Year of the Doubleleven!

2011-01-11 14:17:23 by Kirbopher

It's January 11th, 2011...this marks the "Year of the Doubleleven!"

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Why? Because I'm 22, two elevens. That's why! This is gonna be my year, to prove myself as both an artist and as an individual. I've only got 3 months or so left of college and a LOT to get situated by the time I graduate.

I've just come back from an amazing week in Vancouver as my birthday present, being able to see the ladyfriend and having my "calm before the storm" time until the semester starts...which it has! I've got three classes this semester one, notably of which is "Animation Career Development" with Dave Levy. All the while I'm still toiling away at my thesis film and making good progress. I've got a large amount of animation done and should be able to get everything finished in time. It will be screened at the Dusty film & animation festival on Mother's Day weekend, May 6th-10th in front of a huge audience at SVA's big theatre. Excited? Totally. Nervous? Incredibly. Doin' my best over here. I just cut together the final dialogue mix with my incredible cast of Chris Zito, Marianne Miller and most recently Micah Solusod. Plenty more to do, but seeing this particular film getting ever closer to completion is truly satisfying.

Meanwhile, NiN10Doh! to the 64th Power's on the front page of Newgrounds right now and doing pretty well for itself in the first two weeks or so. For those who might be interested, a guy I knew from The Fallout Shelter years back took a recording of the collab's premiere at AnimeEvolution and has now re-uploaded it for people to see. S'a little haphazardly screened as far as our technical setup went, but if you give it a look you'll see the work-in-progress cuts of the segments, including the unfortunately unfinished Donkey Kong/Punch-Out! segment animated by Michael J. Ruocco.

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Gonna be taking a break from Newgrounds and internet projects for an indefinite while, since I've got a ton of bigger stuff to focus on, but hope you got a laugh or two and enjoyed the incredible animation the 64 crew put together.

Also on the subject of elevens, I'm really excited about "Inazuma Eleven" coming out in Europe at the end of this month and I'm totally importing the crap out of it. Earlier-mentioned ladyfriend has gotten me obsessed with it and I'll be happy to play the Soccer RPG game in English. I've not played Professor Layton, but Level-5 I trust is a pretty amazing game developer. If anyone else gets their hands on it at the end of the month, lemme know!

Last but certainly not least, while I'll be pulling back on the convention circuit a tad, I AM looking forward to returning to MAGfest this weekend. Last year it was one of the funnest times at a con I've ever had and should be just as fun this year, even without the same group of friends I went with prior. If you're going, try and find me and say hi!

S'all for now. Happy Year of the Doubleleven people!


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2011-01-11 14:37:07

Happy doubleleven to you too!

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks, you too!


2011-01-11 14:48:08

Happy doubleeleven to you

A Buddhist told me that 1-11-11 is the luckiest day of the year...but what about in November? Wouldn't it be 11-11-11 then? Wouldn't that be the luckiest day of the year?

Regardless, have a great year!

Kirbopher responds:

November 11th will be the bomb.


2011-01-11 15:07:27

Please give me tasty cake.

Kirbopher responds:



2011-01-11 15:48:36

lol, what is it with you and elevens? first tta and its use of elevens, and now this

Kirbopher responds:

I enjoy the 11s.


2011-01-11 15:59:12

Happy Doubleeleven then Kirbopher, and great job on NIN10DOH: TOTHE64THPOWER!

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks a bunch!


2011-01-11 16:34:39

Happy doubleleven, KirboFOUR. haha... OH GOD IT'S THE D-VIRUS!!!!!!

Man I love TTA ,you are so awesome for producing it!!!

Kirbopher responds:

Ahem, the D-Bug that is. GET IT RIGHT, SUCKA.


2011-01-11 17:20:51

Even though that collab sucked hard when compared with that sock puppet cartoon you did with D-Mac; happy 22nd birthday.

Kirbopher responds:

The christmas.


2011-01-11 17:36:38

I miss when FightingSeraph at least tried to pretend he wasn't a jerk.

Kirbopher responds:

Me too.


2011-01-11 17:47:16

If it was up to me, 11.11.11 would be the day of the apocalypse.

Kirbopher responds:

My goodness.


2011-01-11 17:50:50

today is my b-day

Kirbopher responds:



2011-01-11 19:01:56

happy doubleleven to ya kirb!

Kirbopher responds:

You too!


2011-01-11 19:43:33

I know an eleven-year-old who animates kinda well. happy Doubleleven to all you Newgrounders out there!!

Kirbopher responds:

He must be some kind of supergenius.


2011-01-11 20:26:24

Whoop-whoop for the big 22 and the big 2011! May your future endeavors be successful and all of your lazors be fired straight.

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks bro. B)


2011-01-11 20:41:14

I'm 22 years old. That makes double eleven.

Kirbopher responds:



2011-01-11 21:26:28

I heard people call you a troll and that in there series there going to make you a priest who they will gorily kill just heard some rumors also have a evil double 11`s

Kirbopher responds:



2011-01-11 23:44:26

How the hell could you possibly be happy about aging?

Kirbopher responds:



2011-01-12 01:16:54

Amazing work on the new NiN10Doh! You just made my list of inspiring authors :)

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!


2011-01-12 01:38:46

'a guy I knew'
That one DK fighting piece didn't make it into the collab - sup with that? - looked damn funny. Seems pretty intimidating viewing your stuff in front of a live audience - looks like everyone enjoyed it tho. Loading the pieces separately wasn't a big deal afterall. I look forward to your masterpiece.
I love it when they're blue.

Kirbopher responds:

Yeah sadly we never found a person with the time to finishing the clean-up and coloring and I couldn't delay it anymore, so we had to nix it unfortunately. I really enjoyed showcasing it to that room, I couldn't believe how huge and into it the audience was. Thanks a lot. :]



2011-01-12 04:15:41

Happy Berfday, dawg!

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks! :]


2011-01-12 09:59:42

Hey kirb this is my doubleleven too!!!

Kirbopher responds:



2011-01-12 11:36:27

I pray i will be able to go to NYC tomorrow, but you guys are supose to get a ton of snow. oh the sadness. anyway, have fun in the snow :)
Heck, make a flash about the world ending due to like 5 inches of snow >:D
that would be fun


2011-01-12 19:09:31

Hey, it's 22 years old for me too!