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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

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Good luck on the fundraiser! People often take for granted just how much work it takes to put animated content together even if the creators are highly experienced and efficient in what they do. Viewers also need to understand that unfunded content can never continue indefinitely which is why it is important to support the stuff they like.

That is pretty cool. Good luck

to make this a reality.. newgrounds needs to step in here and help you advertise.

i love the TOME series so much.

I could donate

but I won't since it will happen

Ill drop a few bones. Even if the show isnt for everyone, I find the characters catchy and I give you credit for going all out and creating your own show. Good, bad or not, you're doing what alot of use can't, or are afraid to do, and for that alone you deserve some props

Good luck on the fundraiser, you definitely have my support!

I'd love to help out but as someone who's broke and with $60,000 in tuition costs for University I just can't swing it. That and as someone who defended ya during those dark times but then was left by the wayside when casting calls came up, well *shrug* anyway I wish ya luck with making a season 2.

your mother must be one BA women if Samus reminds you of her o.o

Hey, think you'll do another nintendo collab?

Will you upload all of them to Newgrounds?

$15k for a new season of tome? Yeesh the backers would be hoping things aren't so motion tweeny

Nice gamexplain vid man!

When I heard you came from NG in the intro I thought that was super cool.

Is it true you voice acted/drawn something in DUST:AET? cause is saw you're name in the credits..

you make some great points and i hope others can see it the way you do because i feel the same way about samus as a charecter


Guys! TOME Season 2 is finished@ Go check it out on his YouTube page:


He got so far, only to be slammed right back down to earth by his idiocy

hi kirbopher is me alyssa santiago