February Plans + 2 Conventions!

2012-02-01 00:09:16 by Kirbopher

What up? I hope everyone's January was grand.

A very busy but enjoyable month for me. In terms of work, I've recently spent some time working on a feature film script I've been picking at for the last year or so; coming back to that was refreshing. I just had a great voice gig that I think I'll finally be able to talk about soon, as I think the clients plan on launching the project soon. I've also just finished a quick and unexpected Valentine's Day commission that was really fun! I'm not sure if I'll be able to put it on Newgrounds, but it'll be online for people to see one way or another.

Lastly is TOME, which I'll admit has been lagging as far as Episode 03's production goes. Current status is I'm generally fixing up a lot in terms of the visuals based on feedback I've received from the first two episodes. The actors are recorded and the scenes' audio is cut together, the new character sprite animation is complete and I'm currently working on the updated talking avatars, which already look a LOT better than the ones I've been using. I definitely don't think I'll be able to get this one done by Valentine's Day, but maybe if I hustle I can try and get it out before February's up.

Part of the reason I'll be a bit late on Episode 03 is because I have two conventions in a ROW next month! The first will be at Kami-con in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from Feb 3-5, which Martin Billany (voice of NNNNYLOCKE!) has graciously invited me out to in which to celebrate his birthday. I've got a Flash Animation panel on Friday night at 10 in the Ballroom, so if you're coming, be sure to stop by! I also did a quick little animated promo for it, featuring the Nostalgia Critic! (Apologies for the sloppiness, we had a REALLY short time to make it.)

Following that, I've got Almacon in Alma, Michigan from Feb 10-12! I've got my "Kirbopher's Flashstavaganza" on Friday night at 8, followed by "Balancing Act: Creating an Animated Short" on Saturday night at 7, then finally a Q&A on Sunday afternoon at 1:30. I'll hopefully have some new stuff to show and talk about by then, too.

That's about all for now. Keep it tuned!


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2012-02-01 02:16:56

Can't wait for TOME 3. Or anything else you do, really.


2012-02-01 03:26:21

You should come to either animenext in NJ or comic-con in NY! Pretty please :)

Kirbopher responds:

I go to both! Not as a guest, but you can always spot me there hangin' around!


2012-02-01 03:56:59

lol i loved how you just want to sya you are going to kami-con for like have to video....


2012-02-01 06:43:13

TOME3 visual fix about feedback?..
does this mean you gonna do "shadows" in the next episode?
il be super happy if you do :)


2012-02-01 08:31:27

No matter when you release the next tome, good luck making the 3rd episode. I'm actually surprised that its possible to make episodes over 15min long within a month and a half. Will the talking sprites just transition from pose to pose or will their poses be moving a bit more themselves?

Kirbopher responds:

The new talking avatars will be a bit more animated, instead of just switching from pose to pose.


2012-02-01 12:44:47

Dr. Z!!


2012-02-01 17:06:23

my january was very grand with assassins's creed 2 and me finishing high school forever!


2012-02-11 19:52:18

For me I think If you hustle you will get a tad bit sloppy. so take as much time as you need.


2012-03-02 02:54:25

Do you have an ETA on next TOME? I'm really amped to see what's been improved. OH also while i'm at it...I like how in the first TOME (the new version) you finally tell us how to pronounce your name. I was getting it wrong, but now I'm getting it right AND it's easy to remember now. "KIRBOPHER!!! It's like Christopher...only Kirbier..." LOL. Best quote ever.