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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

Chris Niosi @Kirbopher

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School of Visual Arts

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Comments (15)

well we know the first moderator now although the others are funny

Happy Early Birthday! :D

Happy to see that things are going well. I look forward to all your stuff in 2013!

I loved the new TOME short! Im just curious on if we will ever see Martain Taunts 2 on Newgrounds.


Fifth comment, nice. Hey, when do you plan on releasing tome 6, the story just seemed to be getting good.

"I hope you guys enjoyed the short and it ties you over for a bit until we get Episode 06 done. It's a bit over halfway finished and I'll be pulling major crunch-time on it throughout January."

alright! good news all around! will some of the animators have booths at magfest?

heh looks like im not the only one getting older on the same day... happy birthday :D

hope for the best in the next year!!! im going to make a comment that may be a little stupid, but i don't really know about if you know him or if you're going to meet him at the MAGfest.....ok here we go!! you should ask egoraptor to make a character voice in TOME! even if it's just for one episode (this is why i say i don't know about this, i don't know if it's easy to comunicate in the U.S. to do this jobs....im from Mexico) but oh well, just my comment, happy birthday!! (tomorrow)

Happy birthday, and have a fantastic new years!

Seeing as how i'm probably not going to make the con (dammit) I hate to be that guy but I have to ask.
Any chance of another Nin10doh! collab ever?

happy birthday! im a huge fan of your movies and tome!

so busy! hah, amazing as always though~
happy birthday! have a great day!

Wow, your birthday is on the same day as mine!

so Kirbopher who is more cool sonic or Tome in your opinion ?

Hey you wouldn't happen to be going to Comic-Con in san Diego would you, because I would like to meet an amazing animator like yourself.