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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

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hells yeah!

Allow me to show you this...
WIKIPEDIA Article....
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Smash_Brothers_Brawl">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Sm ash_Brothers_Brawl</a>




Christ, LOOSEN UP, man!

If you so desperately want to exclude yourself from the &quot;nightmare&quot; that is Brawl Taunts, why don't you just stop talking about it? Stop feeling so obligated to clear your name by constantly explaining yourself and just make cartoons. I've seen so many of your blog posts and author comments preemptively apologizing for stuff you've done, nobody cares, dude! Or if they do, they're assholes and you shouldn't even waste your time trying to please them. Work on making yourself a better artist, not a more popular community figure :/

I couldn't care less about being a popular community figure, people just seem to THINK that popularity is the only thing I care about. People also seem to think that having "status" on Newgrounds or any other website means something important when it restrospect, it doesn't. I learned THAT lesson the hard way.

What you say is true, but as you've probably read, the whole point of the Rangers Movie NOW is to better myself in animation and gain funding for better, more original projects in the future. So when it gets down to it, yeah, that's essentially what I'm doing.

Very nice preview pic. some professional coordination yielding some professional flash movies.
i've seen a dramatic increase of quality flash here on NG. and im very excited for the future, allthough you make me feel like an inferrior artist.. &gt;_&gt; im very pleased with you contributions to NG.


U_U meth is a hell of a drug.... forgive me father.

FUCKING JESUS CHRIST! WHAT DID LF DO TO DONKEY KONG COUNTRY! IT LOOKS HORRIBLE! How can you make flash for so many years and not improve, and why the fuck did it had to be DKC, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!?!

Ahaha. That segment is about 10 seconds long, tops, by the way.

and its all one big tween too i bet ;D

Heh, I'd totally participate in a Brawl Funnies althought given the last one's roster I sincerely doubt I'd get within a 100 miles of it.

Also I can't believe how hypocritical Gerkinman's being. (and that's the politest way I could bring myself to say)
But yeah, has Joey at least started to use easing? Or stopped using his 'british' accent?

I don't know? Talk to HIM about it.

Your name spelt backwards is Sirhc - I have no idea how to pronounce that.

[Oblitory good stuff, keep it up, your improve quite well, type junk here]

Sirchisoin. CIRCUSOIN!

&quot;I couldn't care less about being a popular community figure, people just seem to THINK that popularity is the only thing I care about. People also seem to think that having &quot;status&quot; on Newgrounds or any other website means something important when it restrospect, it doesn't. I learned THAT lesson the hard way.&quot;

and rina-chan will too after this thing comes out and she will feel the same way.

this FRONTPAGED post should be entitled &quot;Kirbopher doesnt care about brawl taunts or brawl funnyes&quot;.

Funny thing is, SHE doesn't care because she goes to tournaments every weekend and hears endlessly from Smash players as to how much they love it. So basically he's so enamored with the positive side of what Brawl Taunts had brought, that she couldn't care less about the negative backlashes that come in the process. Because I'm the one who animated it, I get the blunt of the negative side.

I think I should put this out there: Brawl Taunts isn't, nor was it ever, MY project. All three of them were wrote and conceptualized by Rina-chan and in fact, the first one was intended to be a Machinima, a &quot;cameraman&quot; for which was never located. I auditioned for voices at her request, then later down the line offered to just animate the thing in a few days as a commission. Three days people, seriously. I was payed for doing both it, and the sequel that came soonafter which I animated in a week. I never considered them a &quot;collaborative effort&quot; because it was never my idea in the first place. If anything, money aside, it was more a favor for a friend than anything else since she wanted it to be finished in some form that wasn't simply a radioplay. Therefore, if you have any &quot;complaints&quot; about the creation of them, or the one that's in development, talk to her about it. She's mentioned outright that she would rather deal with those who didn't like the movies as opposed to myself responding to each and every negative comment.

...and going off of THAT, the only reason a 3rd one is going to exist in the first place is because I don't wanna do it for reasons that should be blatantly obvious by this point.

Yes, I'm doing the introduction...

I find it's easier to distance yourself from projects when you DON'T animate them.

The intro is an animation of the Kirbopher character telling the Rina-chan character to fuck off and get someone else to do it. It's just a joke more than anything else.

Also it's not necassary to quote the entire thing.

Those Backalley bastards.
<a href="http://dante224.newgrounds.com/news/post/210071">http://dante224.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/210071</a>

Anyway, $00pah NiN10Doh! is looking pretty nice from that picture. Can't wait for the next Parody Rangers movie piece.

And about Brawl Taunts, you really do stress too much about that it wasn't your idea and how you didn't want to bla bla bla. You did it. It's done. End. Another thing I've been noticing with you, and I've been noticing it for a while, is that you've turned into some serious over-working animator. It's like, you seem to not do these for fun anymore. But hey, that's just me. Keep up the good work.

Ask me a year ago and I would've told you I was doing this for fun. Now, not so much.

Well I was more referring to his part since you said he was finished and I assumed you had seen it. I'm guessing no then. Not picking fights or anything (cos my comebacks suck ass)
And yeah, popularity is a bitch, considering how virally out of control some movies get (Rawest Forest for example even reaching the Nico Douga crowd).
Your animation is getting much better though. The leap from the Mario/Brawl stuff to PRM is one that'd hurt your crotch a bit.

His parts are done, but you should really just talk to him about things relating to him when it gets down to it.

Actually the Rawest Forest deal I think is actually kinda neat. Dunno why that one feels different to me for some reason. I find Nico Nico videos amusing for some reason so I don't mind the fact that it kinda spread out like that. Again, if people enjoy it, that's cool, regardless of what -I- think of it.

Really looking forward to $00pah NiN10Doh!

Quit gettin' so worked up about flash movies

It ain't good for you : (

Nah I'm just dandy. If anything it's more amusing that OTHER people are getting so worked up over things like Brawl Taunts to the point that it warrants an anti-creation. That's the best part about it : )

$00pah NiN10DOH! looks great, should be a brill watch, can i get my hopes up for something even bigger then last time? ;)

I don't see why there's a big deal about the Brawl Taunts stuff. Just a bit of mindless fun and there's no point in looking at it any other way, not really something im a fan of but still.

Definitely. NiN10Doh! had its moments but this one I think will even impress people that aren't fans of Video Game-based movies, at the very least for the animation quality. I'm really proud of the stuff people have done so far for it.

No, it's true. There DOESN'T need to be a big deal over it, and yet a big deal exists. Funny that, right?

CIRCUSOIN - excellent.
Let's have a beer or somethin' sometime.

Sadly I don't drink, nor am I in Canada good sir :[

You chose a bad timing to make the brawl movies. after all the debate about the awesome movies you release this thing you claim was a &quot;joke made in 1 week&quot; and get a million views?

You both look like egoraptors to me, you say this is for fun , spawn one movie that is successful, Ok. but then you people make a movie thats the same like the first and DUH obviously its gonna get nearly a million views AGAIN. and yeah sure I did like it at the beginning but it certaily had a forced sequel.

I think rina-chan IS obsessed with her interenet popularity SO BAD she convinced you to make a sequel YOU DID NOT WANT TO DO and now since YOU DONT WANT TO DO IT she will find herself some nincompoops to make it.

for her you were just a means to an end.

Not so much a means to an end as much as it just so happened to "play out" that way. Since the first one was intended to be a machinima, there was no evil plan as far as I know to gain zomg interbutt popularity.

The thing magically took off, which disgusted me upon it getting the front page, especially when Store of Khale was put up around the same time and was completely overshadowed in the process. The second one was just another commission/favor. By the time I had gotten so much SHIT for the two of them from people, I swore I wouldn't outright do another no matter what the offer was.

She approached me with the idea of having another friend do the 3rd one, to which I responded that I didn't think a 3rd one should exist in the first place. Then later on she mentioned the collab idea and I figured that was fair enough.

i read posts like this all the time and wonder who the author is trying to convince
the audience
or themselves

I don't feel like I need to convince myself of anything. I'm merely doing what I feel like doing. That, and anything that happens on Newgrounds isn't going to affect one's path into trying to get into the ACTUAL animation industry someday, something you'd probably understand a lot better than others.

Well that's drama for you, people love it, newgrounds has it in spades and Taunts just so happens to come under everyones favourite bitching battle, Original vs Parodies

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