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Brawl Taunts 3 + Moving forward with Rangers: THE MOVIE

Posted by Kirbopher - October 19th, 2008

First and foremost, since Kira's not currently able to make front page posts, I think it's more than necassary for me to plug this. There's been a huge fan outcry for there to be a third installment of Brawl Taunts...and now it's reached a point where literally only YOU can make it happen! I originally had "Even More Brawl Taunts" planned as an April Fools joke for MUCH later down the line, but I'll be carrying over some of that idea for the opening segment of B.T.3, which will involve the Kirbopher & Rina-chan characters from the beginning and end of B.T.2 as you may remember. After that, is where you fine folks come in! Check out her blog entry for all of the details and be part of her biggest project yet!

As for myself, as you guys might've been able to tell, I managed to (thank god) get the final two scenes of -Part 1- of the Rangers Movie combined together. Both were about 2 and a half minutes long, which I would've hated with a burning passion to upload seperately, especially since people were pissed enough (as was I) to the fact that the second piece was only 3 and a half minutes. Thankfully my school computer allowed me to get those last two together, which means 1-3 completes the 14 minutes of animation that make up -Part 1-.

That's all the work on the Movie I've done so far. I've basically decided to continue what I was doing in the first place: continuing to finish the Movie until the end of the script I had set in place for me. When it gets down to it, I have no room to complain about something that, despite my feelings NOW, is something I enjoy doing and will get me some incredibly decent funding up until I complete the entire thing. I'll be taking a break for the time being to see if I can finish up MY last bits of work on $00pah NiN10Doh! and hopefully get everyone else's stuff by Halloween, again, without overlapping the Halloween contest that I know a lot of people are working their asses off on to make some great stuff.

I've realized while going through the script, that all of what I had planned for -Part 2- is MUCH bigger than I had originally planned...to the point where I may end up splitting THAT up into two parts, making what I considered to be Part 3 into Part 4. Uneccasarily confusing, I know. However, my original deal was that it would be three parts and a set amount of sponsorship money for each, so I'd have to work that out with Tom to determine what exactly will be done. At the same time, if it weren't blatantly obvious already...despite working my (and more specifically several tech-savvy friends of mine) ass(es) off to try and fix the problem, I seriously need to try and find a way to combine all of the scenes together before I start on the animation process of -Part 2-. I'm not aqquainted with Johnny OR Stamper, but perhaps I can get in contact with one of them and possibly learn whatever magical spell that was used to compile the MGS collabs, if it's theoretically something I didn't know or already try during the month of attempting to solve that issue.

IF however, nothing can be done about combining all of the scenes together, then I'm going to leave it up to the fans to determine how the "episodes" will be submitted. It usually takes me about a month to finish the animation for a scene (a maximum of two that usually make up an "episode" IF I can manage to squeeze them together through whatever means). As with before, this would more be completely up to Tom if it'd be appropriate or not, but what I mean is if people would prefer to me to continue what I had no other choice in doing, which was submitting the pieces once a week for X-amount of weeks that would equate to the scenes...OR, if people would rather not wait and have me submit an "episode" as soon as I make one deemably long enough. Despite the annoying length, a vast majority of movies submitted to NG in the first place usually only DO run about 3-5 minutes or so...so it's not like this is unheard of or anything, it's just inconveniant.

So if it comes to that, let me know here what you'd prefer: To wait and submit each for a few weeks like I did with the three episodes of -Part 1- or to simply put out the -Part 2- episodes as I complete them (WHEN I get to animating them, which will probably start in November). Obviously I'd LIKE to submit full Parts that run a much longer time limit, but this is only a backup. Also, I may be able to submit all of -Part 1- combined to places like YouTube with plenty of links and directions back to NG, so keep an eye out for that...but please don't put 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 up on YouTube or anything seperately, no offense.

Also, I'll be putting some other little behind-the-scenes stuffage on the production blog not long from now, so be sure to check that as well. I'll try to have some screenshots from a few $00pah NiN10Doh! segments in the near future, as well. Thanks for stickin' with me for now.

Comments (34)

Just put it up on Youtube yourself now? Ill be sure to check all of that out!

PS Well done on the flash :)

Excelent, looking forward to everything dude! Keep up the good work :D

Part one started weak, but is ending really awesomely. I love the body language in part 3.

Weell great dude :D

"No there's not gonna be a third."


Good luck though.

She REALLY wants to make a third one, I don't. Therefore, she's getting other people to do it instead. My opening segment for it with the Kirbopher & Rina-chan characters will explain the rest.

make movie clips of about 30 seconds each of the movie and put some AS to make it finish 1 before moving onto the next?

I've been doing that since Rangers 3 and was able to do that somewhat with the Movie, however since the files are really big and there's so much vector art, putting a scene into another file that HAS a scene in it most of the time overloads the program.

People are getting their HyperCam ready and put it on YouTube.I wish I have a HyperCam

I guess I can give it a shot. so on average how long would you say your demo cartoon has to be?

Hypercam sucks.
Camista all the way! :D

I'm looking foreward to BT3

Dude, always wanted even more Brawl Taunts, but I thought you had skipped those shorts. I'd prefer if you submitted the episodes fully, and not in parts. That's what mainly annoyed me. Also, can't wait for $oopah Nin10Doh! Is Richie making another sweet pre-loader? I hope so.

Needs moar falcon punch

Well, thanks for the warning that another shitty Brawl Taunts will eventually show it's embarrasing self. I'm sure it will take it's undeserved rewards. =)


Cock joke.


Hope you made the right decision Kirb.

dear production blog today i beat a dead horse

Her decision, not mine.

woah there why dontchya take one for the team!

This is being made because SHE wants to make it, not me. She says if you have an issue with this then take it up with her. -I- don't want to make it, but who am I to tell her what she can and cannot make?

I think you should ditch Rina-Chan and team up with Rtil, Randy Solem, me, or anyone that has at least some sort of artistic integrity when you're done with the Parody Rangers movie.

It's not a team-up, the first two weren't team-ups to begin with. They were both paid commissionsas well as favors for a good friend.


As far as I'm concerned, this is only being done so she can get what she wants. I have no right to tell her to NOT do something that at the end of the day, has nothing to do with me. The opening segment of the 3rd one is literally an animation of the Kirbopher character telling Rina-chan to find someone else to animate after she continually pesters him to do so, then she gets an idea, the movie begins, and the rest of it is done by other animators.

I didn't want there to be a third one because I KNEW I was gonna shit for it just like this. Even when it turns into a collab that I'm not even directly involved in, I STILL get backlash for it. I'm surprised that I didn't expect that to happen either.

-I- don't want to make it, but who am I to tell her what she can and cannot make?

gotta love that cynical logic

No, really. I don't have any right to stop her, because it's not MY project. It wasn't to begin with.

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