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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

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Comments (7)

Keep up the good work Kirbopher. It is hard to imagine that a few years ago TOME was just sprites and text boxes but now it is fully animated and voiced, definitely an accomplishment.

i'd say the same thing that the guy below me said, but it would be obnoxious. Eagerly awaiting 7 Kirb!

An awesome voice actor and flash artist brings us awesome news about an awesome series. Thank you, Kirb! Looking forward to Episode 7 and the others to follow.

I just wanna say that TOME episode 6 was the greatest yet, great character progression, a lovely song, drama and combat.

But I did feel sorry for Squire.. I mean.. Kirbopher, he probably is without a partner now, atleast in his circle of friends. I wonder who he is gonna team up with.

Another awesome episode.. but raised quite a few questions, but I'd just like to have only 1 answered honestly.

Mainly I'd like to know why you decided to completely skip the Z tournament and go straight to the Gemini Tournament.

I have said this before, but I love the direction you have been taking the series. And I love every character related change you made since TTA and believe every change, no matter how major or minor, has so far been positive if not outright brilliant. The story is better, the characters are more endearing, it is much more polished, it no longer feels too much like DBZ, Etc. Etc. Etc.

What I want to know, however, is will the outcomes be different?

Don't get me wrong, I loved TTA (I recently re-watched every episode of TTA because episode 6 of TOME got me so pumped after re-watching it nearly twenty times) and it had some great (albeit sometimes DBZ like) plot twists. But I already know what happens in TTA. Without spoiling it for me, will thing like the D-Bug org's leader(s) and other story points be changed enough so that someone who watched the original series won't be able to predict things like this.

Great episode! Can't wait for episode 7! :D