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Well, eff me!

Posted by Kirbopher - October 21st, 2008

Okay, THIS was pretty badass. So this week the teacher for my main Animation Class was out on a cross-country trip of some kind, so we had a substitute who ended up being a guest! Ian J. Quartey, of Venture Bros. & nockFORCE fame instructed us for a few hours during figure drawing and gave us a quick lecture for the final hour of the class while showing us some classic NY-based toons. I talked shop with him and a few classmates and it was awesome. He had actually seen my Scott Pilgrim flash ad I made a few months ago too which was pretty neat. The figure drawing sessions were challenging, but fresh. Got lotsa pointers to keep in mind for my artwork in the future as well. SUPERFINE.

Well, eff me!

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So was it like a surprise from the teacher you think?

He was set to be a guest speaker but ended up teaching the entire class itself, which was cool because his drawing techniques were really in-depth.

cool and congrats dude.you need help with your animation,just kidding,keep up you work and nice drawing,who ever the hell that is

thats sick

That kicks ass. Now we can expect your art to be even better!

sweet man thats cool

oh and two things:
1. venture bros. is funny
2. a question for kirbopher not to be a pest and i know you quit but if you are when are you putting the beggining episodes of tta in your site? sorry just wanted to know

Probably never.

Where do you go?

The School of Visual Arts in NYC.

FUCKN' SWEET!!!!!!!! Dude that is totally awsome! You lucky bastard you.

Love (not really)

Badass forever...

Wow...the odds are always against me...
I wanted to go there last year (I'm a senior in hs now) but then I found that my passion for making music was stronger
Oh, well...
You might see my friend there next year though...
You can't miss him. He's insane. Easy to see him jumping ten feet into the air and running at about 30 mph through the halls.


That's got to be cool! I know when I met some actors from Broadway musicals that I have seen during workshops it's really cool to see how they really are. keep kick butt man!

Nice Picture Kirb.

By the way I was watching Nickelodeon and I saw one of the Nicktoons Film Festival movies was by someone at SVA (not you)

You wouldn't happen to be doing one, would you?

Nah I didn't have time to make something for that competition. Maybe the next time around.

Or know who it is?

Okkusenamn Okkusenman!

HOLY FRAK N' BRAK! Venture bros.? That's one of my favorite shows ever. . . .lucky! Lol, well that's still pretty cool. . . . .*envy, envy, envy, envy*

insert murderous amounts of envy here. Lucky bug.

That's awesome!

Hey, Kirb, did you get the PM I sent you?

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