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So I went back and looked for things that could have been seen in a different light upon the new revelation, and while some things still don't make sense (but maybe we'll see later on) there are plenty of things that I can see working. An awesome finale for an awesome series my friend. Kudos to you :)

I love how you ended this episode LOL. Also I am going to try to pick up that album, stickers, and maybe the 2nd shirt I hope. :>

Well, the first season of TOME is over. Now, how the second one will be? Does the characters will master new attacks and powers? Will they have new outfits and maybe a slightly different appearance? Will the world of TOME be bigger? Will there be new allies and enemies? Will there be unexpected stuff happening? I am wondering about it.

I've had my criticisms about your work, but it always makes me happy to see somebody reach their artistic goals. Good shit man, damn near nobody makes it this far. You definitely know how to get shit done, congrats.

whens the 2nd season come out

Congratulations on the 10th episode. It really was great. It was easy to tell you put your heart and soul into it. And you have improved so much.

Going forward, the biggest thing I would advise you to work on is the consistency of certain elements in your series. How does everything tie into the mechanics of the game? Do the actions of the characters from each individual episode make sense with their overall personality and objectives? Does each episode flow well into the next? Etc.

But overall, great job. It's a good series and you keep getting better. I look forward to season 2, whenever that is.

I'm not a fan of this show, but a fan of your determination. Keep it up!

The OVA you threw out answered a LOT of questions I had about the series. Very detailed and to the point. Well done, Kirb. Looking forward to future Season 2 TOME!