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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

Chris Niosi @Kirbopher

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School of Visual Arts

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Comments (10)

Oh goodie, this will be the best Christmas gift ever if 10 comes out before January :D

Will you release on christmas. We want a good xmas gift from u. Btw nin10doh was awesome

What happened to the SoundCloud commentary on your videos? I found those quite fascinating and was hoping to see them on 8 and on.

I have a plan for the commentaries, stay tuned for details!

couldn't just

this has been a good remake of the original series and i've been injoying it all the way through.good job.

Funny thing is, that's actually how I got MY username. My name, which should be pretty obvious, combined it a video game character's name, which happened to be Rallen from Spectrobes.

I know you said how NG is now beneath such sites as Youtube in terms of videos and such, but its awesome how you keep posting here. Really shows how much you care. So thanks!

I really do still care about Newgrounds; I have a sense of loyalty to it and it's where I got my start.

I can understand the game theorists thing. Animated content that's in the category of "series" or "episodic" in general has a much higher factor of difficulty when it comes to introducing it to new audiences, especially if, like in this case, is placed into to a channel that seems to consist of viewers that are used to "one-and-done" productions, or stuff that is more casual in approach. Incompatible audience.

Anyhow, it is always a pleasure to see the different roads artists travel with this kind of stuff, I deeply appreciate you posting your thoughts here in addition to the vlogs and stuff.

you know, it seems like you have an interesting story for EVERY event in your life.

So I won't go into any spoliers or anything since you haven't posted it yet but....You did a damn good job Kirb. Keep up the excellent work.