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Apology + Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE for a Month!

Posted by Kirbopher - October 3rd, 2008

Well, might as well start off by apologizing, huh?

We've tried every possible method known to MAN in order to get all scenes of Part 1 combined, with no luck in the end. We did this for about a month after the animation for the first 14 minutes was completed. Unfortunately, my only option is to submit it in pieces.

The way this will work, I'll be submitting four movies, once a week for four weeks. Since the combined, 14 minute Part 1 of Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE was going to be on the front page for about a month, there will be four "episodes" that will replace each other on the front page every week upon submission. So Parody Rangers will be on the front page for a solid month.

I know this'll probably be a giant pain in the ass for a lot of people, but please trust me when I say my friend and I tried EVERYTHING to get this combined into a submittable .swf for Newgrounds. At the very least, we CAN combine these into a movie file submitable for YouTube when all's said and done, so that you can watch several of the scenes in a row with no hassle (hopefully even all 14 minutes in a row as one video) and even later down the line a possible HD download. All of that will be available AFTER all four "episodes" have been submitted to Newgrounds (snd our schools leave us alone so we can work on them).

The point of doing this project for the sake of Newgrounds and helping out the website, so I wanted to make absolutely sure that this would show up here first. Tom's approved this method, so hopefully with that in mind you guys'll bare with me. Each "episode" will be anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes in length, sometimes a little longer, depends on which scene and/or scenes are being submitted. Either case, plenty to keep you occupied for a month, and thankfully this is JUST in time to work out without clashing with the Halloween contest.

Hope you'll enjoy it for what it is and I apologize for the gigantic inconvenience.

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awesome dude, so hows supah nintendoh going?

I'm aiming for November with that one. I don't wanna interfere with the Halloween contest and hopefully everyone should be done by then.

Awesome to the max, keep up the funny and great animations. Cant wait to see the rest of the movie (parts)

big bag
big bag

Barg. Borg.


Part 1 was AMAZING, straight up to my 2nd favorate (behind MGA2), that was some of the best animation Ive ever seen, I can only hope I'll be as goood as you someday. But daily 3rd? COME ON its much better than that.

Whyd you remove your 15? I thought it was important?, 1111 and all that?

wakka wakka.

Who wanz tah he-uh a funneh-ass joke?

Heeey you're in Long Island. Neato.

Well sucks that you have to keep cutting it into pieces. But it alteast can get you King of the portal.

I think you did a great job. I mean Its here. And all you really had to do was cut it for time, its ok. No need for apologies. I can wait a month.

Been looking forward to this for a long while. I can wait a few weeks for the whole part. Maybe it's for the better. If I saw it all at once, I might be overwhelmed and shit bricks of solid LOL.

Aww, man, I can't believe you couldn't get them all in one flash! I'm Ericho and I just wanted to say that in case you ever need voice work or anything, I'm here!

Guess they'll work as a series too then : )

You've aimed really high with this so I'm interested to see the full result. Hell I might even wait till every single part's out so I can watch it all in one sitting.

break the movie into 5 minute segments and put those in a movie clip



I've done that for GGPR3 and NiN10Doh!, I'm well aware.

Because I did so many drawings for the animation of THIS project, each individual scene took up a RIDICULOUS amount of RAM, in some cases I can't even open certain scenes on my computer anymore. The other problem is that there was no 64-bit version of Flash we could find in order to make full use of a computer that has a ton of RAM. My friend Marc, who had 8 gigs on his computer alone, would've been able to combine all of the scenes together in the fashion you speak of. Unfortunately, the program simply couldn't take it.

When I said we worked for a month, we worked. For a fucking. MONTH. Nothing worked, so this is the only option I have. Do I WANT to do it? Fuck no! I literally HAVE to.

you have no numbers in your username now! now that is nice news.

1 a week for Part 1. I can totally dig it. You guys did an amazing job, btw. Rock on guys.

So now that the movie is being released, will you be releasing more Parody Rangers movies, branching off onto an entirely different project (Scott Pilgrim?), or shifting your attention back to... *suspenseful pause* TTA?

No. TTA's cancelled, Scott Pilgrim I can't make a series out of, and the Parody Rangers movie in its entirety (along with $00pah NiN10Doh) will be my last NG-audience cartoons.

Hey man,
I think its worth the wait for the next part(s).
Part one was so good & Hi rez.
I can wait another...while...for this whole thing/other parts to come out!

Your Kirby drawings are so bad-ass. :3

sweet, gotta love the parody rangers

I know you said you would not make any more cartoons for the Newgrounds audience, but are you going to leave Newgrounds forever? I didn't completely understand.

No, I love the site so there's no reason to leave. However, I've WANTED to move on to better things as far as animation goes for quite a while now, but I'm LOCKED into working on these projects because I'm in serious need of the money. I'll probably make a post later regarding my actual -original- ideas for some future projects.

Thank You anyway for not Closing the Series.

I seriously Love the Parody Rangers.

Who Ever Voices "Meat" did an Awesome Job!


Chris is the fucking bomb and I love the energy he brought to that character.

nice job with first part of power rangers, sucks when dividing up the files to fit accordingly goes wrong eh? well at least you're not disappointing anyone, the first part was short but sweet. as one artist [musical] to another [flash designer] i give you respects.

Oh I'm sure I'm disappointing PLENTY of people, trust me. Either case, glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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