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glad to hear you are getting plenty done with the series. cant wait for the next episode and short. the series is awesome and i have followed it since the first episode

I've never bought anything from online web-series but I think this may be the first. Nice going Kirb! Any way I THE WOLF KING EAGERLY AWAIT ANOTHER VISIT INTO TOME! MAKE HAST MY FRIEND!!! 5 stars on the tee by the way. :D

NYLOCKE! Dragon/Master of getting massive character development! I love Nylocke to bits so I know this is going to be awesome! But I was hoping you would develop Flamey more with an episode or just bit by bit inside the episodes. I think she should stand out more since she's supposed to be the "unofficial leader"

but a freaking Nylocke episode! Oh man! Oh man! This is going to be great! I'm excited to see what happens in the short also. Episode 6 kind of left us wondering what's going to happen with Kirb and Alpha next.

No worries on Flamey, her time will come soon enough. ;]

Seeing that the upcoming episode will concentrate on everyone's favourite dragon warrior, will seated spectators see that cynical, sarcastic, sordid, selfish, seedy, and squalid-minded snake Serpentine once more?

(alliteration appeal!)

NYLOCKE!!! Dragon of wooshing on the front of your T-shirt!

Hi Kirbopher my name is x-545 i´m new here in Newgrounds and i must say i like the Tome videos you have been making including the one of the two hackers and the other one explaining what is Tome.
Keep up the good work

Sorry i forgot about the Nylocke video, sorry my bad.


NO WAY!!! the 5th is my 18th! BIRTHDAY

cool nylocke shirt, seriously! it makes me laugh of how fun the drawing-style is!

You're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo awesome,
I love TOME!!! Out of all the series I've seen on newgrounds, TOME is they only one that really gets me excited. The drawing art reminds me of Yugioh and Dragon ball z!!!!
Also the opening and background music is nice.
Can't wait to get this awesome shirt.

I haven't been able to find Martin Taunts 2, have you posted it yet?

Not yet, but soon!

YAY!! i always imagined martin being REALLY fun to work with. i wonder what Christmas with him is like.

Yes, Nylocke! Still wish I could get my hands on that tee.

Maybe you could have keychains or something similar of each of the 5 characters in various poses, Like Kirb's "ready to chop you in half" air jump, or Alpha's Vulcan Fist. Just some thoughts.

Your life seems to take an excellent turn of envents since you started TOME, It's easy to see that you are happy and motivated ( it does make a nice chance next to all the artist that get unfortunaly a miserable life and gave up their series...)
I am sincerly happy for you, and looking forward to see TOME growing.
Also, do you think that maybe in like, few years, you could add some europeans subtitles for TOME ? I'ts not a big deal If It's impossible bit that would be nice.
Oh, and sorry If It's hard to understand me: I am french.

I always think of Nylock's whoosh when I'm playing warcraft, especially when I use Flying Serpent Kick. Anyways keep up up great work, and i look forward to episode 6.

Love Nylocke!! Will there be any so called "Moderators" coming later in TOME? Or even some character who has a terrible connection all the time and lags and moves/proofs all over the place or runs in place? lol. I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with in TOME. It's just so well written, brilliant, and many people can relate to the characters and the series (game) in general. I shalt be waiting.