisis Heart Brawlers looks great.
Dust: An Elysian Tail looks even better. I'd want to be part of that too.
What? You voice characters in the film BerserkâEU¦ I'm a huge fan of Berserk. Man I'm so jealous.
Your voice sounds pretty good as that Pablo frog.
Please tell me how to become you. I'm serious.
Anyway, good luck with all your projects. I'm looking forward to the new TOME episode.


2012-09-02 18:13:10

From Lord Zet to a friendly frog named Pablo. Plus, you got a lot of awesome stuff on the way.
Impressive, that really IS impressive! I have the patience to wait for the next TOME episode, whenever it will come out. Again, that's really awesome with all these projects!


2012-09-02 21:48:45

Oh Kirb, if we're talking bloopers I better hear Kevin Collins singing some boardway and popular hits. It just won't be Berserk without 'em.

Kirbopher responds:

I didn't hear any of his famous musical numbers, but I DID hear some Marc Diraison bloopers.


2012-09-03 01:31:24

So, I read your whole article, and I can say, without a doupt, that you are into some pretty awesome stuff. Case in point- I wish I was like 5 to go onto curriosity ville just cause of that welcome video.

I hope you keep it up man!


2012-09-03 02:06:22

Awsome stuff dude! I can see you are one busy guy, good luck getting all that stuff done. I for one would never be able to do that many things at once I would get overwhelmed with all of it!


2012-09-03 15:03:51

Kirbopher: I am so happy you have so many opportunities opening up. It is good to know everything is going well. I just hope you won't keep us waiting too long for TOME. If you do, though, don't worry. I'll still be here along with all of your other fans. Good luck and have fun!


2012-09-04 23:38:26

Kirbopher, in CHILDREN'S programming? umm for some reason that sentence doesn't feel right.... but whatever i'm just glad that my favorite animator has some opportunities. you never stop breaking the boundaries of my expectations. you just keep coming back just getting better and better. i look forward to seeing more TOME, music video's, and most of all that crazy animator that keeps bringing me gold. see ya around! :D


2012-09-05 04:51:32

Sees Otakon video game trailer beginning and thinks to self hey this looks fun, sees doujin mode thinks I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Also kirbopher, someone who i'm used to saying vulgarity is in children's games!?!?!?!?!?!?!!)


2012-09-13 18:08:08

WOW! Looks like you've been REALLY bussy. Awesome work.
Thanks for reading.