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New Project Announcement: TOME

Posted by Kirbopher - November 2nd, 2011

Well people, I think I've teased you all enough, so I'm finally revealed one of the big secret projects I've been cooking up for the past month or so. I've prepared two trailers, one an introduction and one an overview, for a new animation project...
TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise.

So for those of you who aren't aware of the history behind this, at its core, TOME is a re-branding of the very first big Flash Movie project I ever did on Newgrounds, TvTome Adventures. Back when I was a teenager and really obsessed with "cyberpunk" stuff like Reboot, .hack// and MegaMan Battle Network, I created a series with characters all inspired by friends I'd made on the very first message board I ever posted on. The series, at the time, was using mostly ripped sprites from various video games edited to look like the characters I had designed, as well as some puppeted animation with graphics I had drawn myself.

My original plan from the beginning was that I had always wanted this concept to be a game. However, I had realized that I'm still far too inexperienced to know how to properly develop design for a full-fledged game and instead decided to try what led me to doing animation in the first place...producing it as a webseries! This new incarnation of TOME features all original content, including writing and animation from myself, some incredible music by Kajetokun (the "Over 9000" guy who's a VERY talented musician) as well as some beautiful artwork and backgrounds by Dave Smith (known for GG-Guys and his work on the NiN10Doh! collabs) and Fooly (who's been a longtime artist on Fireball20xl). This version will also be FULLY voiced, by a very stellar cast of actors I'm proud to work with. We even did a cheesy "Theme Song" performed by lead actor Blake Swift (Shadyvox) and myself. From the first episode I've completed thus far, the style of animation is a combination of traditional cinematics and "machinima"-like movements, in the sense that you're seeing the in-game engine of the TOME world with conversational and action sprites. This time however, everything is hand-drawn by myself and the small crew I'm working with, no edited sprites from pre-existing games, no ripped music, this is ALL us. The cast of characters have all been COMPLETELY updated or in some cases totally reimagined, especially the main group of five. Alpha and his friends are all really entertaining and fun from the response I've gotten behind the scenes, so I think you guys will really enjoy what I've done them all now.

The first episode is going to be an officially endorsed Newgrounds project, so major thanks to Tom Fulp, Mike Welsh and Mindchamber for the help. What I would LIKE to do with this project is produce one episode per month and have it be an on-going series, but that will all depend on how the reaction is to the first episode, so I'm depending on all of you to spread the word! I'm going to be premiering the first episode at Youmacon during the "Kirbopher Flashstravaganza" at 9 AM on Saturday. The first episode will then be viewable online for all to see hopefully the week after that and then I'm leaving it all up to you guys! If you were a fan of the original series and are excited about this new incarnation of "TTA", spread the word and support the project! I have a LOT of plans for some cool stuff to do with this series, including a way for people to have interaction with the world of TOME itself, but you'll have to stay tuned on that one. In the meantime, enjoy the trailers, hope to maybe see you at Youmacon and look forward to the first episode being posted this month!

Oh yeah and don't forget to like the official Facebook page! There's some neat stuff on there too. ;]

New Project Announcement: TOME

Comments (55)

Totally Called it! BOOYAH! Ah, man kirb, this is so friggin cool! Huge TTA fan right here, man, I can't wait to see how this ends out!

This will be cool


Hooray! It's back! Can't wait for it!


sounds awesome. can not wait for it.

AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!

i think the only thing that could make this better would be to have had the first episode to premier on november 11, 2011 =P

but seriously, im stoked. i do have a couple questions though-
1) how close will the redone series be related to the old series, plotwise?
2) will the redone series be like the old one in terms of humor, or no? what i mean is, your focus lately has been more on comedy rather than action and such, so will the redone series focus on comedy, with some action (like parody rangers) or will it like the old tta (with a lot of action, and some comedy in between)?

i hate to sound like a fanboy and proabably annoy the crap outta you, but i was just curious.

This new series borrows elements from the original version's story, but it's been reformatted to a new envisionment of MUCH higher quality. In a way it's the same story, but with my current level of experience in writing, directing and animating. As far as the comedy goes, I'd say it has more than the original (and it's GENUINELY funny, character-driven humor in my opinion), but it's also still a complete cohesive story and not just a chain of jokes like the parodies I've done on here.

This is gonna be awesome! Loved TTA now it's new n improved!

The last few words of the top trailer pretty much sum up what all of your fans have been thinking for the past year or so. "It's about time!" I've loved all your works and am glad this reveal probably cleared up about half of the trolling e-mails you receive. I do have a couple questions, though I understand if can't answer, as you're busy fulfilling all of our dreams. Guess I should get started, huh? So, Chris...
Is this gonna be an animation redo of TTA, with the D-Bug Org (One and Two), Rob* and his maze, Kagamemoru, and all that stuff, or will it have a different story?
From the art and trailers that I've seen, I also assume that your character is going to be in the humanoid form you've been drawing more recently, but is he, or will he be a Kirby again?
TTA was text-dialogue driven except for season finales, so how is this series gonna work?
Did you name this series about the game itself just to avoid confusion or is there some other reason?
I'm sure a ton of people are thinking about this too... Will there ever be a TOME game?
I guess I'll leave character reviews on your DeviantArt page, but I do love 'em. Chris, you rock, and this is going to be awesome. Best of luck with animations and voices. I wish I could help you out with this load of stuff, but I've got no idea how. If you do, let me know. Good luck with TOME.

Kirbopher will be keeping his current design. There will be text boxes at times, but this time it's fully voiced like the more-detailed episodes of the original series' season finales. The new name is 1, just better sounding and doesn't involve "TvTome" which no longer has anything to do with it, and 2 helps to brand this series as its own separate entity. Dunno about a game yet, but I'd sure like to someday!

You have no idea how excited I am about this. Your TTA series was the one thing that sparked my interest with flash movies and even voice acting!! =) You are amazing Chris!!

Sweet love to see this old series come back to life after so long but I've just got one question, are you picking this up from where you left it off on the old series or is this an entirely different story on its own?

kirb i salute you man i cant wait and im sure everyone else cant either *thumbs up*keep up the good work!


But seriously, when you dropped the hint that you'd be doing a reboot, I had my guesses that this was what was gonna be brought back. I'm glad it is; the original was excellent, and I can only imagine how you will improve on it.

With that in mind, is this series going to continue where the last season ended, or will it be a "start-from-scratch" thing?

Starting from scratch. :]

Great! Excellent! I've recently re-watched TTA for the... I don't knowth time! It would be great (and as said, excellent) to see Alpha and the crew with full voiceacting and stuff! I think I would rather want this than a Season 4! (Wait- Hm...)

I notice that you put kirb slicing the 1111 which makes me wonder are we still going to be having kirb get that secret power and will alpha still g through with meeting the program and lastly will we ever get to find out what happened at the end of the previous season and what happened to dark alpha?

Thanks for fulfilling all of our fanboy wet dreams, Mr. Niosi. Half of the people who read this probably have a boner now.

In all seriousness, the art on this looks amazing. Can't wait to see how cool this is (well, actually I can and will, since I'm missing Youmacon this year D: ). I'll undoubtedly be impressed by this, just like everyone else. I'll let others ask questions that are undoubtedly better and more likely to be answered than mine.

oh this is great i just got done watching the original set of tta :-P can't wait for this new one looks alot better


I just had a fangasm.

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