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Animation Artist, creator of over 100 pieces of Flash animation on and offline. Graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Class of 2011.

Chris Niosi @Kirbopher

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Just put it up on Youtube yourself now? Ill be sure to check all of that out!

PS Well done on the flash :)

Excelent, looking forward to everything dude! Keep up the good work :D

Part one started weak, but is ending really awesomely. I love the body language in part 3.

Weell great dude :D

"No there's not gonna be a third."


Good luck though.

She REALLY wants to make a third one, I don't. Therefore, she's getting other people to do it instead. My opening segment for it with the Kirbopher & Rina-chan characters will explain the rest.

make movie clips of about 30 seconds each of the movie and put some AS to make it finish 1 before moving onto the next?

I've been doing that since Rangers 3 and was able to do that somewhat with the Movie, however since the files are really big and there's so much vector art, putting a scene into another file that HAS a scene in it most of the time overloads the program.

People are getting their HyperCam ready and put it on YouTube.I wish I have a HyperCam

I guess I can give it a shot. so on average how long would you say your demo cartoon has to be?

Hypercam sucks.
Camista all the way! :D

I'm looking foreward to BT3

Dude, always wanted even more Brawl Taunts, but I thought you had skipped those shorts. I'd prefer if you submitted the episodes fully, and not in parts. That's what mainly annoyed me. Also, can't wait for $oopah Nin10Doh! Is Richie making another sweet pre-loader? I hope so.

Needs moar falcon punch

Well, thanks for the warning that another shitty Brawl Taunts will eventually show it's embarrasing self. I'm sure it will take it's undeserved rewards. =)


Cock joke.


Hope you made the right decision Kirb.

dear production blog today i beat a dead horse

Her decision, not mine.

woah there why dontchya take one for the team!

This is being made because SHE wants to make it, not me. She says if you have an issue with this then take it up with her. -I- don't want to make it, but who am I to tell her what she can and cannot make?

I think you should ditch Rina-Chan and team up with Rtil, Randy Solem, me, or anyone that has at least some sort of artistic integrity when you're done with the Parody Rangers movie.

It's not a team-up, the first two weren't team-ups to begin with. They were both paid commissionsas well as favors for a good friend.


As far as I'm concerned, this is only being done so she can get what she wants. I have no right to tell her to NOT do something that at the end of the day, has nothing to do with me. The opening segment of the 3rd one is literally an animation of the Kirbopher character telling Rina-chan to find someone else to animate after she continually pesters him to do so, then she gets an idea, the movie begins, and the rest of it is done by other animators.

I didn't want there to be a third one because I KNEW I was gonna shit for it just like this. Even when it turns into a collab that I'm not even directly involved in, I STILL get backlash for it. I'm surprised that I didn't expect that to happen either.

-I- don't want to make it, but who am I to tell her what she can and cannot make?

gotta love that cynical logic

No, really. I don't have any right to stop her, because it's not MY project. It wasn't to begin with.

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